The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Trials and Tribulations
Thorr's Journal Entry 39

The morning came and our friend Petra Dribble Cup was stolen from her home and brought to the center of hamlet for the trial of her son, Siglund. He was also taken in front of the towns people and was set before the executioner. The trial of Siglund for the murder of his step-father, Berren, was afoot. Our party took a moment to prepare for the defense of Siglund as the crowds gathered. As the proceedings began, I prepared fireworks and plotted a rescue route in the event that the trial did not go well.

Viglar stood before the crowd and tears fell from Petra’s cheeks as she gazed upon her son. Viglar shouted to the crowd that he has already reviewed evidence and was prepared to pass judgement. Yet, he allowed the party of the Whiskey Drinking Bear to bring forth any new evidence to change his decision.

Elabrimborn began the defense of Siglund singing the tale of the hard working people and how they bravely face the Shadows of the Land such as the Path of the Serpent. He sings of Siglund, his step-father and his friend Walden and how they faced the owl-faced guardians of the Serpent’s Path. He sings of how the guardians slew Berren and instilled fear into Walden. The people responded with fear as they may have now incurred the wrath of the guardians. Siglund was furious and shouted at Elabrimborn that there was no such evidence from his song.

Loreth stepped forward and let the crowd know that the owl-faced guardians are known by lore to be protectors of sacred places. She brought forth the evidence that Walden had recounted his story and how he was in fear of the guardians. Walden stood and acknowledged these facts. Siglund again was upset and stated that the fellowship had manipulated Walden to recant his testimony. Siglund called our fellowship barbarians.

At that point, I stepped forward and denounced his words. I addressed the crowd and let all know that I was a Prince of Erebor and Ambassador to many lands. How dare Siglund call our party barbarians who spread fear and discord. I exposed the truth of how he had been the only one to review the evidence of the arrow and had destroyed it. The feathers of the arrow would tell the truth and yet he destroyed such evidence. It was Siglund who brought forth the wrath of the guardians and it was he who should leave this land. Those such as Siglund were envoys of the Shadow. My words brought the crowd to a fervor.

Siglund threw insults back at our fellowship and our words responded to bring the crowd to a frenzy. The crowd started to push forward and press upon Siglund. A few people started whispering about Siglund wanting to take Petra as a slave. Loreth and Elabrimborn responded to this and let the crowd know of this treachery. Siglund strikes back that he never stated such a thing and that Petra was being bound because she is a warrior. I then brought forth more evidence on how Siglund was bitten and Walden confirmed of this truth. I approached Siglund and cut open his pant leg to show the scar. Siglund again responded with his insults.

Elabrimborn tried to incite the people to take arms and throw out Viglar. Viglar ordered his troops forward and set themselves in front of him and Petra. Loreth further incited the crowd and they threw themselves forward. Some of them were cut down as they stood before the troops. Siglund shouted that he was ruler and that they must obey or more death would ensue. His troops further secured their position and our fellowship and the people were pushed back. Just as the crowd was ready to strike, Viglar then acknowledged that his verdict had now changed.

Viglar announced that the Whiskey Drinking Bear would be deputized and that they must bring forth the truth of all this. They were to bring forth the perpetrators in two months time at the Forest Gate where his father Vigland was preparing to attack the Beornings and claim their lands. If we fail, he would hunt us down and hold us accountable for this misdeed.

We were tempted to slay Viglar and his guards but Viglar released Petra and the boy and then stormed off. We paid the families of those that were lost that day and healed as many as we could. We would have slayed them but Viglar’s father would have destroyed this village. We coached Petra that she and her son should leave as we did not know how this would turn out. We all departed the town in the morning and sent word to the Beornings.

We journeyed towards the Path of the Serpent through the old dwarven lands that are now inhabited by orcs and goblins. This was the lands of Mt. Gundabad and we were fell upon by a tribe of orcs. They were led by a giant orc, named Gorgo. He is the son of Bolg and he is contesting the rule of Mt. Gundabad. He immediately attacked me and used his commanding voice. He threw upon down upon me his wrath and fury. Loreth stepped in and sliced through his attack. I was able to dodge his first attacks and slammed my mattock into Gorgo. It took out his tusk and teeth. He will now be known as Gorgo the Toothless.

Elabrimborn cast his magic onto the butt of Gorgo and his alluring light attracted his minions onto his ass. Gorgo then raised his great scimitar and slammed it across my chest. The might blow struck but my new armor protected from a grievous wound. Loreth swung again and slashed into him. Gorgo then shouted at me and demanded the ring that I carried as it was his by birthright. He said it was stolen by the Great Goblin of Goblin Town. It was taken from his grandfather Azod and it was sacrilege that a dwarf would now have this ring. I then swung my mattock wildly at him and smashed him squarely in the head. He fell before me.

Elabrimborn shouted at the orcs to flee before us. He then brought down an archer with his arrow. As Gorgo fell, Loreth and I also became entranced by Elabrimborn’s light. At that moment, a host of elves arrived and slayed the remaining orcs before us. Ruithel and her guards of Rivendell routed the orcs and Ruithel addressed us. She wanted to know what brought us this way. I responded that we were on way to the Path of the Serpents. She stated that this was a dangerous and unused path. She had no knowledge of the owl-women. Osred, a Beorning, accompanied Ruithel. He told of us of a tiny path at the end of the Anduin River and Path of Serpents. It leads to a small island and many foolish adventurers have perished.

Osred and the elves were looking for alternate routes so that they can safely travel to the West lands. He was unable to take the message of Vigland’s attack on the Beornings. We must still take forth this message. We rested and camped with the elves and Osred for the night. We broke camp and went our separate ways. It was about a day’s more journey to the path. The Veil of Shadow was treacherous that we traveled. We stumble into a camp where trees had been dragged and made into huts. Large beasts, likely trolls, had built this encampment. The camp was abandoned and we found nothing of value. We buried the bones of the fallen and stayed one more night.

I spoke again that night with my companions about the ring and how I came upon the ring at Isengard. I spoke of my parents and how they were lore masters. They had somehow entered the realm of Goblin Town encountered the Goblin King. They had sliced off the toe of the Goblin King upon which this ring sat. They stole away with the ring and were tracked by orcs and goblins back to Isengard. I only recall being hastened out of Isengard in the middle of the night and seeing my parents slain. There was a ruby in the ring and combined there is some sort of power to it. It is Numenorian. Loreth believes the ring may not be of the Shadow as there are tales of the Numerorians teaching Sauron their ancient ways. There may be knowledge in Gondor and other lore masters that may have more knowledge.

It is interesting to note that Gorgo could smell the ring on me. I can no longer leave this ring with Mair or my family. Elabrimborn also helped to tell us the stories of lost rubies and their artifacts. He spoke of dragon hoards and spiders that liked to consume the gems to watch their light fade. We must search Gondor and possibly return to Isengard. Although Saruman is still likely angry with my bringing the great birds onto his lawn and shitting on his castle.

As the others slept through the night, I stayed awake on watch and pondered what I learned from my companions. I wasn’t aware that rats had gotten into our food satchels and destroyed the food. Elabrimborn stood watch next and drove the rats away. On Loreth’s watch, she noticed smoke from a large campsite far away in the distance. We were likely being followed by men on horses and we must make haste to the Serpent’s Path.

We reached the North Ford and heard the howls of dogs in the distance. We can cross the River Anduin and decided to build a raft to take us down the river. We disembarked down stream to find the island. The chase was afoot. We traveled until we were set upon by dark birds. Elabrimborn and Loreth shot their arrows and brought several down. I flashed my rear at those dirty birds. At that moment, the sky darkens above us and the waters of the river raise. The great eagle flies above us and slays the remaining dirty birds.

He lands near us and Loreth addresses the great eagle poorly. Kingfisher Lord is taken aback by how he was greeted. I do my best to by bowing before him and letting him know that I am the prince of dwarfs and that we would give honor to him. He is not interested in the lives of men. He was taking insult to the dirty birds who didn’t support him in his pursuit of ruler-ship in the aerie. We thanked him again and for his kind that helped our people in the past. He took umbrage when I mentioned the name of Gandalf. Elabrimborn sang to the Kingfisher and praised his greatness.

The Kingfisher knew not of the owl-women and only knew of the bandits that pursued us. He knows of the island and speaks of horseman that have traveled to the island and wait outside of a human nest. He stated that the horses came from both the north and south. We committed to fight the Viglands and assist the Beornings in the battle to come. The Kingfisher committed to assist in the great battle to come. At that moment, the Viglands arrived and the Kingfisher took flight and covered our retreat.

We traveled onto the Path of Serpents. I was fortunate to find a gem along the way. We made our way to the end of the path and we see a series of stones that lead to the small island. There are three horses outside the cabin. We approach and Elabrimborn speaks to the horses and learns that they are Viglands and one from Beorn. He sends the horses away from the cabin. We are caught by the guards as we circled the cabin. They are bearing owl masks and we begin to battle. At that time, a Beorning man and a familiar faced woman come out of the cabin. They stop the guards from attacking. We recognized the woman Aestid, daughter of Vigland.

Loreth shouts to hold weapons. She speaks of love and how they should not attack us to hide their tryst. Elabrimborn disarms one of the guards and demands to speak with the lady. He can’t persuade them to drop their weapons and I use my words to threaten them with the hatred of the dwarves if they do not drop their spears. Grimfarah and Aestid hold back their guards. Aestid tells us that she was sorry for killing Berran. She states that she will tell Viglund that she and her handmaidens were responsible. We thank Aestid for coming forth with the truth.

Loreth tells them of her father’s plans to war on the Beornings. She encourages her to take power from her father and his lack of justice. Aestid is betrothed to another man who is older. She wants to remove this man and then she will slip away. His name is Trevarga. She knows of no ways to stop this war from coming. She will travel with us to the lands of the Beornings. Grimfarah says that he will ride swiftly and take word back to his homeland. Unfortunately, his horse had left him. Once again, Elabrimborn has endeared himself to new allies.

Mystery Theatre
Thorr's Journal Entry 38

After the events of Sunstead, our fellowship disbanded for the winter and I returned to Erebor and my Mair. I arrived and reported to King Dain of the Barrow Wight ’s evil attempt to turn the Helm of Peace into the Helm of Death. Our fellowship thwarted his attempt and I had destroyed the Helm of Death with a single blow. Unfortunate but necessary to save Ceowyn.

I also reported what we had learned from Ashe and that Sauron had revealed himself once again to the world. The King could not believe that Sauron had returned and yet he knew my words to be true. I was an elf-friend and the ambassador. The elves would not lie about such an evil and Mair pointed out that there was nothing to gain from this. Our darkest fears are before us. I returned to Mair that evening and she revealed to me that we were with child. I was shocked at first and then I was more determined than ever to wipe this evil from the world so that my Mair and my child would be protected from the shadow of Mordor. I and our fellowship will slay this evil from this world.

I embarked on a mission to improve my armor so that I could protect myself in battle. My winter was spent with Duaak the master armorer and I learned to craft dwarven hauberk mail using the old ways. I spent hours and hours learning everything that I could and a fierceness welled up inside me to work the metals with my fire making skills. I am now ready to do battle. I spent much time with the masters and they were gracious in their passing of knowledge to me over drinks late into the evenings. Good thing I am a prince as the bar tab was always excessive.

Close to the end of winter, I was summoned to meet Devlin and Fekka, two dwarves from Eriador. They traveled from the West and they reported that all are afraid to travel through the Trollshaws as Mormog is terrorizing the surrounding lands. They traveled across the Anduin Vale and came upon the Astor Vale. It seems that our old friend Petra Dribblecup learned of their passing and sought them out.

Petra asked these dwarves to seek me out in Erebor as her son was under arrest for the murder of his step-father. We were to arrive by mid-summer or else her son would be put to death. I assured the dwarves that I would attend to the matter and I sent ravens to the Whiskey Drinking Bear fellowship. I also encouraged the dwarves to develop new trading partners. I gave them my contacts in Laketown with Bombur and I also asked that they engage in trade at my new trading post in Sunstead.

When my friends arrived in Erebor, Loreth informed me of her adventures back at her homeland and that the evil growing there would need magical weapons to overcome their threat. I went to King Dain and asked about gaining access to magical weapons to fight this evil. He stated that Frar the Beardless was also interested in such things and he would not recommend my journeying in Frar’s path. We may need to seek out Gandalf or Saruman.

If there are no other options, then we may need head to the Mountains of the Grey Delve against the warnings of King Dain. I reached back out to Devlin and Fekka and asked that they make trade with Frar. This will be an option left open to us. I sent word to Thranduil to allow them to enter the realm of Mirkwood to establish trade and later they may use this as a potential link to Frar. We must be careful as Frar may still be mad about anyone working with elves. My hope is that he would welcome mining tools as I have offered my aide to him in the past. We do know through old lore that the Grey Delve is warded with traps both cunning and lethal. This will not be an easy path to follow.

I also learned more about our new party member, Grimbow. His bravado in Sunstead has already reached those within his homeland. He has been summoned by the Horse Lord back to Rohan when opportunity arises. This is good news and we must do what we can to get Grimsboy back as soon as possible. It will be good to visit this new land of horses, even though horses do not take a liking to this goat loving dwarf.

I was uncertain of Mair’s response to my needing to leave again with the fellowship. I asked Loreth to reach out to her and break the news. Honestly, I was too much the coward to disappoint my Mair. I can’t bare to see her saddened by my words. Instead I sought out Loreth and hoped that Mair would be entertained by the chance to speak with Loreth about her brother Thorin. We may yet see our dwarven ways change ever more. Maybe a match with a human woman and a prince of dwarfs would bring a new bond beyond our peoples. I went back to Mair that night and we spent one more passionate night together. Fortunately, she was thankful for me to not be around her while she carries the baby to term. I must not fail in my effort to throw down this evil.

Our journey to Astor Vale was long and mostly uneventful. We traveled through Mirkwood and Elabrimborn sang elven riding songs to keep our spirits raised. We also went past the foothills of the Grey Delve and decided that it was best to continue to the vale . We reached the outskirts of the vale and noted that there were several areas cleared of forest. We entered a lumber camp nearby and made our way into one of the small inns. Our greeting by these people were not hospitable. They wanted us to leave immediately and really didn’t like the elf in our party, as per usual. Elabrimborn never ceases to amaze me on how the people of Middle Earth do not take kindly to him. If they only knew what I know to be true of his goodness.

These lumbermen were mostly thieves and cutthroats but we needed shelter and we wanted to see if we could learn of the happenings in this area near Petra’s home. We tried to charm them and could only find common ground in our loathing of goblins who had made raids on the area. These were not good people and there was a bitterness growing in the pit of my stomach. They sided with that slaver Viglund who keeps encroaching on the homestead of the Beornings. We learned that they had heard of Petra and her son. They said that the son believed an owl women had killed his step-father, Bairn. A pretty incredulous story. Old lore does tell us of owl beings that were often used as body guards to sacred places.

We were also told that Viglar, the son of Viglund, is in charge of this region and they confirmed that he is waiting on our arrival to pass judgement and execute the boy. They said he has a goblin sidekick called Savigga. Viglar has a longhouse in northern Mirkwood. We purchased whiskey for this riffraff and I kept a wary eye out on them. Only Elabrimborn drank heavily and he seemed enchanted by a girl named Umbretta. They danced and sang all night before retiring for the evening together. As fate would happen, Elabrimborn ended up tied up to a bed post and left abandoned. As luck would have it, he was found by Grimwaldo in the morning. Elves really can’t hold their liquor.

Our new friends sent along a scout to ride with us to Petra’s home. We arrived without incident and met Petra with a warm embrace. She is a sweetheart and she was glad to see all of us. We shared wine and it was a good reunion under the circumstances. After a short time, Viglar and his sidekick burst into the home and stated that the trial would start in the morning and departed as quickly as he had come. We hastened to the jail to speak with Petra’s son. On the way, Petra told us of what she knew. Her husband, son and her son’s friend, Walden, traveled to the old Serpent’s Path. They were seeking gem stones that are known to have fallen from the old statues that lined the path.

It took a bit of doing but the boy finally told us the truth of the story. There had been an owl woman who had shot his step-father. This was after Walden had disappeared for a time. Walden had seen the truth as well but he did not want others to think that he was lying as well. We left the boy and sought out Walden. With much effort we were able to get Walden to speak the truth. He was reluctant as his family as well as himself was being treated well by Viglar. We must now wait for the trial in the morning and hope that Walden speaks the truth. unfortunately, Savigga overheard our plans and we had to stop him. Elabrimborn used his magic and we subdued him. We shall see what awaits us in the morning.

Helm of Peace / Helm of Death
Thorr's Journal Entry 37

We carried the Helm of Peace onward to East Bite to meet up with Ceowyn. The beauty of the helm was a site to behold. The golden crown with antlers shined brightly with its green gem ablaze. The crown was wrapped and placed into a large leather box. We rode again on those large beasts of Rohan.

Our journey was long but we fared well until we came upon a brightly lit sky of fireworks. I could tell that these were of dwarven make. I used stealth to come upon the dwarven camp. I noted the friendliness of the camp and approached. The camp was of Thorin, the Prince of Erebor. My brother-in-law was of course not happy to see me at his camp. I greeted him with a courteous bow and wished him well. I thanked him for allowing me to enter his camp. He was amused by my presence and was not pleased when I mentioned his sister, my wife.

I waived my companions into the camp and introduced them. Thorin was enchanted with Loreth and wanted an arrangement with her for the night. I was taken aback by his words and chastised Thorin for his actions. He backed down from his tone and he asked for forgiveness. Loreth accepted the offer of Thorin to spend the evening together under the condition that he beat her at arm wrestling.

Loreth bested him and Thorin was pleased with her strength and grew fond of her ever more. He requested music and asked to dance with Loreth. They danced and all we sang songs through the night. Thorin noted that there are bandits waiting for something to pass this way. We were given all the food and drink we could carry. He also spoke of a raven that serves some other master. Thorin recited a passionate poem to Loreth and offered his hand in courtship. We know not how Loreth responded as she walked away with him in private.

The site of Loreth standing tall chest to face with Thorin was quite awkward to say the least. Thorin. I can see Thorin has a ways to grow up before he can take his father’s place.

As we continued our journey, I spotted the rogue raven that Thorin mentioned. I elbowed Elabrimborn and his called shot knocked it out of the air as it took flight. The arrow hit home and the scream of a woman fell with it. We were ambushed by men and they tried to lay claim to the Helm for the raven woman called Valdis. Several of the men rained down their swords upon me and I was able to bash their blows aside with my trusty mattock.

Elabrimborn shot the woman and she ran from the battle with her fallen raven. We laid waste to the rest of the men and their captain Ballsy as my mattock crushed his manhood with my mightiest swing. Grimbald, our new companion, proved worthy in battle and his fierceness restored our strength during the battle. It will take time, but he is already showing great promise to be a part of the Whiskey Drinking Bear.

We traveled onward and came upon a caravan of elves of Mirkwood. Ashe was leading the caravan and he welcomed us to his camp. We sang songs during a harsh storm and Ashe reminded me of our archery contest at the Anniversary of the Battle of the Five Armies. He also warned us that Sauron has now revealed himself again and that the shadow has now come upon us. Our hearts grew heavy.

As we camped, Loreth heard sounds coming from over the hills and so we are being watched again. She spotted a creature the size of a hobbit ans surprised it. It was grey and eating a dead rabbit. It escaped into a cave. As Loreth described the creature, Elabrimborn recalled such a creature in Bilbo’s journeys in the Misty Mountains.

We traveled onward the next few days and came upon Jacque the Hungry, a shepherd who was chasing his sheep on his knees. He spoke of his brothers Thomas the Ice and Jacquet the Lion. We speak with him and speak of the story of the Great Halls that appears in the woods. He tells us that this a story to scare children. He offers us tea and gets frustrated when we don’t drink his tea. He excuses himself and opens a drawer, He pulls out a nasty Mordor blade to attack us. We knock him out and search the place an dfind only his poisoned teas. We bind him and leave him with his sheep. We send word to Radaghast to send aide if he can.

We complete our journey to East Bite and reach Ceowyn. We bring forth the Helm of Peace and present it to Ceowyn. He requests that we go with him to place the gift at the site of the wight. We take a short journey through woods and come to the barrows of old. Evermine flowers cover the doors to the crypt. Ceowyn climbs down alone and asks that we stay behind. We remain until we hear his voice fades. We hear him offer the gift and the then the air grows icy cold. We hear the wight screech that it will never accept the gift and spreads fear throughout the crypt. Our hope is dashed as we rush into the crypt.

Ceowyn’s guards turn and flee as the Whiskey Drinking Bear charges into the crypt. We rush to the aid of Ceowyn. The shadowy wight has changed the crown into a Helm of Death and tries to place it onto Ceowyn’s head as he sunken before the wight. Elabrimborn takes a shot to knock aside the Helm and misses. Loreth shoots as well with her Numenorian arrow and strikes the wight as I raise my mattock and strike down the Helm of Death with a crushing blow. It breaks into pieces with a resounding blast and the wight shrieks in anger.

Loreth and Elabrimborn strike blows at the Wight and Grimbald rages as he strikes a furious blow through the wight. The wight is smote into a cloud of dust and then a thunderous clasp erupts as the barrow begins to fall onto our heads. We rush out and grab Ceowyn on our way. The treasures are buried deep within the barrow.

Ceowyn is grateful for saving his life and grants us parcels of land. I was granted rights to open a trading post. I now head home for Erebor to tell them of our news.

Song of Creation and Song

The very world we live in was envisioned
In a choir of Ainur under Iluvatar’s direction
Eru and Ainur sang Ea, Let it Be
To bring forth the stars for us to see
A world for folk to enjoy of their free will
With this freedom did Melkor darkness instill

Without this Shadow there would be no joy for us
Morgoth’s followers suffer because of his ill chorus
There can be no happiness without others’ pain
There can be no growth without a storm’s rain

I often reflect on my elven kin
Twisted by Melkor from within
It brings me sorrow, their crooked course
Carrying his yoke of sacrifice as orcs

If not for my teachings from Saruman the White
I would be ignorant of the lore of the night
And now I too, descend as the shadow’s martyr
Otherwise I’d be as jolly as a hobbit gardener

Elabrimborn Sent from Mirkwood via eagle

A New Alliance
Thorr's Journal Entry 36

The early morning at Rivendell was quite peaceful. I awoke with my arms wrapped around my Mair. I rose to view the beautiful waterfall from my bedroom window. Mair slept soundly after the events of last night. She is so full of energy. I find myself more challenged than in the tournaments at Dragonfest.

I stared out at the water as it tumbled across the rocks. My mood shifted as I flashed backed to the night I almost fell from the cliff battling with the goblins. My thoughts turned to my companions of the Whiskey Drinking Bear and wondered how they fared. My hands felt cold and the feeling remained with me throughout the morning. I left to wander about and meet up with the elven smiths. They were to make a new sword this day and I wanted to learn their techniques.

As I passed the great hall, I heard a loud commotion. As entered, Elrond was weighing a great decision on the life of a man. He presumably entered the realm of Rivendell uninvited bringing a gravely wounded person with him. He knew that this was not wise and yet he dared ride forth. He was a rider of Rohan and yet he seemed different. He spoke of his past and how he was now wandering the lands and homeless.

I could see that there was good in him. I can’t seem to get his name right. It’s Earl or Sidney or something like that. The names of men are futile. I could see in Elrond’s eyes that he didn’t want to pass judgement on this man. Elrond asked for my guidance and something compelled me to stand up for this man. My standing in Rivendell has improved. Once I learned that the wounded person was Loreth, i rushed to be by her side.

Fortunately, she would be alright. She stated that she had separated from Elabrimborn. I knew something was amiss and we summoned riders to seek him out. It was with good fortune that they found him and brought him to Rivendell. He was so concerned for Loreth. Maybe she will see the good in him one day.

We were called back to the sentencing and I hoped that my words would be well received. I bargained for our rider of Rohan to join our fellowship and be spared. We would watch him and ensure that he would not speak of Rivendell’s location to others. Our fellowship is growing and this is good as we will need all the hearts and hope to battle the shadow that comes.


Song of the Rohirrim
Elabrimborn recalls the songs of the Riddermark

South of the Misty Mountain’s pass
Spread rolling seas of green grass

Traversed by blue arteries of water
Call forth Northern horns to their fathers

Here lies Edoras, the Court of the Horse Lords
The Showbourn’s white waters cross its shallow ford

Two lines of King’s have ruled the Golden Hall
Built from the hoard of Scatha’s fall

Here knights, not mere fighters stand
Who love to hear the song of their King’s Command

The Shadow is subtle in the Riddermark
Its taint may yet reach deeper than Mirkwood’s dark

A Ball and Chain
Thorr's Journal Entry 35

Just as I had always promised my new bride, Mair and I traveled to Laketown, Mirkwood and to Rivendell. Our honeymoon trip was quite amazing. We wined and dined in the great halls of both men and elves. We met with the royalty and nobles of all the great houses.

As the new Prince of Erebor and Ambassador to the Elves, our visit was well received. My beautiful Mair was a site to behold and all bowed to her beauty. The gifts received by my new bride were beyond belief. Gold rings, gems and other jewelry and even a diamond tiara were passed on to my sweet young bride. My gifts were also quite generous. A silver rod of elven make was given to me by King Thranduil and symbolized the friendship of our peoples. My Lore knowledge increased as I learned of new tales of men and elves.

King Bard presented me with a special arrow that was made from the bones of a dragon. I will present this to Elabrimborn as he will always have my gratitude for saving my life so that I can be with my Mair. I also received a special moonstone orb from Elrond. As he handed me the orb, he mentioned that this gift would show me the way to the answers that I seek.

All of the parties, dancing, drinking and festivities took their toll on me and I find myself very tired and wanting the solace. I enjoyed each night with my Mair and she showed me wonders that I never had imagined. I am still speechless as to all the things that she could do. I never thought a dwarf could be so nimble.

As we returned to Erebor, my thoughts returned to all that has happened in my life. I am so grateful to all of those that helped me to be where I am today. My fellowship has provided me so much and I will always vow to support my friends. I also look into the eyes of Mair and know that she gives me the strength of 100 dwarves deep within my heart. My awareness also increased as I came to understand more of the behaviors of women. I now know that I am tied to my new bride in more ways than one can imagine. Tis a new chain that binds me and I carry a great burden of responsibility.

And yet, that last evening, my thoughts turned to my childhood and the fear of the shadow that killed my parents. My thoughts of vengeance began to overwhelm me. I pulled out the moonstone in the light of the full moon and held it above the toe ring.

A Chain Undone
Thorr's Journal Entry 34

Our battle with the minions of the Gibbet King continued and we fought through wave after wave of orcs and trolls. After taking down the trolls and felling many orcs, we moved quickly from the main hallway and headed towards the upstairs. We entered the upper chambers with the thought of creating havoc by opening the doors to the wind chambers and bring mass destruction within the chambers. The Gibbet King thwarted our efforts and we drew up to face him and more of his ferocious orcs.

With our backs against the wall, we fought his evil shadow magic and drove forward to where several orcs held the magic chain. As we approached the chain, we could see the Dragon of Renar flying towards the outer entrance to one of the chambers. The orcs were ready to cast the chain onto the dragon and enthrall him to the Gibbet King’s command.

I fought forward with the help of Elabrimborn and Loreth and reached the orcs holding the chain. I slew the first two orcs and was able to pull the chain from the last orc and cast it out the chamber entrance as the dragon arrived. The last orc hit me from behind and knocked me out the chamber entrance and off the cliff. I thought that I would never see my Mair again and then Elabrimborn reached me and grabbed hold of me at the last moment. I will never forget how I owed my life again to Elabrimborn and to Loreth as she slew the Gibbet King as the Dragon landed within the chamber.

Once again, we saved our lands from the Shadow. The Dragon of Renar kept his bargain and allowed us to depart. Had I not been so close to death, I’m not certain that I would have left that worm standing. We eventually made our way back to Erebor and were greeted as champions. The King was pleased to hear the news of how we defeated the Shadow and saved Erebor from the attack of another dreaded dragon.

With the permission of the King, I asked Mair to marry me and we were soon wed within the Great Halls of Erebor. The celebrations lasted for many months and it was wonderful to share my greatest joy with my comrades from the Fellowship of the Whiskey Drinking Bear.

To Deal with a Dragon
Thorr's Journal Entry 33

With the Battle of Celduin now behind us, we returned to Laketown. Everyone gathered for a great feast to celebrate our victory. The merriment was at a fevered pitch when the new song called “The Bridge Fell Out Beneath Their Feet” was played. Our fellowship danced and sang throughout the evening. I was taken away by the new rousing song and felt the urge to start a new style of dance called “Breaking the Bridge”. I shall not forget their cheers for sometime.

Unfortunately, our evening was interrupted by one of my mates from Erebor. Ori had been sent by King Dain to summon us to my home for an urgent matter. It seems a traitor has made off with secrets from the Lonely Mountain. We made haste to my home and immediately were summoned to the secret archives called the Chamber of Marzrabul.

We greeted the King with great respect. The King put his arm around my shoulder and told of us the traitor Lockman. He had brought to Erebor the lost Shield of Throrr, the grand father of Thorin Oakenshield. In exchange for it, he had been granted access to the Chamber. Unbeknownst to all, he had managed to escape with pages from one of the great books. Moon was the records keeper and he described the watch tower in the great north. This tower provided warnings to others when a dragon would venture forth from the mountains. The tower may have been destroyed by Smaug.

Lockman must be up to more treachery and possibly try to bend another worm to do evil against the people of Middle Earth. The Battle of Celduin may have been a diversion to by him time to bring this evil down upon us. The King mentioned to us a story from King Bard of a great chain that was carried by the minions of the Gibbet King. Grave warning signs were upon us. He also mentioned to us that Gandalf wanted Smaug defeated so that the shadow could not use him to their advantage.

The King asked for our service for 5 TP each to travel north and find the watch tower. To learn more of this treachery that is in the works. He gave us the great book to help us learn more about the tower. Elabrimborn presented himself to the King and requested aide to the town of Celduin. The King was graceful and granted the request. He also granted the request for me to visit with his daughter. I can’t believe my good fortune as my efforts have finally granted me my wish to spend time with Maire and have the King’s grace. Calling me son was a proud moment.

It was wonderful to see my Maire again. Maybe after this adventure, I may be granted the chance to court my beloved. Loreth and Elabrimborn learned much while I spent time with Maire. They learned that we should travel to the southeastern arm of the Grey Mountains. We also learned that we should not bring gold into the mountains as the worms will sense it. We are leaving our gold with my family as we travel.

We also learned that the communications at the top of the watch tower looks down on the Chamber of Winds. A spiral staircase can reach this area. We also learned that there is a secret vault near the last bed chamber on the left and the entrance is hidden in the floor.
We also ventured to the pubs and learned of snow trolls being in the mountains and a tower in the sides of the mountain that is haunted. A cold drake slumbers in there now.

A great feast was held in our honor before we left for the north. My Mair sat next to me and lifted my spirits. We ventured forth the next day and on our travels we read more from the book and found the secret entrance to the cellars of the watch tower can be reached by tapping a polished ax thrice to the secret door to the cellar. We also learned that the Great Hall in the tower is protected by a mighty stone lowered by chain to block the front the door or crush monsters beneath it. We also know that the Chamber of Winds upper level is a where 8 tunnels meet. Each door opens and musical notes play. Mountain winds produce tremendous sounds. In case of dire emergencies don’t open north, south and northeast simultaneously when wind blows from the north as a blast will kill everyone.

As we journeyed we came upon WitherFinger near a brown stagnant pool of water. She was an extremely old, mad woman, possibly an entwife. She ran her withered fingers over Elabrimborn’s face. She mentioned many orcs had come upon her and carried a great heavy chain with dark magic. They traveled north and that they headed toward the snow trolls. She mentioned that snow trolls sleep in different caves and we should stay downwind and tread softly. Look out over the withered heath and carry no gold or make fire.

We carried on into the mountains and traveled deep into troll territory. We traversed through the snow troll canyon and past their caves of stench. We sought the Peak of Zurenkinbar. We saw the city in the sides of the mountain with smoke coming out of the windows. We come across the shade of a northmen, the old master of Laketown. He is a visage of sadness and distress. I hailed the old master and he spoke of his cursed gold. He spoke of the worm that would come down upon his old home. He shouts “Here he comes!, Here he comes!” and disappears. We try to hide as a dragon is upon us.

A monstrous grey worm slithered quickly forward on his slime covered belly before we could react. His stench was upon us. He hailed us as cowards and announced that he was Rhennar. He asked why we are on the road that he travels. Elabrimborn began to speak and flatter him but this just threw him into a rage and he began to attack. I tried to interject but this made it even worse. He smashed a massive rock in two and then rose up to cast fear upon us. We withstood his test and Loreth threw herself before him and shouted “Great One, we have news and one does not choose who we travel with”. This stopped him momentarily and she explained that their are minions of the Gibbet King here to capture you and bind your will to them. Loreth noticed that the dark cold worm had an iron collar bound to him and that he must have been enslaved in the past.

She was able to strike a bargain for us to steal the chain so that it could never be used upon him. Rhennar accepted the deal but only If we go first and save whoever is in charge for Rhennar. And so after changing our undergarments, we set off towards the watch tower. After many hours we found the secret entrance. Fortunately, someone had packed an ax. We tapped three times on the secret door and entered the secret tunnel.

I led us down the dark tunnel without light. We made our way through the lower level and found a set of stairs leading up. We made our way to a great room and found ourselves in a pickle. Goblins were skittering about above the Great Hall ceiling and primed to shoot arrows down upon us. Elabrimborn shot at the goblins and we waited in an ante-chamber as a large troll came out and ran towards the throne in the middle of the room. Loreth rushed out and attacked the troll before he could pick up the throne to throw at us. I ran out and leaped up onto the throne and then jumped towards the troll, smashing my mattock into him. His thick hide blunted my blow and I fell to the floor. Unbelievably, he threw the throne at Elabrimborn and it struck home.

Orcs entered the battle and all looks lost. We must bring this troll down. Loreth slices through the troll and his hate is centered on Loreth. I raise up my mattock again and strike down on his foot. He is wounded. Elabrimborn casts a light spell to attract the enemy away from us. The troll is oblivious to the light and he bites at me and tears out my flesh. I am undaunted and swing back my mattock back up through his groin and he drops. As he falls he spits out my flesh back at me as he drops to his death.

Elabrimborn’s light spell goes off in a blinding flash and they are startled. They turn their attention to Loreth and myself. We dodge their wearied attacks and the others rush upon us. Loreth is hit with another slashing blade as well as myself. More orcs rush out into battle and again our fellowship is at risk of ending.

A Dwarven "guest" of the Elven King
Kili shared this controversial song with Elabrimborn

In the prison of the Elven King
Delusional with sorrow I do sing
The promises of, an elven maid
Confess my crimes, to be saved
Her elven kiss, charms me to sleep
No longer hungry, nor I weep

My prison forever, these forest walls
Never again to see Dwarven Halls
To hear ring of hammer on stone
Her elven prison my final tomb

The elven path where danger be
Starved and poisoned, my kin and me
Became easy prey for elven bow
No wizard or burgler now do show

The path, the elves believe Iluvatar sent
For dwarves it leaves us bruised and bent
I’ll remain for years, as beard grows long
Delusional with sorrow singing this song


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