The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Dol Guldur Beckons

Thorr's Journal Entry 26

Our latest journey began in Woodmen Town as we traveled towards Rhosgobel. While at the docks, an intriguing vessel arrived and of course I was taken aback and fell into the water. I recovered but it foretold of the strange omens that must be afoot. Sure enough, this marked the arrival of Radagast and he brings grave news of happenings in forests south towards Dol Guldur.

My heart sank for a moment as I heard that we were to travel again towards that dark place. Our fellowship still holds strong and so we united to carry on and investigate. I hearken to smite the evil that returns to the forest. We traveled south to confront what we thought were a return of the wights or possibly some new evil tied to those from Tyrants Hill.

Our first encounter heading down the river on Radagast’s ship was that of a river maiden named Dusk Meadow. She appeared as a silvery trout and then transformed into a woman. She asked about our adventures and worthiness. We recited our recent efforts in fighting the great worm of the sea. She spoke of corpses that have been floating down the river. They have been deformed or mutated or cut into pieces and then reformed. She spoke of a vampire in Mirkwood as a possible cause.

We sailed to the Black Tarn and came to the village along the lake. Radagast met with another river maiden as we left Radagast’s boat. She tells Radagast that there is something stirring in southern Mirkwood. We traveled on foot for days and then came upon travelers heading north from Sunstead, including Ilgar. He told us of wights that had risen again. The travelers were looking for Radagast and were happy to have crossed our path. Radagast recommended that they should make an offering appease them. Ilgar accepted this and they headed back to their home.

We continued south and came upon the dark tower of Tyrant’s Hill. We tried sneaking past but came upon their troops returning with more poor souls taken from their homes. We laid a trap for them and took down the loathsome men. We saved the children and gave them horses to make their way home. We captured their leader and he confirmed that Mogred was still in command. We hastened away farther south as more men from Tyrant’s Hill started to arrive. Elabrimborn led them away with his elven magic.

We came to the border of Tyrant’s Hill and found heads posted on the fence. One day, the shame of their deeds will be extracted from their hides. We defeated some guards and dogs that were posted along the fence. We left a false trail and then went further south toward Castle Fenbridge rather than taking a direct route to Dol Guldur or track through the dank marshes.

We ran into an Orc ambush as we traveled through the castle looking for the long bridge. My hatred for those foul creatures continues to this day. My mallet welcomed the chance to crush their hideous skulls. They were quite clever this time as they hid in pits and rooms and then attacked us on all sides. We held our ground and made them pay for their deviousness.

We made our way across the bridge with its traps and the hands of undead grasping at our feet as we walked. Our journey has led us to the inner courtyard of Dol Guldur. We are surrounded by ghoulish statues whose eyes tried to burn fear into our hearts. Our next steps will lead us into the bowls of this hell hole.


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