The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Fly like an eagle

Thorr's Journal Entry 25

Our journey to Isengard was swift, amazing and beautiful. The great eagles took us over the mountains and across the great forests with such speed. My life has been truly blessed. I can’t wait to return to my fair Mair and tell her of this journey.

We landed within Isengard and were met by Saruman. He reminded me of my neighbor growing up. He never did like the children hanging around his home and would yell at us for disturbing him. Here we were bringing the light of the Silmaril to aide Gandalf and being chastised for letting the eagles take a dump on his lawn. I guess our great deed was not as great as we had thought. At least Saruman was able to bring Gandalf back from his deep slumber.

We were quickly hastened away by Saruman as soon as Gandalf awoke from his slumber. Strange for him to act this way. It was as though he were jealous of our bringing such aid to awaken Gandalf. Maybe he was just upset with his own failure in bringing him back with his own magic.

With this part of our journey at an end, we were able to return home. My heart ached to see my Mair. On our way back, we traveled through Mirkwood and again came upon King Thanduil. It is now my duty as ambassador to pay my respects and seek ways to continue making good relations with the elven kingdom. As it would happen, the men of the Dale are making incursions into the forests of Mirkwood. This is most unsettling for King Thranduil as he is being perceived as being weak by his people for not driving out the men of the Dale.

I took this as an opportunity to help the King and to help the relations of all the people of middle earth. This seems like a small task and yet I know these things can become much larger unless they are addressed. I will do my best to promote farming as a trade option for the men of Dale.

We finally returned to my Erebor and I was happy that Elabrimborn journeyed with me. His heart still yearns to find true love. I know he seeks the wisdom of my Mair to help him with his troubles. Having an elf accompany at court helped to raise my standing at court. Seeing my Mair brings me such joy. I can now formerly look to court Mair as King Dain has allowed me to become a member of the court.

The rest of my time in Erebor was well spent with Mair and she loved my charm bracelet with a dolphin, whale and a sea lion for her. My sculpture for the king of a great Sea Worm now sits in a prominent location at court. We partied and sang songs with Elabrimborn and his wonderful new harp. I also took a bold step and confided in my love about my family toe ring. She may find out more about the ring.

My time ended as my King allowed me to carry forward on my quest to help King Thranduil. He gave me papers of introduction with Bombur who is the ambassador to the men of the Dale. We traveled to Dale and met with Bombur. He enjoyed the wine that I brought from the elven kingdom and gave me the name of Vermunds as someone that I could speak with about the incursions into Mirkwood.

I was able to meet with Vermunds after the longest of waits and discuss the situation. He was stubborn to my suggestions but the wine that I brought was well received. He listened to my offer to have the elves teach his kin to farm but this was not of interest. As an alternative, teaching his people to grow new trees so that they could be harvested by future generations was of interest. He was also interested in the stone trade with Erebor.

Eventually I was able to get a letter of introduction to one of his son’s. As we traveled, we came across another talking squirrel named Chestnut. He had a message from Radagast to meet at Rhosgobel.

After speaking again with Bombur and informing him of my encounter with Vermunds, Bombur would take the information back to Erebor and secure trade with Vermunds. This news allowed me to return to Vermunds and secure a meeting with his brother Edmunds.

While Sigurd and the others toured the town of Dale, I met with Edmunds and introduced the ideas of farming and harvesting. I learned that Edmunds is ok in living farther away from Dale. He may be open to seeking out new forests. He was open to meeting and learning this new trade opportunity. After returning to Bombur, I apprise him again and look to open new roads going South and hope to introduce having Edmunds move farther South and settle away from Mirkwood.

We are now off to Rhosgobel after we stop again to update King Thanduil. As we traveled, a new venture popped into my mind. We can work a deal with the eagles to carry goods and messages across the land. They could fly each night and deliver goods to neighboring lands by next day air.


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