The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Kissed by a Whale

Thorr's Journal Entry 24

Elrond has now called us to action and we travel towards the Western Sea. We pray that we will find great magic and knowledge to aid our patron, Mithrandir. Along our journey to the sea, we passed through the Shire and came upon a festival in Bree. It was good to relax for the evening and enjoy singing songs and smoking the Old Toby. Unfortunately, a crime was committed and we were once again called to help those in need.

We surmised the lowly Cormac and his comrade had stolen the money collected from the festival. We chased them down to the barrow downs and found that they had been possessed by a barrow wight. In my haste to attack the wight, I fell into her evil trap. Fortunately, my friends were able to face her evil so that I could climb out of the trap. We were able to bring her down and retrieve the treasure from this place.

The beauty of mithral chain mail is site to behold and the treasure of Valenduir will be used for good and to fight the shadow that continues to grow. Giving the hobbits more than they lost would bring good cheer and help our cause. After these events, our journey to the sea was unhindered.

Our adventure then turned us out onto the great sea and our journey West was long and arduous. Dwarves in trees are bad enough, let alone traveling on ship out into the great sea. I could tell that Captain Saeros wasn’t too certain that I could make this journey. He doesn’t know this dwarf and I even surprised myself. The elves that traveled with us began to despair after a time and I worried that they would be lost to us. Searching for Sedna was truly challenging.

Our fate lay before us as we came across the great Worm, Scatha. As many a tale would tell, this Worm was over confident and I still can’t believe that she poked his nose down at me. Sigurd’s tale of my having worms and the fact that I am a dwarf worked to our advantage. It was her undoing as I struck her first across the snout with my trusty mattock and wounded her eye. I guess my boldness has not been lost to me. We were very lucky this day and the gods must have been looking over us as my dwarven Helm of Awe helped cow the beast and expose her weak spot.

Loreth’s action to distract Scatha was just what we needed and I was able to strike the beast and bring her down. I was glad to be tied to the ship else I would have fallen into the sea. I still see myself launching myself into the air and striking the beast in the eye as I fell overboard.

It was then that the great whale appeared to us. Without our friend Elabrimborn, we may not have understood what to do. I am still in disbelief as we climbed out onto its tongue. We truly have been kissed by a whale. No one would believe this tale and yet the elves and my fellowship know the truth of it. It was strange to ride inside of a whale. It was a short way to the underwater kingdom of Sedna.

The home of Sedna seemed bleak and yet she was at peace and her beauty shone as bright as her elven magic. Elabrimborn cheered her soul with his good song and tales of our heroics. Our fellowship is strong and we swayed her to help our cause. The stories of Sedna are true and her fingers were missing. The magic of the Silmaril that we bring back will surely help Gandalf. The tales of this journey will be told to many.

Our journey back to Isengard was full of good spirit. Our call to the Great Eagles was heard when we landed and they carried us swiftly to Isengard. We only hope that we are not too late to save Gandalf.


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