The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Mormog Undone

Thorr's Journal Entry 22

On our chase north after the troll Mormog, we came across a Barding from Dale. Sigurd has now joined our fellowship and we journeyed together into the den of trolls in the Ettendales. Sneaking past those Hill trolls was very exciting. This dwarf must learn the ways of the woods to keep silent. We were fortunate that Faeradrun created a beautiful rainbow to distract those Hill trolls. More than 50 trolls were gathered to listen to Mormog. He spoke of the return of Sauron and attacking the lands of the elves and men through secret passages. Unbeknownst to Mormog, we had destroyed one of those caverns.

We tried to find cover until the moot disbanded but we were met by a two-headed Ettin. Loreth’s arrow just bounced off of his stone exterior but Sigurd wounded him quickly with his spear. Our new comrade had tasted his first blood with the Fellowship of the Whiskey Drinking Bear. Enraged, Loreth then brought him down with her sword.

We hid the Ettin but we were undone by the trolls and Mormog. They found the body and then Mormog sent Faerdrun after us. She was forced to reveal our position. We called out to Mormog to face us. He accepted and it was over before it began. Loreth provided the first wound and my attack split open Mormog’s chest and he fell down before us. Sigurd, beheaded Mormog and threw it down to the other trolls to frighten them.

The chase was on. We grabbed the whip that held the hold over Faerdrun and sped off into the forest. The trolls followed us for days until we finally crossed a tree that had fallen across a great ravine and into the elven lands. We threw down the tree so that we would not be followed and I relieved myself over them as the Elves of Rivendell arrived and slew several of them.

Elrond arrived and listened to what had befallen us. He accepted responsibility for Faerdrun and allowed us sanctuary at Rivendell. I was grateful for the time to recover and learn more of the elven ways. I was honored to have come upon the great sword Narsil, One day it will be reforged.

We are now on our way to Thranduil’s home to hunt the great white stag. We stopped over at the Old Ford Road Inn and met Gelvira and Petra. It was good to see them even though they still have doubts about us. Someday, we will surely make all things better.

As we arrived at Thranduil’s we were well met by Thranduil and Legolas. It was good to see them both healthy and ready for the hunt. Seeing Ruithel with the Bow of Pendragal has peeked our attention. We will need to learn more soon as we are about to start the great hunt.


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