The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Return to Dragontide

Thorr's Journal Entry 29

Our party arrived at Dragontide. I had hoped that I would have time to travel to Erebor before the events but alas, we dallied too long in our journey to Dale. Seeking out Bombur, I sent word to Mair that I hoped that we would see each other soon. That Bombur, is a little too crass and I must keep my distance from him when Mair arrives.

As we walked through the festivities, we were met by our old friends and made new friends by giving away some toys. The many merchants were out to sell their wares. It was as though we were in a foreign country where people’s lips move but nothing comes out. Our song was met with mixed reaction as we sung it through the town.

We met Petra and she was again entering the archery competition. We had the typical bar room encounter as Elabrimborn continues to have issues with the women. He keeps removing his shirt for some reason. Maybe he will have better luck in the archery contest.

We also tried to visit King Bard at the Palace and were fortunate to be accepted into the banquet as our renown as the Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear. Our hearts were lifted as we were reunited with Gandalf. We were overjoyed to see him in good health and enjoy a beer and old Toby. We spoke of our adventures and the finding of the dagger. Gandalf spoke of the wights in Sunstead and the home of Ceowyn. Our concerns grow greater. Gandalf spoke of the helm of the wights and we must learn more about it. We must seek out the wood men and learn more. We should consult King Dain as well.

We were not able to gain access to King Bard and Una. Our hopes of having our dolls signed were smashed. We continued enjoying the festivities and trinkets and arrows. We sang more songs and heard the song of the counting squirrel. I also sang the coloring squirrel song.

A note was then delivered to me to meet with my Mair near a book merchant. Before Mair arrived, i was able to tell our tales from Angmar and sell most of the dolls except for two books of lore. The Expedition to Angmar in the 2nd Age by Vidmar Helmsmith and Curse of the Wights by Berthoc Cindergrove.

Afterwards, Mair arrived and I was again overjoyed. She is so lovely and only she has my heart. We ventured back to the Drunken Tavern and enjoyed games of riddle for the evening.


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