The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

The Rescue of Innocence

Thorr's Journal Entry 19

Our journey into the depths of Angmar continued as we searched for the children. After finding the hidden tunnel, we were soon met with Nazgul treachery. Two statues stood at the ends of the tunnel and I triggered the water trap that flooded the tunnel. It was quick thinking by Elabrimborn and Loreth to move the swords of the statues and halt the flooding.

The tunnels were quite complex and even with the evil present, I was impressed by the cleverness of their traps. The platform was built to turn and connect the tunnels in various ways. I will bring this knowledge back to Erebor with me as this could be used within my homeland. It was ingenious as to how the wheel could create the leverage to turn our room in a circular motion.

The gods were with us as we avoided trolls and other evils that would prevent us from our mission. As the room turned we heard the sounds of the orcs and knew that what direction to take. As we opened the door, our arrows flew at the orcs and then my mattock took charge down the tunnel. Their end was quick.

As we drove forward we came upon undead in gibbet cages. Our bravery was tested but we carried on and soon found a treasure hoard. Our character was tested as their was magic items in the loot. It took great willpower to pass up this treasure as it was a diversion to keep us from the children.

A laboratory lay behind the treasure room and we entered to find the master of this lair. Unbeknownst to Essylt, her father was the evil behind the disappearance of the children. Thrasche and Essylt were shocked to see him before them. In a moment of uncertainty, we did not know if our hill men companions would join with Essylt’s father, Hedwyn. Our words carried the day and swayed them to keep with us.

Loreth acted first and her arrow was struck with lightning as the wizard reacted quickly. He was very powerful and yet our party was able to wound him with our first attacks. He called forth his wolves and we yet we fought as the wolf pack. The tome that contained the history of the magic that bound Gandalf fell before us. It was then that Thrasche’s final blow took him down and the wolves ran off in fear.

Thrasche threw open his heart to Essylt and thus saved Elabrimborn from having to break Loreth’s heart. Freeing the children was a great moment and my healing was much in need for Essylt. We then freed the children and swiftly departed from these foul depths.

As we entered the Red Valley, we met the Elves of the House of Elrond. We would journey with them towards Rivendale. It was good to watch the hill men and the children leave for their journey home. We hope that this rescue will help to mend the wounds of old with the hill folk and our people.

(Special thanks to James B. for playing his adventure with us!)


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