The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

The Taunting of Dol Guldur & Fenbridge Spiders

Elabrimborn taunts attacking spiders en route to Dol Guldur

Little dainty feet
Will never taste sweet meat
If you wouldn’t leap so much
Elf you’d have a chance to munch

Lazy spider, It’s been a long day
Your sisters we have slay
Why don’t you run away
Live to fight another day

Big spiders in a dark tower beware
For an ungol slayer is in your lair
who swings and makes a critical hit
That drives out Tom Knobby’s shit
With Sindarian blade the spiders will cry
Till all you bitches finally die


Inspired through Tolkien’s writings on Bilbo’s fight with the spiders in the Hobbit

d20threatdetected d20threatdetected

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