The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

The Threat of Dol Guldur

Thorr's Journal Entry 27

As we entered Dol Guldur, the shadow darkened our hearts. The stone of that place rising higher and higher before us. I felt myself sink further and further as we climbed the stairs into that foul place. Radagast set us in motion to explore this miserable place. We hastened through to find what was amiss in the land. It did not take long for us to find clues. An orc, a dead man, parchment and elven dagger were found.

With these clues we new something was amiss in the Halls of Thranduil. A traitor could be in the midst of the elven kingdom. We must take this news to King Thranduil. The Lake Town man and orc appear to have killed each other. Or, the owner of the elven dagger must be at the root of this treachery.

Having learned all that we could, we traveled back through Castle Fenbridge. My curiosity got the better of me and I searched for treasure. At first we only found spiders and then we found a tomb of the nine. This was the Ghost of the Forest, the one who led Sauron’s troops such as orcs, vampires and werewolves.

We hastened out of that unholy place and as we departed we heard footsteps. Fortunately, the steps were those of Loreth’s kinsman, Rogan. He told of us sad tidings in Bree. A hobbit family was near losing one of their kin as they traveled through the marshes. Once again we left another dark place.

As we traveled, I spoke with Radagast about the toe ring. He spoke of a ruby that was once a part of the ring. The two combined would create a truly powerful item. The owner of the ruby would be searching for the ring. I realized that I now put my Mair in danger. I must make my way back to her as soon as I can. No one knows of the ring but she may reveal its existence to others.

Radagast mentioned three previous owners of the ruby. It was crafted by Dwarves. Faerun the IV, Lofar the II and Borin the VII were all past owners of the ruby from the Iron Hills. The fate of the ruby was lost during the time of the Nazgul. It may be in a crypt or claimed by another family member. I am worried for Mair. The ring can be unmade and Master Eldrond’s smiths should be able to destroy the ring. The ring is tainted with power, not necessarily evil or good.

I must go to Isengard or Minas Tirith to research it more. Master Elrond may know more as well about the ring and its power. Having found the toe ring in Isengard, the story is becoming clearer. The Goblin King may have had the ruby at some point.

We made our way back to Rhosgobel and with the aid of Radagast, he was able to lift the Shadow from our hearts. My determination ever greater, I practiced with my mallet and learned from the woodsman on ways to improve my swing. I now have greater mastery with my mattock.

Once we were restored, we set off for the Halls of King Thranduil. We had sent a message on to him and hopefully he will take caution as a traitor may be lurking. As we made our way back across the Old Forest Road, we saw great eagles circling in the air. We thought we could sense orcs in the area. As we approached, we heard the singing of one goat, two goat, three goat, silly goat. It reminded me of Elabrimborn at the pub. We came upon a goat herder talking to the trees. His name was Ilmud.

We learned that he was being protected by the eagles per the instruction of Gandalf. It was good to hear that Gandalf was about again. Ilmud had seen goblins coming down from the mountains towards the Beornings. We pondered what this man was about for quite some time. In the end, we moved on towards Elabrimborn’s home.


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