The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

A Battle on the Horizon

Thorr's Journal Entry 31

What evil has come before us? My Mair was almost taken from me. Fortunately, my healing knowledge acquired from the elves has helped save my love. She has now been whisked away by her father’s guard and taken back to Erebor.

Many of our party were poisoned by the foul beer and wine that was served as the party. We sipped from the cordial that the elves had given to us and we recovered more quickly from the poison. We were summoned to meet with King Bard. Before we departed, we sang and praised our fallen friends. We took a small moment and paid tribute to Gerald, who was kin to Beorn and someone who we fought in the games.

We gathered the people and inspired them to prepare for battle and to look to our alliances for a great evil cometh this way. We must pull together and defeat our foes. We ask the people to not forget of the bravery of the dwarves, elves, men of Dale and Laketown. We hearken to the old days of the Battle of the Five Armies and why we celebrate at this time.

We approached the halls of King Bard. As we approached, we could see the weight of this situation on the shoulders of the King. He was grim faced and only a few were attending him with council. Sigurd introduced our party and he appeared gladdened by our presence as those that attended cheered our greeting.

We were given two options to consider from the King. The first was to stop the enemy and the second was to prepare Dale to defend itself. We chose to go out and meet the enemy and delay their advance. This should give time for the warriors of the town to recover from the poison. We located a tiny tower near the old kingdom of Dale that we could use to delay the advancing enemy as they come from the South. The enemy must come through Mirkwood, the marshes or through Seldguin 100 miles east of the marshes.

The enemy would not choose to enter through Mirkwood or the Marshes and so we agreed that they would likely hastened towards the tiny tower. Princess Una, the Dorwinion, told us of a bridge that could be used to delay the enemy and may be defensible. We also sent messages to Mirkwood and to the Eagles. King Dain should be sending aide as well and he should be bringing more of the healing herbs that can cure those with the poison.

In private, I spoke with King Dain and asked that he take his people to Erebor if we fail. The King stated to me that if we are successful that we would always be a part of his permanent council. My hope is that we are successful as I would not want this battle to be waged at my home.

As we took to depart, Elabrimborn attempted to rally the crowd once again but instead I was startled by his words and I fell from the horse that I had mounted. We rode out with my holding on with all my might to not fall again. We picked up some tools to help bring down the bridge.

We learned that people from the village and the areas rule their own towns and are less likely to support the Kingdom of Dale. We heard that their are murder holes in the gate to help strike down the enemy and that the river is quite strong. We borrowed tools from the local masonry to help destroy the bridge. We also found some fire crackers that we hope will scare the wolves and we planned to search for pine cones.

Our journey proceeded over land and we moved at a fast pace. We ran across some farmers (Telvin and Tynock) and we were able to enlist them to our aid. We will need men to assist us. We also ran across some old ruins and almost stumbled into rusted nails and metal strewn about the area. We took a wide berth from this area.

We heard a great thundering sound as herds of long horn cattle travelled across the land. As we turned to look, we were startled by a hunter. A middle aged man with dark hair and green eyes who stands looking with us. He has grey hawks with him and he introduced himself as Hunter Loore.

Hunter Loore introduced himself and I was not comfortable with his arrival. He seemed out of place and likely a servant of the shadow. He shoots his bow and hits a rabbit per Elabrimborn’s making. Elabrimborn also didn’t take to this man and he shot his bow to hit the rabbit. Before we leave we learn that Hunter Lore is killing the orcs that come this way. Loreth asked him to help spread the news

As we were departing, Hunter Loore states that King of the Gibbets is on his way. Elabrimborn and Loreth recall that while Gandalf was recovering, he felt a presence watching him. They recall that the jailer of Dol Goldur was the Gibbet King. I asked him about the traitor Lockmand. Hunter Loore knows of the evil merchant. He stated that he encountered him about 6 hours ago while trying to get his pony out of the mud and it was weighed down by large metal chest.

He looked like he was headed toward a rendezvous with the King of Gibbets. Elabrimborn could see that he was telling the truth and yet I still did not trust him. We departed with haste.

We arrived at the small village and introduced ourselves to the elder councilman of the town. He did not want to leave the town with his people and we had to convince him to leave for a week so that we can defend it against the orcs. Elabrimborn tried to eloquently deliver a message of courage to the councilman to stay and fight with us. Twelve more joined our party.

We made plans to defend the village. I prepared the bridge to bring it down if things turn badly for us. We built several pyres on the bridge to delay their approach. We gathered the remaining boats to our side of the bridge. A Dorwinian woman came to the town via boat. She was selling wine and Elabrimborn offered the “weed” in exchange for it. Heavy set woman with dark eyes and master of the sea vessel Folk Dancer. Thranduil seeks out her wine. She will stay in town and likes what she hears from Elabrimborn.

Elabrimborn tries to re-enforce the portcullis. Arrow slits in the room to raise and lower the portcullis has the best vantage point. The portcullis is well maintained but the iron gates are rusted open.

Throrr prepares the bridge at the weakest column to set it to come down. Firecrackers are placed into several holes along the bridge and portcullis. Throrr repairs the iron gate so that it can close. He also prepared the bridge to be brought down. The deck of the bridge is greased by Sigmund after he finds out where the hunted animals are skinned. Sigmund also trained the new recruits.

Elabrimborn and Loreth scout out the area looking for signs of the encroaching army. Loreth encounters a scout party of orcs. Hunter Lore and his hawks attack the orcs with Loreth and they both barely escape with their lives back to the portcullis.

The orcs and wargs arrive to do battle. My pyres of firewood causes many of the orcs to die and our arrows fly home to kill many more. The invasion has begun and the battle will continue next time.


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