The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

To Catch a Traitor

Thorr's Journal Entry 28

As we continued our journey to Thranduil’s Halls, we stopped at the Easterly Inn and were greeted by our hobbit friends. Our first successful trade produced many smiles from our fellowship. Getting 10 TP for the goods from Rhosgobel was nice. Getting 100 TP worth of Old Toby, was priceless. We’ll make some good profit at Erebor.

We also met some dwarves and again we heard stories of goblins. My concern for Mair grows with each passing day. It was good to see my fellow dwarves and they brought joy with my comrades as their riddles were entertaining. Elabrimborn’s Love Bird Chicken recipe was a stroke of genius with the hobbits. The hobbits will put this to good use to remind people of King Bard and his new bride.

We started off the next day towards the elven trail with our new dwarf friends as they have wagons to take towards home. Again, we encountered bandits as we entered the Forest of Mirkwood. They sent hounds upon us. Again, we dispatched these hoodlums. The remainder of our journey to the Halls of Thranduil were uneventful.

As we entered Thranduil’s kingdom, we were met by the King and Legolas. Elabrimborn was summoned before them and they discussed what we had found in Dol Guldur and the knowledge of the traitor. They believe the traitor is an elf-friend and will work on a list of names for us to pursue. They don’t believe the traitor is within the kingdom. They may even believe that one of our party could be the traitor. It is sad but understandable. At least they gave me an elf-friend dagger as I had not been gifted with one during my previous visits.

We were no closer in our mission to find the traitor. Thranduil is again fearful of the Lakemen and Woodmen. We must not let the shadow grow greater. We must find this traitor and bring his foul plot to an end. Fortunately, they listened enough to us to change their defenses in case someone within had compromised their security.

We didn’t stay long as we wanted to head to my home in Erebor and to Dragon Tide. Before we left, we did get one name, Fridwald the Runner. We asked around about him and he may have a relationship with the Wayward Elves. He also was friend to a Bard who was a warrior of the first age and who is feeling the call to the seas. He may have given information unwittingly.

We decided to stop first at Laketown and meet with Bombur. We also wanted to speak with King Bard and if he has his elf-friend dagger and to keep it safe. We made it to Laketown without issues. Bombur met us and showed us his dagger. He didn’t think there would be any elf-friend dwarves that would be of note. We asked him to look for locals that may be of interest. In exchange, we gave him some good food and some of our Old Toby. Bombur also told us of Una and his distrust for her. She smiles too much and doesn’t eat enough.

We did decide to pursue develop prototype Una dolls and action figures and hope to sell them to the children and collectors of such items in Laketown. I’m working diligently to create a few before we meet.

We will need to investigate the King’s bride to be. She has Darwinian blood. We will stay for the night and then meet with King Bard. Bombur will obtain an appointment for us. We also must think of some wedding gifts. My heart now yearns for Mair. I must not dally here too long…


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