Aegir Dreamwalker, son of Sigvald and Eydis

Barding, Scholar, Wordweaver Smith


Everything has a true nature. When finding it you will know how to Battle it.

A single dream can be more powerful than a thousand realities.


Character thoughts
1 Background.
Answer: Aegir son of Sigvald and Eydis, 18 years.

2. A person you hate and for what reason.

3. A person you want to protect, it could be love, it could be duty.
Answer: My Uncle Sigward and his son Sigmund. King Bard and the Kings Men. The free peoples of Middle Earth.

4. How does your family look? Mother, father, siblings, are they alive ? Is someone dead ? Do you have a family at home and what do they think about your adventuring?
Answer: Only my uncle and his 10 year old son. My character has spent the last 5 years with a dwarfs family, learning their smithing and growing up. His parents died when the dragon came. My character doesnt know that his uncle or his son is still alive.

5. A shortsighted goal your character wants to achieve.
Answer: Open the road through Mirkwood. A owned smithy in Dale. Get a family. Master the understanding of his dreams.

6. A longsighted goal your character wants to achieve, both these goals should be achievable although the latter will probably take more time. The latter goal fulfilled could/should be a reason to withdraw from aventuring with your character.
Answer: Perfection in Smithing. Become thane under King Bard or Captain of his guard ( standing 4 ). Overall knowledge is most important, so the vocation skills and Riddle should be high at the end. Some kind of military leader.

7. Do think about a potential heir. It could be one of your children, siblings, nephews or another more or less close relative or friend.
Answer: My uncles son Sigmund.

8. How does your character make a living when he is not out adventuring ?
Answer: He travels alot and helps tradesmen as escort to them.

Aegir Dreamwalker, son of Sigvald and Eydis

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