Elven warrior


Anon is a warrior elf who maintains a post high in the trees of Mirkwood, along the Elf Path, near the center of the great forest. Although still technically loyal to his king, Anon’s been increasingly influenced by the Wayward Elves, who favor isolation over aiding the other races. More and more friends and fellow warriors have deserted to the Wayward way.

Astron 2947

Anon spied goblins coming down from the mountains. Several days before he’d discovered evidence of wargs passing nearby. Anon and his elves effortlessly ambushed and slew the orc horde.

As the orcs had approached, Anon noticed travelers following the Elf Path. He decided to deal with them after the orcs were no more.

Anon was greeted by Elabrimborn, who seemed far too casual in his greeting. More annoying, he was in the presence of a man and dwarf. Anon endured conversation with this lost elf, who believed it his mission to protect all the races, instead of ensuring the Woodland Realm would remain strong when all else fell.

Anon inquired about a pair of riders who were sent from the East Bight to Rhosgobel and Woodland Town. What could the men be conspiring? Are they going to try to take on the Woodland Realm? This bard, Elabrimborn, a mere jester to amuse Thranduil, dared to educate Anon by singing of Ungoliant and her brood. Who did the bard think he was talking about?

At least the bard seemed to take the news seriously when Anon relayed how the spiders were gathered in a massive convoy, crossing the forest west to east. What evil are they up to?

At last, Anon grew frustrated by the conversation and agreed to escort the group as far as Thranduil’s Halls. He was headed that way anyhow.

As the journey progressed, Anon’s anger cooled, and he became more open in his discussions with the Company.