Ashe, Elf of Mirkwood

Elf Warden of Mirkwood (Connor's character)


First encounter with an outsider:
My first encounter with outsiders was when I helped capture a group of dwarves leading a quest to take back the Lonely Mountain. They were a grumpy lot with foul language. At least until they were fed. They had odd appetites but seemed to have a good sense of humor once they settled down. They definitely held a grudge against our kind. Of course, this all changed when we later fought together at the Battle of Five Armies.

Memories of the Battle of the Five Armies:
I recall fighting at The Battle of the Five Armies alongside my ex-foe, Thorin Oakenshield and his dwarven cousins. It was strange to have almost come to blows with those dwarves and in the next moment, turning to face those hideous orcs. Treasure has a strange effect on all good people.

I am glad to now call these dwarves friend. They are resilient and know how to hold their ground in battle. They never wavered that day, nor do they waver in friendship. So too are the men of Dale. Their leader, Bard, was a charismatic leader. Those men should have run for their lives at the site of the great armies, but Bard held them together and together we won. I also remember fighting next to the great old wizard. He surprised a many orc with his staff. His staff moved as the wind and brought them down swiftly. Together, we defeated the orcs and took back the mountain.

First memory of something dark:
The BOTFA was fierce and I am still saddened and disgusted by my actions. I lost a great friend that day. My archers failed to provide his squad cover while they charged into the center line of the orcs. Another group of orc had worked around behind my archers and distracted us. My friend Guilin and his squad were cut down so quickly. It was the most horrifying moment to turn and see Guilin fall to his death. I never should have let those orcs get behind us.

It was my darkest day. Only the new bonds with my dwarven friends, the great wizard and the bardings have gotten me through these past few years.

Call to adventure:
I felt dishonored for not protecting my friend and not being there in his time of need. I decided to adventure and help stop goblin and orc scum by adventuring with a group to help those in need.

First encounters with others in the fellowship:
I battled with Elabrimbor at the BOTFA. For a good part of the battle, we covered each others backs. His knowledge of the orcs was helpful in battle.

I met Thorr at a great archery contest that was held during the first anniversary of the BOFTA. My bow was unbeatable that day. I out-bested the best of the best.

Ashe, Elf of Mirkwood

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