Beorning Slayer of the Shadow


Baldac grew up in Laketown. He first encountered the shadow when his younger brother was murdered by the terrible dragon Smaug.. He had first encountered outside races, when he came upon Mirkwood elves that were hunting all of the wild deer in the forest, and was not pleased that they did not leave any for the people of Laketown. He was present at the time of the Battle of Five Armies but was not permitted to fight at his age of ten by his family. He began to seek adventure not given the opportunity to participate in the Battle of Five Armies, and wished to join the Beorning folk. On his way West through Mirkwood he became lost, and was directed to the Ford of the river Anduian by Elabrimborn. He met Otbert when he arrived at the Ford.

Culture Beorning
Cultural Blessing Valour
Calling Slayer
Shadow Weakness curse of vengeance
Specialties enemy (orcs), cooking, fishing
Distinctive Features determined hardy
Experience 2
Valour 2
Wisdom 1
Body 7 Heart 7 Wits 6
Awe 3 *Athletics*2 *Awareness*2 Explore0 Song0 Craft1 Inspire1 Travel2 Insight3 Healing1 Courtesy0 Battle1 Persuade0 Stealth0 Search1 Hunting3 Riddle1 Lore0

*Axes*3 Dagger1 Spear1
Rewards Spliting Axe
Damage 7
Armor 2d +1
Endurance 31
Hope 15