Donidas Brandybuck

hobbit inn keeper


Donidas Brandybuck and his brother Dodi were drinking with Bilbo Baggins, once he returned from his adventure. They heard him complain how there’s no Shire hospitality all along the long miles… which is a shame, because with the Dragon dead and alliances reforged, there’s certain to be lots of travel across the land. Who wouldn’t pay good money for good ale, good tobacco and a comfortable bed?

Who knows when the idea was proposed or who proposed it? Within a week, the Brandybucks, financed by Mr. Baggins, were off to start the “eastern most outpost of the Shire, on the edge of Mirkwood.

Woodsmen accepted coin to build the structure, but the Hobbits needed to frequently travel back to the Shire to procure the luxuries they required. When returning in the spring, 2 Astron 2947, they tried to ford the wild spring waters of the Anduin and tipped over the wagons.

Donidas clung to his barrel of Old Toby, refusing to let go. Luckily, the Beorning ”/characters/baldac" class=“wiki-content-link”>Baldac was determined enough to give chase through the rocky waters, catch the barrel and drag it to shore, along with the soaked Hobbit.

The Company saved Dodi, and together they had a wonderful feast. Elabrimborn sold the Hobbits on the tools the Company was entering into a venture to secure.

They agreed to return together to the Easterly Inn… but Legelaven’s disappearance shattered those plans.


Donidas Brandybuck

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