Ennalda the Spear Maiden

Fierce Beorning Warden


Evil men murdered Ennalda’s mother. Her father was a mercenary who often left his daughter with Beorn. He decided to turn his life around by getting gainful employment in Dale.

He never returned.

For four years, Ennalda lived at Beorn’s House and became a fierce warrior, lethal with a spear. Her temper is great, and she has a deep mistrust for adventurers, seeing them as little more than killers. The idea they might be trying to to good is a foreign concept to her.

3 Astron 2947

While patrolling the banks of the Anduin, Ennalda came upon a dead baby hear who was partly butchered and left to rot. Wagon tracks went north, and she followed them to Petra’s Farmstead. The farmer had shot the bear killer in the leg with an arrow when he killed her cow and knocked over a bee hive.

Ennalda bound the killer and put him in the back of his wain. She drove it to a hill overlooking Beorn’s House and sensed the Company following her. She had a dog send warning to the other nearby wardens and allowed the Company to approach.

They knew lots about Ennalda and appealed to her relationship with the Old Ford residents to allow them to question Tindyn. She struggled with the idea the heroes were actually going out of their way to do good but grew to accept it.

Ennalda threw Tindyn to the ground and kicked him until he told all he knew. Moved by the Company, she broke protocol and allowed the exhausted Company to spend the night in Beorn’s Great Hall, although the lord of the house was away.

In the morning, Ennalda provided water, tea and honeycakes to reinvigorate the company. She sent a pack of bears to keep watch over the Company as they traveled to the Elf Path.

Tindyn remained behind to face judgment by Beorn.


Ennalda the Spear Maiden

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