Gandalf (Norse; IPA: [gand:alf] – “Elf of the Wand” or “Wand-elf”) the Grey, later known as Gandalf the White, and originally named Olórin (Quenya; IPA: [oˈloːrin] – “Dreamer” or “Of Dreams”), was an Istar (wizard), sent by the West in the Third Age to combat the threat of Sauron.

While investigating an old woman who was a victim of sorcery, Gandalf was put into a coma and treated by Saruman. The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear received visions, interpreted by Elrond, to travel the Western Sea and visit the mythic elf maiden and guardian of a Silmaril, Senda.

The Wandering Wizard met up with the Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear again in 2950 at Dragontide, where he questioned the group about their journey to Dol Guldur with Radagast.