Elven Prince


5 Thimridge 2947

The Company returns with the Fauir Nuin. Thranduil promises a feast in their honor. While preparing for the feast, the King hears music and merriment in the upper halls and sends Legolas to stop the merriment so he can be part of the experience.

At the festivities, Otbert speaks with Legolas about the giant spiders. Legolas informs him Tyulquin’s the daughter of Shelob and remembers all who attempt to attack her. Otbert had hurled a spear her way. He should expect nasty revenge. Beware of things seeming too good in Mirkwood. She works through illusions. She can be lured or distracted by shiny gems. She loves to consume them to suck the light out of the gems.


Legolas was the son of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm of Northern Mirkwood,12 who appears as “the Elvenking” in The Hobbit.3 Thranduil ruled over the Silvan Elves or “Wood-elves” of Mirkwood.

Although he lived among the Silvan Elves, Legolas was not one himself. His father Thranduil had originally come from Lindon; he and his son were actually Sindar, or “Grey Elves”, called in the singular Sinda; “Sindarin” was their language. Thranduil himself was the son of Oropher. Legolas’s mother is never mentioned; the Elves of Mirkwood have no Queen at the time of The Hobbit.