Ranger ally of Radagast


Loreth is a Ranger of the Dunedain. She was sent into Mirkwood by Radagast to find his agent, Beran the Watcher. While passing by the land of the Wayward Elves and Thranduil’s kingdom, she encountered a pack of orcs along the river turn on their leader and rip him to shreds. Most of the orcs were horribly ill. They claimed the illness was caused by their leader ignoring orders to reinforce the force at the Stairs of Girion. Because of this betrayal, an illness was sent to wipe out the orc pack.

After slaughtering the orc leader, river elves arrived to pick up barrels sent from Thranduil’s Kingdom. The orcs threw themselves at the orcs, and few survived. Loreth helped out but couldn’t find any surviving orcs to interrogate. She did find spider webs nearby with unusual symbols spun into them that matched the language of the petty dwarves. Loreth knew such lore was removed from Dol Guldur and sent to the Tower of Tuwurdrog in the Grey Mountains, not far from Mount Gundabad. When King Thranduil learned Loreth had directed the Company to the orc tower, he asked her to follow them and make sure they survived. Loreth slew an orc waiting to ambush the Company when they emerged from its depths. She guided them through the mountains to the Anduin. The group sailed down the Anduin and spent some much needed recovery time at the Old Ford. They continued down the Anduin and circled Lothlorien.