Petra Dribble Cup

Widow Farmer


Petra Dribble Cup is a widowed Beorning woman still trying to eek out survival on her small farmstead near Beorn’s House. She had a cow, which was killed by Tindyn, and several hives, in addition to vegetable gardens.

3 Astron 2947

Tindyn killed the cow while fleeing from the Old Ford, where he poured a potion into an old woman’s ear, turning her into a sleeper assassin. Petra heard Tindyn yell out when her bees attacked the fugitive. She put an arrow into him and turned him over to Ennalda the Spear Maiden.

Soon after, the Company arrived and Ennalda thought they were aligned with Tindyn. After a tense confrontation, Petra believed the Company and refreshed them with water and honey cakes. She offered the last of her milk, but the Company refused. Anyhow, she served milk to Baldac, to whom she felt affection. The Company noticed how she gently washed his brow with a cloth.

Petra made Baldac promise he’d return. He agreed.


Petra Dribble Cup

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