Saruman the White


Saruman is the leader of the wizards, living in Isengard in the tower of Orthanc. He researched the curse on Legelaven and the malady that befell Legolas, due to the wraith’s kiss.

In 2941, many of the Company sought him out. Throrr sought to learn what befell his parents. They were given shelter and allowed to research while Saruman walked through Fangorn. Turns out they had taken the toe and toe ring from the Great Goblin and brought the goblins’ wrath to Isengard. The parents of Throrr confronted the goblins outside the tower and fell in combat, The ring survived.

Elabrimborn and Aegir sought to learn the mechanization of the Shadow and learned of what plagued the land. They learned of spirits being broken, lies being used, good and talented being corrupted by lies and wickedness to evil.

Saruman told the Company to go to Lorien to get an herb from Galadriel’s Garden that would bring Legolas from his coma. He would meet them at Dragontide and collect the Rohirrim horses he lent them.


Saruman the White

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