Elf Hunter


Tarma, a Silvan elf, gained respect amongst Thranduil’s hunters. He took his job seriously, knowing his reputation depended on his successes.

1 Astron 2947

Tarma was tasked with hunting down a creature who killed one of the king’s deer. This creature was rumored to be the same creature known as the chicken thief, who’d been harassing the Woodsmen in the Western Eaves of Mirkwood. There were whispers of the creature taking babies from their cradles. The Elves decided it was not their problem.

When the King’s prized deer were targeted, Tarma was given the priority mission of bringing the slayer in alive one way or another.

Tarma tracked the chicken thief and nuisance through Northern Mirkwood. After descending a rocky slope, the creature leapt from hiding and hit the hunter in the head with a stone. Tarma woke up wounded and humiliated. He crawled back up onto the Elf Road just as the company rounds the bend. Angered at being bested and caught in a compromised position, he attempted to bully and drive off the fellowship.

When the Dwarf Thorr suggested he could help Tarma catch the chicken thief, Tarma’s temper flared and he ran off into the woods.