Thorr Flamestrike

A dwarf from the Lonely Mountain (George's character)


First encounter with an outsider:
I often recall the day I first met an outsider. A great mage had come to my uncle’s door one day and he stayed with us for a short while. I so vividly remember the fireworks that the mage had set off that first night after dinner. Oh, how I admired his talent and wisdom. I was in such awe of his power and grace. I also saw how much respect my uncle had for this man. I now see how men can earn my respect and trust.

First memory of something dark:
I hadn’t realized until recently that this wizard had come to my great uncle’s home only a short time after my parents death. My memory fails me from the night of their murder. I remember going on that fateful trip to visit some strange and wondrous tower where my parents had work to do in the libraries. I remember being rushed out of the tower with only my siblings and the cook and out into the woods. A dark shadow had fallen suddenly over the sky as night fell. I still hear the distant agonizing screams of my mother. My siblings and I were found safe in the morning, yet I know that evil exists and I must do all that I can to root it out and take vengeance for my parents death.

My memories of the Battle of the Five Armies:
My greatest moment in the Battle of the Five Armies came when several of my dwarven brothers and I were split away from our main forces. A bloody band of roughly 200 orcs, maybe 300, had wedged themselves between 50 of us and the rest of the army as they were retreating back towards the gates of Erebor. I had managed to grab several bottles of mead from my brothers and built a makeshift sling from the remnants of an ogre’s belt. I pushed rags into the bottles of mead and set them on fire. We proceeded to launch the bottles into the air at the orcs standing between us and our other brethren. The orcs were struck by the bottles and engulfed in flames. The orcs parted and we were able to make our way back to the gates safely with our other brethren. From that night onward, I was known as Thorr FlameStrike.

Oh, that wizard. Yet again he appeared at the Battle of the Five Armies. He still stood tall and showed great courage that day. It brought me back to that first time that we met. I now have strange recollections of the conversations that I overheard between my uncle and the wizard. I remember hiding behind the curtains in my great uncle’s library and watching them smoke and talk in whispers. I remember the look on my uncle’s face when he let out a great gasp at the mention of some dwarven rings.

Call to adventure:
After the great battle, the Lonely Mountain became one of the most exciting and glorious places in Middle Earth. The riches, the treasures, the monuments and all that followed were a sight to behold. After those first few years, I became restless. I’ve been taking leave of the mountain and travel to other cities and towns. Something inside of me is making me yearn for other adventures and making a greater name for myself. Or, is it just a yearning to find out what really happened to my parents. Am I being drawn to finding out about the Shadow that came and took my parents? Regardless, I am ready to adventure and so I have begun my journey.

First encounters with others in the fellowship:
Aegir Dreamwalker lived with my family at Erebor. He arrived in a shroud of mystery. My uncle thought there was something special about him and oddly enough put his trust in him. I’m not certain why but Aegir was very interested in learning our ways and my uncle allowed him to stay with us for several years. He has been a good friend to me and our family.

I first met Balac when he was a wee lad. At the end of the Battle of the Five Armies, I helped the men of Dale recover their wounded and dead. I came across a young lad. He must have fought bravely as he lay dead protecting the body of another young girl. I found that young lad’s family and returned his body to him. Balac stood bravely as I carried the body and laid it in its grave. I remember that moment as Balac then turned with great anger in his eyes and shouted curses over the death of his brother.

I also recall meeting our little hobbit, Togo. I ran into him at a tobacco shop. He introduced me to that lovely Shire tobacco and since that day I have always tried to keep some with me. I remember him asking me about all the great treasure at the Lonely Mountain. I gave him his first real gem. It was a small blue stone that shone as the spark of the Arkenstone.

Oh, the elves. They are so formidable in battle and I am thankful that they were on our side at Erebor. Their way with the bow is amazing. I once watched Ashe in an archery contest. His skill in shooting was astounding. He even shot a fly dead that was sitting on top of one of his arrows that had already hit its mark. I couldn’t believe that shot was possible. It makes you wonder just how keen an elves eyes really are.

Thorr Flamestrike

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