Treacherous Merchant


Tindyn was a merchant who bought tools made by the Dwarves of the Iron Hills. He attached them to wooden handles cut and carved by the Woodsmen in order to create fully superior tools.

On a journey to the Iron Hills he was ambushed by evil men of Angmar and taken north. His will was broken, and he promised to take a vial containing a potion to the Old Ford. He’d find the least likely person to be suspected of murder and pour the potion into her ear as she slept.

He found Legelaven and poisoned her as she slept 2 Astron 2947. He was seen by Elabrimborn disposing of the vial in the Anduin. Tinnyn had met the company at the Wain at the Ford. Tinnyn had tried to make a business deal with them, selling him a wagon of tools to sell at a higher price to the people establishing a new town in the East Bight. The company had been interested in this proposition and planning to take possession of their own wain the next day at noon. Tinnyn, of course, plotted to leave before dawn, escaping the scene of the crime.

The Company chased him for a full day. Tinnyn caught the attention of a Beorning warden when he slew a bear as it drank from the river. Not far from the bear’s corpse, he found a farmstead. He killed a cow for its meat, not able to digest the bear’s meat. In the process of butchering the cow, he bumped into a bee hive and was attacked by the bees. The owner of the farm, Petra Dribble Cup, caught Tinnyn with an arrow.

Ennalda the Spear Maiden arrived and took him prisoner. She bound him in his own wain and drove it to Beorn’s House. There, she spied the Company following her, told a dog to alert the wardens at the house in case of trouble and waited for them to approach.

Most of the company knew of Ennalda and appealed to her relationship with the residents of the Old Ford to convince her to allow the group to interrogate Tinnyn.

He of course spilled his guts and was left to face judgment by Beorn.
Tinnyn fled before dawn with his wagon.