Togo Maggot

Halfling Treasure Hunter of the Shire


Togo first encountered the shadow, when one day he looked in the pipe-weed jar and there was none. The lack was from a poor crop. He was not at the battle of Five Armies, but was jealous that Bilbo Baggins got piles and piles of treasure. This inspired the Reckless adventurer in himself to claim his own riches. Something Tookish awoke in him. He met Thorr at a pipe shop and exchanged some Shire pipe-weed, which Thorr loved, for a jewel of the Lonely Mountain. At the Prancing Pony he heard an elf sing the tales of Bilbo Baggins, it was there he met Elabrimborn.

Culture Hobbit of the Shire
Calling Treasure Hunter
Shadow Weakness dragon sickness
Specialties adventurous reckless
Experience 2
Valour 1
Wisdom 2
Body 3/1 Heart 10/3 Wits 7/2
Awe0 athletics2 awareness2 explore2 song2 craft0 inspire0 travel1 insight1 healing2 courtesy3 battle1 persuade2 stealth3 search2 hunting0 riddle2 lore0

Short sword2 Dagger1 Bow1
Virtues art of disappearing
Damage3 Parry8 +1 Armor 1d +1
Endurance 26 Hope 22


Togo Maggot

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