Daughter of Shelob


Tyulquin, upset by her sisters being muscled by an anonymous power into taking part in a scheme involving Legelaven, tries to learn what Thranduil knows. She abducts the Naur Fuin and one of his bodyguards and uses them as bait. Ruithel and the Company instead find her.

Tyulquin traps Togo and Elebrimborn in a tower ruins and rants about how Thranduil was too cowardly to come himself. Elebrimborn threatens the spider, pointing at Togo and relaying the tale of Bilbo and the spiders. Tyulquin climbs down the tower to Togo, who seizes the Naur Fuin and shoves it at the spider. The artifact glows and burns the spider, who flees, wanting revenge against Togo… and Otbert, who tossed a spear her way.


Immense and evil, daughter of Shelob, grand daughter of Ungoliant, Tyulquin casts webs of illusion to ensnare prey.