The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Fly like an eagle
Thorr's Journal Entry 25

Our journey to Isengard was swift, amazing and beautiful. The great eagles took us over the mountains and across the great forests with such speed. My life has been truly blessed. I can’t wait to return to my fair Mair and tell her of this journey.

We landed within Isengard and were met by Saruman. He reminded me of my neighbor growing up. He never did like the children hanging around his home and would yell at us for disturbing him. Here we were bringing the light of the Silmaril to aide Gandalf and being chastised for letting the eagles take a dump on his lawn. I guess our great deed was not as great as we had thought. At least Saruman was able to bring Gandalf back from his deep slumber.

We were quickly hastened away by Saruman as soon as Gandalf awoke from his slumber. Strange for him to act this way. It was as though he were jealous of our bringing such aid to awaken Gandalf. Maybe he was just upset with his own failure in bringing him back with his own magic.

With this part of our journey at an end, we were able to return home. My heart ached to see my Mair. On our way back, we traveled through Mirkwood and again came upon King Thanduil. It is now my duty as ambassador to pay my respects and seek ways to continue making good relations with the elven kingdom. As it would happen, the men of the Dale are making incursions into the forests of Mirkwood. This is most unsettling for King Thranduil as he is being perceived as being weak by his people for not driving out the men of the Dale.

I took this as an opportunity to help the King and to help the relations of all the people of middle earth. This seems like a small task and yet I know these things can become much larger unless they are addressed. I will do my best to promote farming as a trade option for the men of Dale.

We finally returned to my Erebor and I was happy that Elabrimborn journeyed with me. His heart still yearns to find true love. I know he seeks the wisdom of my Mair to help him with his troubles. Having an elf accompany at court helped to raise my standing at court. Seeing my Mair brings me such joy. I can now formerly look to court Mair as King Dain has allowed me to become a member of the court.

The rest of my time in Erebor was well spent with Mair and she loved my charm bracelet with a dolphin, whale and a sea lion for her. My sculpture for the king of a great Sea Worm now sits in a prominent location at court. We partied and sang songs with Elabrimborn and his wonderful new harp. I also took a bold step and confided in my love about my family toe ring. She may find out more about the ring.

My time ended as my King allowed me to carry forward on my quest to help King Thranduil. He gave me papers of introduction with Bombur who is the ambassador to the men of the Dale. We traveled to Dale and met with Bombur. He enjoyed the wine that I brought from the elven kingdom and gave me the name of Vermunds as someone that I could speak with about the incursions into Mirkwood.

I was able to meet with Vermunds after the longest of waits and discuss the situation. He was stubborn to my suggestions but the wine that I brought was well received. He listened to my offer to have the elves teach his kin to farm but this was not of interest. As an alternative, teaching his people to grow new trees so that they could be harvested by future generations was of interest. He was also interested in the stone trade with Erebor.

Eventually I was able to get a letter of introduction to one of his son’s. As we traveled, we came across another talking squirrel named Chestnut. He had a message from Radagast to meet at Rhosgobel.

After speaking again with Bombur and informing him of my encounter with Vermunds, Bombur would take the information back to Erebor and secure trade with Vermunds. This news allowed me to return to Vermunds and secure a meeting with his brother Edmunds.

While Sigurd and the others toured the town of Dale, I met with Edmunds and introduced the ideas of farming and harvesting. I learned that Edmunds is ok in living farther away from Dale. He may be open to seeking out new forests. He was open to meeting and learning this new trade opportunity. After returning to Bombur, I apprise him again and look to open new roads going South and hope to introduce having Edmunds move farther South and settle away from Mirkwood.

We are now off to Rhosgobel after we stop again to update King Thanduil. As we traveled, a new venture popped into my mind. We can work a deal with the eagles to carry goods and messages across the land. They could fly each night and deliver goods to neighboring lands by next day air.

Kissed by a Whale
Thorr's Journal Entry 24

Elrond has now called us to action and we travel towards the Western Sea. We pray that we will find great magic and knowledge to aid our patron, Mithrandir. Along our journey to the sea, we passed through the Shire and came upon a festival in Bree. It was good to relax for the evening and enjoy singing songs and smoking the Old Toby. Unfortunately, a crime was committed and we were once again called to help those in need.

We surmised the lowly Cormac and his comrade had stolen the money collected from the festival. We chased them down to the barrow downs and found that they had been possessed by a barrow wight. In my haste to attack the wight, I fell into her evil trap. Fortunately, my friends were able to face her evil so that I could climb out of the trap. We were able to bring her down and retrieve the treasure from this place.

The beauty of mithral chain mail is site to behold and the treasure of Valenduir will be used for good and to fight the shadow that continues to grow. Giving the hobbits more than they lost would bring good cheer and help our cause. After these events, our journey to the sea was unhindered.

Our adventure then turned us out onto the great sea and our journey West was long and arduous. Dwarves in trees are bad enough, let alone traveling on ship out into the great sea. I could tell that Captain Saeros wasn’t too certain that I could make this journey. He doesn’t know this dwarf and I even surprised myself. The elves that traveled with us began to despair after a time and I worried that they would be lost to us. Searching for Sedna was truly challenging.

Our fate lay before us as we came across the great Worm, Scatha. As many a tale would tell, this Worm was over confident and I still can’t believe that she poked his nose down at me. Sigurd’s tale of my having worms and the fact that I am a dwarf worked to our advantage. It was her undoing as I struck her first across the snout with my trusty mattock and wounded her eye. I guess my boldness has not been lost to me. We were very lucky this day and the gods must have been looking over us as my dwarven Helm of Awe helped cow the beast and expose her weak spot.

Loreth’s action to distract Scatha was just what we needed and I was able to strike the beast and bring her down. I was glad to be tied to the ship else I would have fallen into the sea. I still see myself launching myself into the air and striking the beast in the eye as I fell overboard.

It was then that the great whale appeared to us. Without our friend Elabrimborn, we may not have understood what to do. I am still in disbelief as we climbed out onto its tongue. We truly have been kissed by a whale. No one would believe this tale and yet the elves and my fellowship know the truth of it. It was strange to ride inside of a whale. It was a short way to the underwater kingdom of Sedna.

The home of Sedna seemed bleak and yet she was at peace and her beauty shone as bright as her elven magic. Elabrimborn cheered her soul with his good song and tales of our heroics. Our fellowship is strong and we swayed her to help our cause. The stories of Sedna are true and her fingers were missing. The magic of the Silmaril that we bring back will surely help Gandalf. The tales of this journey will be told to many.

Our journey back to Isengard was full of good spirit. Our call to the Great Eagles was heard when we landed and they carried us swiftly to Isengard. We only hope that we are not too late to save Gandalf.

To Bend the Bow
Thorr's Journal Entry 23

Our latest adventure began in the Forest of Mirkwood at the Hunt for the Wild Heart Stag. As expected, a dwarf should not be in the woods, riding a horse and trying to use a bow. My first act was to fall from the foul beast and get myself lost in the woods. We lost sight of Ruithel and the rest of the hunting party.

Unbeknownst to us, my dwarf mates of the past had been delving under the Mirkwood Forest looking for paths into the Grey Delve. They captured Ruiithel and Elabrimborn to hold them ransom. The Bow of Pendragal has a steep history with Frar and cast Ruithel in great danger. Fortunately, we were able to rescue them and talk my old friends into releasing them. We committed ourselves to try and gain the assistance of Thranduil and my King Dain to help them take back the Grey Delve.

Although we didn’t get the commitment of King Dain and Thranduil at this time, they were open to assist in the future. Our only hope is to secure Erebor from the shadows that lurk and then gain King Dain’s support. With the support from King Dain, we would also receive the support of Thranduil. I was able to win some support from King Dain by his allowing me to seek volunteers to help support Frar and his comrades. At least with a few volunteers, Frar’s comrades were appeased and should leave the elves of Mirkwood alone.

I will say that it was a great turn of the King heart as he is finally warming up to me. His grace showed his first concern for my welfare and his daughter’s happiness when I spoke of returning to seek the Grey Delve. I also was bestowed the title of being the Ambassador to the Elves on the behalf of our Kingdom.

I now can only hope that my next adventure across the seas will allow us all to return to our loved ones and to help all the good people of Middle Earth.

Riddles at DragonTide
Competition between Bilbo, Bombur, & Elabrimborn

(Solutions below in comments)

As cold winds blow over the Lonely Mountain,
I fly to the safety of Mirkwood dressed in black,
I remove my white hat and cloak upon arrival.
Who am I?

I’ve heard of a boneless thing,
Rising from its earthen home,
Swelling and growing,
Emerging from its cloak in the shadows,
Only Legalaven can tame the beast with her fire
What am I?

In marble walls the color of milk,
Lined with the skin as soft as silk,
Within is a fountain crystal clear,
And in it a jewel appears,
No doors to this stronghold,
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold
What am I?

A free folk was born in the Iron Hills
Raised in the Halls of the Mountain King
And died in the Battle of the Five Armies
What is he?

I slip through your fingers untouched
When you kill me, I do not die,
I am taken and often wasted,
And sometimes I will fly for you
What am I?

I have towns, but no houses
Forests, but no trees
Rivers, but no water
What am I?

What happens when a dwarf falls into the river in Mirkwood?

I’m only one color, but not one size
I’m stuck on the bottom, but easily flies
I’ll greet the sun, but not the rain
I’ll do no harm and feel no pain
Who am I?

With a gentle touch I can do,
What a cave troll with force & strength cannot get through,
If I were not a friend in hand,
Many in the woods would they stand?
Who am I?

Imagine you are in the Mines of Moria surrounded by orcs,
Then a cave troll shows up
How do you escape?

Bilbo walked out of BagEnd one afternoon following his nose,
He found a wizard’s pipe, a dwarven scarf, and three black sling stones at his wooly toes,
They were not on the soil of the Shire the day before
How did they get there, upon Middle Earth’s floor?

You can feel me, but can’t see me,
I’m not breakable, but I can be broken
What am I?

What room has no windows, no floor, no walls, and no door?

Your trapped in a stone walled prison in Mordor,
With no doors or windows,
Solid walls, floor, and ceiling,
And only have one of Beorn’s honey cakes,
How do you escape?

What goes up must come down,
But what goes up and never comes down?

Ryhme of Lore to Radagast
Recited before the gates of Rhosgobel

Radagast the brown is an odd Mage
Birds in his hair, and smells of sage
Once the Maiar Aiwendil who took a path
From the Undying Lands to save Ennorath
Little concerned of the matters of men
He is the Tender of Beasts and Bird Friend
Jovial, Wise, Helpful and Funny
Rides a sledge drawn by bunnies
His wizard tower a natural hovel
Find him now within Rhosgobel

Song of Elrond
Sang in the Halls of Rivendell by Elabrimborn

Elrond, Star Dome
The Lord of Rivendell
Made Imlandris an elven home

Descendant of Maiar, Luthien’s kin
Both skillful warrior and scholar
Last Alliance’s Commander of Free Men

Vilya, Blue Ring of Air, rode his hand
After driving the Dark Lord to Moria
Sauron’s blighted land

Lothlorien gave him the silver crown
The Lady Celebrian
Child of Galadriel and Celeborn

Great fruit was produced of their union
The twins Elrohir and Elladan
And the Evenstar, the Lady Arwen

Even shadow looms over the half elven
Mortally waylaid in the Misty Mountains
His spouse took ship to the Undying Lands

He is a gift undo us until he himself sails
To the land of Iluvitar’s creation
Across the sea to to rejoin all the elves

His Wisdom shared in the Council White
Once the abandoned Elf of the Cave
Is the Vault of Stars to light our night

New fellowship of companions
Journal of Sigurd, Son of Sigmund

As a King’s Man, I endeavor to follow my liege lord’s will in all things, no matter the danger or sacrifice. My blade, is ever King Bard’s. As a scholar and lore-master though, my mind often wanders beyond the River Running, dreaming of adventure as told by the charming hobbit Bilbo Baggins during his time in Dale. So when my lord requested I travel west to try to discover the fate of a missing caravan in the Anduin valley, I leapt at the opportunity.

‘Twas after I had lost the trail along the Anduin that I met my new fellows — Loreth, a Ranger of the North, Elabrimborn, of the Woodland Realm, and Thorr Flamestrike, a mighty dwarven warrior of my people’s allies, the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain. They informed me in no uncertain terms of the fate of the caravan of which I had tracked many weeks — attacked by trolls.

I admit, I was daunted by such a report. Trolls! I never imagined my path would cross such monsters on my errand, much less that I would find myself boldly agreeing to accompany so recently met companions to see my countrymen’s final end. A strength of character, or a flaw? I suppose ‘tis only my final end which will tell!

We trekked to the Ettendales, to bear witness to a war council of trolls, barely sneaking unnoticed past the dull brutes. While Loreth fared well in the secret movement through the camp, both Throrr and myself almost endangered our party with missteps. Perhaps King’s Men are meant to be soldiers only, not rangers.

A great host of trolls gathered at sundown to listen to the exultations of their leader Mormog, who shouted for war and whispered of attempts to herald the bringing of shadow to new lands, further north and west. I thought for a moment…that he uttered the name of the ancient Dark Lord himself…but I shall put that out of my mind for the moment.

As we stole from the breach in the hillside, a stony-hided Ettin rose to block our path. We were caught! We unsheathed our blades and brought the beast low, quickly camouflaging the body to try to conceal our deed from his fellows in the cut below. ‘Twas to no avail however, and scant moments later, we heard the cries of sentries who had heard the sounds of battle and uncovered the gruesome result of our flashing blades.

With no other options, we called out to Mormog to face us, and the proud fiend did just that. Under a hail of spears and arrows, he advanced pell mell, into a curtain of steel – well-wielded with deadly intent. His pride was his undoing, as his wild undisciplined attacks left his breast exposed to a fatal blow by Throrr’s axe, sundering him from neck to nape.

Thinking quickly, I beheaded the beast and hurled my prize into the valley towards Mormog’s shouting minions exclaiming, “This is the fate of Mormog, and that of all who follow him!” My ruse bought us the moments we needed to escape the forest and reach Rivendell safely, just ahead of our pursuers. An adventure I shall retell indeed!

Once we had taken refuge in the Last Homely House, we were invited to a great hunt in the woodland realm of King Thranduil. Another tale worthy of the telling seems to be in my future, ever forward!

Mormog Undone
Thorr's Journal Entry 22

On our chase north after the troll Mormog, we came across a Barding from Dale. Sigurd has now joined our fellowship and we journeyed together into the den of trolls in the Ettendales. Sneaking past those Hill trolls was very exciting. This dwarf must learn the ways of the woods to keep silent. We were fortunate that Faeradrun created a beautiful rainbow to distract those Hill trolls. More than 50 trolls were gathered to listen to Mormog. He spoke of the return of Sauron and attacking the lands of the elves and men through secret passages. Unbeknownst to Mormog, we had destroyed one of those caverns.

We tried to find cover until the moot disbanded but we were met by a two-headed Ettin. Loreth’s arrow just bounced off of his stone exterior but Sigurd wounded him quickly with his spear. Our new comrade had tasted his first blood with the Fellowship of the Whiskey Drinking Bear. Enraged, Loreth then brought him down with her sword.

We hid the Ettin but we were undone by the trolls and Mormog. They found the body and then Mormog sent Faerdrun after us. She was forced to reveal our position. We called out to Mormog to face us. He accepted and it was over before it began. Loreth provided the first wound and my attack split open Mormog’s chest and he fell down before us. Sigurd, beheaded Mormog and threw it down to the other trolls to frighten them.

The chase was on. We grabbed the whip that held the hold over Faerdrun and sped off into the forest. The trolls followed us for days until we finally crossed a tree that had fallen across a great ravine and into the elven lands. We threw down the tree so that we would not be followed and I relieved myself over them as the Elves of Rivendell arrived and slew several of them.

Elrond arrived and listened to what had befallen us. He accepted responsibility for Faerdrun and allowed us sanctuary at Rivendell. I was grateful for the time to recover and learn more of the elven ways. I was honored to have come upon the great sword Narsil, One day it will be reforged.

We are now on our way to Thranduil’s home to hunt the great white stag. We stopped over at the Old Ford Road Inn and met Gelvira and Petra. It was good to see them even though they still have doubts about us. Someday, we will surely make all things better.

As we arrived at Thranduil’s we were well met by Thranduil and Legolas. It was good to see them both healthy and ready for the hunt. Seeing Ruithel with the Bow of Pendragal has peeked our attention. We will need to learn more soon as we are about to start the great hunt.

Search for Trolls
Thorr's Journal Entry 21

Our journey to find the Captain began with a long march through the woods. We pursued as fast as we could. Our fears of a great troll gathering crept into our thoughts. We traveled through the Trollshaws and the Cold Fells. This was definitely not the land of man, elf and dwarf. Knowing that trolls would love to put this old dwarf into a big pot for stewing, I knew our scent would be too enticing. Finding some good ole troll dung and putting it all over our bodies was foremost on our minds. Poor Loreth was not too pleased with my idea. It reminded us of our time with the mountain folk.

After many days, we came upon an old keep. We could tell that someone was occupying it. They were overconfident as they did not care that others would come upon them. The troll tracks led off from the keep, these must be the bandits. We must take them in the day in case the trolls were with them. Our plan to sneak up to the keep with a lone horse worked well. My holding back allowed Loreth and Elabrimborn to stealth up and enter the keep. We fell upon the keep and the bandits were no match for us.

We were fortunate to spot the troll cave from the tower of the keep. Again, Loreth’s skills of stealth were amazing. She slipped right past the sleeping trolls at the entrance and surveyed the caves. She found the treasury and my hopes of getting jewels for Mair were foremost on my mind.

We used barrels of ale to get the trolls to tell us their plans. The caves would lead the trolls straight under the river and into the elf lands. We acted boldly in attacking the trolls and almost paid for it with our lives. Elabrimborn’s bow was wicked this day. He quickly wounded the first troll and allowed us to bring him down.

The second troll was much more difficult to bring down. His blow struck me and I was close to going down. We fell back from the caves and positioned ourselves outside. I was close to weariness and had to drop my helm to continue the fight. We battled hard and brought another one down. This left one and Elabrimborn rushed into the cave after him. Today was for Elabrimborn as he brought 2 down.

Using the remaining ale, I prepared them to blow into the caverns and collapse them. My friends collected the treasure and we then rolled the barrels down the caverns and caused a massive explosion under two layers of the tunnel. We fled from the scene and also took with us some of the bandits as captives.

We learned from the captive that Sauron had bent many creatures to his will. The captain has uncovered one of these creatures and we must get back to tell Elrond. The captain is heading into the Ettendales. He speaks the black speech with a ghost creature.

Our first night on the way back, we slept and while Elabrimborn was on watch, the ghost figure appeared. She woke us from our slumber. She stated that she has been waiting for us for a thousand years. Her name is Faeradrun and she was once a spy of Sauron. She is the Hunter of the East and she was seeking our help to be free of the captain. She has a collar on her neck. Her current master is Mormog. She knows where he is headed and of his plans.

We have agreed to help her and head to the borders of the Cold Fells and the Broad Cleave valley. He is gathering the trolls. We are putting our trust in Faeradrun. She will keep us hidden and give us a chance to get to Mormog. A place of lore West of the Mountains may be a place to free her. We must slay Mormog and then take her to be set free. She placed a spell upon us so that our feet would not break leaves and that we will find the shadows to help hide us (-4 to stealth). Now we go forth!

The Beauty of Rivendell
Thorr's Journal Entry 20

This was not something that I would have ever imagined myself doing. Walking into the House of Elrond and the beauty that is Rivendell. This dwarf has never seen such a wonderful land. Elrond is as great a leader as legend tells. His offer for us to rest in Rivendell was much appreciated. With my time in Rivendell, I learned more of their healing ways.

I journeyed back to Erebor in the dead of winter and I was fortunate to have met up with Frar the Beardless. He was helpful in safely traversing the Old Forest Road. I was able to return to my Maiir and renew our courtship. I took the time to craft her artwork made of pewter in the shape of a great moon. It now hangs in her home and I hope that it will remind her of our bond when the nights are lonely.

On my journey back to Rivendell, I continued to ponder the story of Frar the Beardless about the Elf that shaved Frar’s beard and Frar’s cursing of the elf that held that bow. I must learn more of this bow that is in Thranduil’s kingdom. I must also somehow give my aide to Frar and petition those to help take back the Grey Delves.

On my return trip to Rivendell, there was much flooding along the roads and the journey was again treacherous. I was received by Elrond and he petitioned us to help Gondrel, the engineer, to investigate a bridge on the East Road that was under heavy flooding. We gladly accepted Elrond’s request. The bridge looks untouched from the flooding but there was large debris under the bridge.

We found pieces of a dwarven wagon lodged under the bridge as Loreth waded into the water to work them loose. The wagon was riddled with arrows and chopped up and thrown into the river. Loreth’s and Elabrimborn’s skills were invaluable in finding the wagon’s tracks. We were able to find tracks of the survivors and a troll.

We pursued and found the trolls and the bandits that were in league with them. Bringing the troll down was our priority and down he came. We took down the rest of the bandits and rescued the remaining dwarfs. It was good to put my new knowledge to use and help heal the injured. Anar, Vidar and Ginar bowed low to us as they were happy for their rescue.

The dwarfs told us of the other bandits that had left the day before we arrived. Their leader was a big and fast Ogre. He carried a wicked notched sword and is called Captain, like an Ogre from the old tales. He has the black speech. We did find some gems and gold in the troll cave. We found 50 treasure but much of it was from our new friends.

We did find that a number of clay pots were missing and obviously taken by the Captain. I wanted to pursue them with much haste but our party felt we needed to get the dwarfs back to safety. What was disturbing that their is cunning and conniving in the works. The intelligence of these trolls and ogres was unsettling. Gondrel hears the calling of the West.

Elrond received us in the morning. He did not want to listen to us about the Cold-Fells. We had to persuade him to hear our words. We did learn from Elrond and he told us about the spell that was used on Gandalf. The tome speaks of a spirit being released and cursed him.

Elrond told us of his dream of the elf maiden, Sedna, and her father who were caught in a blizzard storm while saving. Her father was in fear of the storm and cast his daughter into the water. She fell from the boat and clung to another boat where her fingers froze and held strong. Her father beat her and finally she was released into the seas. She is said to be the one who concocted the beasts of the seas such as the fish, eels and seals. I have had visions of her calling us west.

We are now to go to the seas out west and we are to travel with sailors for us to go out out to the sea. We will go later in the summer. For now we head to find the Captain. We should catch up quickly as the stone trolls cannot travel at day. Stone trolls hate dwarfs. Elrond gave us miravel (cordial that restores endurance).


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