The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Dwarven Drinking Song, Puking Demon Romp
sang to the tune of Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold

Deep below, the dark damp earth
Clamy flesh, is given birth
A creature foul, without a breath
A condemned man, transcending death

His jagged teeth, lips cracked and split
Mouth vomits forth, a poisonous spit
Buy all a round, open up your purse
Propose a toast lad, to avoid the curse

From afar, man full of drink
But in his midst, a putrid stink
His jerky gait, and plodding stomp
Has coined the phrase, puking demon romp

So when the night, is full of dread
Lift up a glass boys, and toast our dead
In our memory, will they be forgotten
Nor will we smell, the ghoul so rotten

Puking Demon Romp
Thorr's Journal post 7

I was very concerned when King Dain’s sister, Thrate, was felled by that dart. She should have waited for us before entering alone into that next room. I’m not certain how Maire would have taken the news had we lost Thrate. I could not have faced Maire if Thrate had been lost. I’m getting so sick of all these poisons and dark magic. Our fellowship will bring an end to all of this shadow.

The tales of our battle against the Marshdwellers and the Ghul will be told for many years to come. Our bravery and strength in battle was impressive. Our fellowship grows stronger with each new adventure. I wish Thrate had been awake when we slew that nightmarish Ghul. I hope Thrate will help my standing back in Erebor and truly forgets that dreadful Puking Demon Romp.

We were fortunate to find Gloin in that dark well. He really knows how to hide himself. I was lucky to find that one rock out of place down in that deep well. The treasure that we found was remarkable and Aegir’s War Horn is quite a boon.

I hope to one day use the recovered Ruby belt as a gift for Maire. I certain that Thrate will tell Maire about the song that I sang of her. I must stay focused on our adventure so that I can return to her.

The loss of Tauriel is very sad. Legolas seemed very found of her. I am thankful that we were able to free her spirit and rid the enchantment of the wood wight from her. My skill with fire is a blessing. I am saddened that we had to use it on Tauriel. At least we learned more about the evil that has befallen Legolas. I vow to bring his curse to an end. We must travel to the tower as quickly as possible. I know that my wound has not fully healed but finding a way to stop the enchantment is urgent.

At least we were able to put down the false rumors against our fellowship and it was good to see King Thranduil did not partake in these falsehoods. Having the confidence of King Thranduil and King Dain will aid us in our cause. If Loreth adds her support, we may also find friendship with Radagast. I can only hope that Loreth is who she says she is.

I must also remember the tale of Grey Delve by Frar the Beardless. The thought of finding the steel from that mountain is near and dear to this dwarf’s heart. We will need to revisit this story when I return again to Erebor. As for now, we must ride hard back to Erebor and then to the tower.

The Journal of the Dreamwalker III
3 rd log post.

Theres a lidless enflamed eye in my dreams, watching over Erebor, Legelaven and everywhere i move, yet lingering in the background. It wants to see everything good corrupted or destroyed. I wonder if my uncle Sigward and my young cousin, his son Sigmund is still alive. People tell me he has ran away. I hope that we encounter or may be able to find him. Perhaps my dreams will show me the path to him. I thought staying with Legelaven would lead us to him but it seems not.

The history of Middle earth tells me that this evil, is dead. But it seems to me there is still some evil stirring, some will that gives the enemy creatures speed and and strength of heart. How can that be ? It doesn’t make sense.

The Fellowship of the whiskey drinking bear has resolved to go back to the Marsh dwellers ruin under the water in the long marshes, now that Legelaven is brought back to care and safety. Perhaps we can kill them or make them run away to replenish their treasure back to the free folk of Middle Earth. This is my hope. If we succeed not only will we become rich, but we will also help build and make safe trade routes between the free peoples of Middle Earth used to help each other out. This is a direct path to the Old Dwarven road that goes all the way through Mirkwood.

The Liberation of Legelaven
Recalled by Togo Maggot, Treasure Hunter

Legelaven made bubbles as she was taken below the water
So the company said “”/characters/togo-maggot" class=“wiki-content-link”>Togo go down the chimmy first and find her!"
In the darkness I crept, and the stench was horrible.

Then the Marshdwellers came at us,

I thought they were only tales told to frighten children,
Teeth and claws, and sloppy wet feet, and more teeth.
Well I said to myself " that women’s a wonderful cook, I have to save her"
Just then an elven arrow shot over my head and caused one of them to drop
So I loosed an arrow into one of the creatures as well,
Thorr’s maddox bounced off the wall,
With masterful skill Aegir Dreamwalker’s sword decapitated the one I softened up for him,
So I thinks I’ll loose another arrow in another
Then with a mighty flourish, Otbert drives his steel through its belly, what would they do without me?

Thorr’s maddox kills yet another, clearing my way to find “grandma”

“Greetings, Grandma” I say, as I dance away from a slimy one’s claws.
I start running and dashing around the creatures like Bilbo did with those trolls.
Thorr splits one’s skull and his maddox stops mid spine.
I spy a nasty bracelet on Ankle Biter’s ankle, biting the Biter herself.
I touches it, “never forget your kins last spilt blood” it says
I sees three giant spiders clasp it to her ankle.
“No getting out of your task now” they hiss
The others they take Leglaven to the surface.
I thinks, I’ll have a peek down that tunnel,
And what do I find the most beautiful sight
Better than Old Toby, or a mug of Shire brown ale,
A treasure pile as big as ol’ Smaug’s, as Bilbo did tell
Then the hisses and wet feet break my dreaming
A hoard of Marshdwellers
I grab a pretty Dwarven belt, ancient, spun of gold, wearing green and white fire.
Just like Bilbo grabbed the Arkenstone.
I dodge the creatures as they crash around me,
And with quick thinking crumble a wall, so I can escape them.
Running home, just like Mother Maggot told me.
I climb up the chimmy, first one in, last one out,
To elven singing of the charge of the Woodland People in the Batttle of the Five Armies,
As the Marshdwellers pour out behind me, Thorr lights a boat on fire and pushes at them,
As I stare at my prize, a belt of Khazad Dum,
And that’s how I became, Togo Maggot, Treasure Hunter!
Joining the likes of the great Bilbo Baggins.

Elabrimborn listens once again to the Greenwood

Rock, root, and soil talk to Elabrimborn of the Worgs’ boasts

“We fear nothing, the pack and I,
We run with speed untamed,
Killing all weaker than ourselves.”

“We recognize the scent of our pack,
We know the scent of the horse, cow, stag, wolf, boar, and hare,
And we know the scent of man, dwarf, elf, orc, and troll,
And only these creatures wear the scent of death of the former,
For what other creatures wear the skin of other animals?”

“We love the taste of their flesh, blood and fat,
Especially their cubs, taste the best, and their wails call to us.”

“The pack and I do not fear the creatures of the ground,
Alone with their metal claws and flying wooden teeth, they are weak,
Only when the two legs fight in packs, do we have concern.”

“Nothing good comes from the sky,
The eagles, spiders, and the great eye.”

“If not for the great eye, we would carry no burden,
The great eye commands us to let the orcs join our pack, to kill the other two legs,
We run them down, for none are as fleet as us,
No one can hide from us, we know their scent,
We find them, hunger drives us, hate drives us.”

Thorr's Journal post 6


Although my thoughts of the Princess have grown with each passing day, I remained faithful to our fellowship to free Ankle Biter of that accursed magic. Having returned from defeating the troll, we gained the King’s support to aid us in our effort to move on to Lake Town in search of the stranger and the scroll. I was overjoyed in being able to partake in a few moments of song and dance at Maire’s party. The Princess is a wonderful dancer. I must learn how to dance better if I am ever to gain her favor. Maire’s kindness and pleasure in receiving my special gift was also unexpected. There may be hope yet for me. I cannot wait for my chance at DragonTide.

The trip to Lake Town was entertaining. I was glad to share Togo’s tobacci with Ai, Durrin and Loni. I am thinking better of that hobbit as our adventure continues. Our learning of the stranger’s green cloak was important to our mission. I had feared the worst when we were confronted by the Lake Town Guard, my dwarven brethren’s bravado can be quite challenging at times. We were fortunate to get past the guards and gain entry into the stranger’s dwelling. I will remember Captain Magni. We may be able to gain his trust in the future. It was clever to pass ourselves off as future renter’s and picking up some business with Belrand the Fletcher is much appreciated. I must also not forget about those alley tales of vampires.

Meeting that new Master of Lake Town within that house was troubling. Aegir’s reaction was even more worrisome. I only hope that our giving information to the new Master does not come back to haunt us. I do not trust that man. Finding the petty dwarf dead at his feet was unnerving. Finding the petty dwarf’s hidden cache at least took him by surprise.

My King will not be pleased on the knowledge of the petty dwarf and the poisons that he held. I wish we could have captured that petty dwarf, we could have learned so much more of this evil that is before us. The scrap of cloth with the Bullet Lantern symbol feeds my hatred of orcs. We may need to visit the old ruins of the Dwarven Beacon Tower.

At least we were able to get back to Ankle Biter and free her from some of her pain. Finding the poison that was poured into her ears and getting the anklet off her was a good step in the right direction. I now know that we will triumph over this evil.

Having informed the King of the petty dwarf and his dark poison and magic, we asked for his assistance in meeting our oath to destroy the marsh dwellers. We could not persuade him to send more than a scouting party even though we believed there to be more treasure. Our mission was successful and his kin bore witness to the treasure. We surely will be able to return to conquer any remaining dwellers and recover a great reward.

On our return, I took pride in giving the ancient belt to the King and to now see it worn on the Princess is a sight to behold. I hear tell whispers that I may be considered a suitor for her hand. Her beauty is breathtaking and her kindness is like no other in this world. If only my little sister had not pulled the old toilet paper prank on me when we last saw each other. At least it brought a smile and lifted everyone’s spirit. My good standing will not suffer that moment of embarrassment. I am also certain that my new Helm of Awe will help keep my name in good standing.

Home sweet home
Thorr's Journal post 5

Walking along the River Running brings back special memories of the day that I departed my homeland. I stood tall that day as I marched from those glorious gates towards my destiny. I envisioned myself walking back through these great gates and announcing to my kin that I had found the murderers of my mother and father. I will one day make this vision a reality.

I was shocked to find myself considered an outsider by Kili, the gatekeeper. It has not been long since my departure. I thought I would be welcomed back with warmth and friendship. I see that darkness and fear are now taking hold. At least we were allowed to bring Ankle Biter to our healers. I hope we are not too late. This magic is strange and old.

To see my people living under the fear of attacks of goblins and orcs is unthinkable. My rage mounts as we found our foes with maps of our inner tunnels. Great evil is upon us. To then find our lore master killed by a troll and a man from Laketown is so mysterious and ruthless. I will bring that man down as we did the troll. Justice will prevail. Our only hope is to find the scroll with the knowledge to destroy the magic that binds to Ankle Biter.

I do hope the Princess and King Dain do not take me for a fool. It was brash of me to think that our stopping a few orcs would end their concerns and fear. I hope that with our taking down the troll, they will think better of us. Our fellowship is strong and I hope that they see that we can now aid them. I may need to give up the belt of my ancestors to elevate our status.

Journal of the Dreamwalker II

We got to Erebor and they decided to let us in and help Legelaven ankle biter. we layed her to rest and care in their sickhouse while we wanted to search their library. Gandalf is nowhere to be found.

First we went down to the mines where there have been some incursions of Orcs. We killed the last of them and then went to the library where a troll and a man had killed their librarian and stolen the parch rolls pertaining to Legelavens state of mind. We chased after them and killed the Troll.

It seems to me that all these things are happening to sabotage our efforts, and for a reason. I still havent had time to confirm if my uncle is alive in Laketown, or not. Im most anxious to do so. Its also clear to me that we have to talk to King Dain and inform him about this. I dont suspect him or anyone else of his people know why all this is happening. Who is doing it we have yet to discover. Perhaps this shadowy figure of what seems to be a man will give us the answer. The old power of the petty dwarves cannot be underestimated. The shadow works in mysterious ways.

The Company of the whiskey drinkning bear seems a worthy group, and i look forward to getting to know them better. Maybe, just maybe we can create something greater together.


Oh the smell of it
Thorr's Journal post 4

My body smells of those foul marshmen. I could barely hold down my food after that battle. If not for saving Ankle Biter, I would have destroyed the rest of those foul beasts. I vow to one day return and hunt down every last one of them. The evil that they do cannot go unpunished. How had they come by my ancestor’s great belt. This is a mystery that I must return to uncover.

The hobbit’s generosity has not gone unnoticed. One who covets treasure should give thee this gift. What must be his motive for such kindness? We will come to see. I grow restless from these thoughts and must overcome them before I am touched by the darkness.

Thinking of saving Ankle Biter must we focus. This foul magic must be stopped. My hope rests with the knowledge of my people. I take comfort in knowing this path that we now follow. Good riddance to the awful smells of the marsh. It is also good that we came upon Aegir. Though his vision be strange, he will bring light to our fellowship.

Why my fair maiden would hold such anger towards me is bewildering. Games are games and men are men. If only her father could hold his liquor. Well time will heal all with my maiden. I will do right by her father and deliver the goods to my kin. I must find rest now and recover from my fatigue.

Elabrimborn communes with Mirkwood

Elabrimborn uses the Speakers to listen to thoughts of a Warg who ran through the Western Greenwood. The trees, earth, and stone recall the Wargs thoughts to him.

“The biting air on my face brings the scent of man, elf, dwarf, and a new creatures smell
Meat for the taking.

My brothers, we run together

White smoke leaves our jaws

The two legs, are dull of ear, scent, and are weak alone, and slow of paw

Their females and cubs, are rarely any danger

They all cry, drop their teeth and claws when I break their bones with my jaws, or dampen my muzzle with their blood.

It is only the eye we fear, it is only the eye we obey

Is it not pity or mercy we take down the weaker ground creatures?

They only will become soil or nourishment for the trees if not for us

Their hearts give us strength, and power to find their scent once again

The two legs can not grow their hide thick, or grow their hair long to keep themselves warm.

They need to wear the skin and hair of other creatures

Only the tongues of light destroys all, searing heat, causing loss of hair and hide, extreme pain.

It destroys all and surrounds the eye, the eye we fear, the eye we obey

Rarely man uses the yellow tongue of light, but still this is no match against the hungry pack, full of hate.”


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