The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Elabrimborn consumed by the Shadow
After receiving four points of Shadow in one session

Finculin, of house Finfarin, nephew of Celebrimbor is blessed with wisdom.

Everyone that crosses my path is tainted by the Shadow.

The light of the lidless eye in the sky shines down upon me and casts its Shadow behind me.

A Shadow that trails behind me to ruin the lives of those I care for and love.

My Prince Legolas in a coma, Legelaven shackled to an ancient evil, now the Brandybucks and Gelvira are captured by agents of the Shadow.

Was it I that brought the corruption to the Ford, the Greenwood, Erebor, Esgaroth, and now Lothlorien.

Finculin is wise beyond his years calling out my blight upon the land.
It is as if the very land I tread upon becomes corrupted as well as the lives of those I attempt to aid.

I now contemplate returning to Valinor.

Ah,to return to my roots, feel the spray of the sea upon my face, return to the place of my origin.

A life that was simple, not complicated by the Shadow, a future where I do not ruin the lives of the good peoples of Middle Earth.

In my time of study with Masters Saruman and Gandalf, I now have the knowledge of the dark secrets of Shadow.

This knowledge has awakened my longing for the sea and the Undying Lands, and rebirth from this despair and sadness.

Secrets Revealed
Thorrs Journal post 10

My destiny has taken a strange and sudden twist. Having believed for all these years that orcs had killed my parents, I was shocked to learn that goblins had actually taken their lives. Learning this truth from Neldereth, the elven chef, left me speechless. This was such a rare and disturbing event for me that I now must find the truth behind this ring and destroy the evil that created it.

I have not shared this secret with my fellowship and I am not certain when to do this. Gandalf was not pleased when I told him of the reason for my parents’ demise. He cannot stop me from achieving my destiny. For now, I must focus on our fellowship and curing Legolas, finding Legelaven’s kin and destroying the evil wizard. I do vow to find the mystery behind this goblin ring and destroy it as well.

Each of our battles grows more challenging and my nature is to boldly face them. After my encounter with Saruman, I am beginning to see the weakness that boldness can bring. I could have easily caused harm to Elabrimborn with my brashness. I must learn to taper my eagerness and use it more wisely. If Elabrimborn had been harmed, Saruman may never have revealed Neldereth’s name to me and I would not have learned the truth about my parents.

The importance of our quest led us to confront the minions of Vidgulom. Meeting them before the river to the beautiful Lothlórien was of no surprise. Riding those beasts of Rohan to meet them in battle is not something this dwarf was meant to do. I will say that Elabrimborn was born to ride such fine steeds and his marksmanship on this day was unmatched. His aim was spot on to cut down their leaders right hand.

The beauty of Lothlórien is beyond words. The gold and glitter of this elven wood is a match for any treasure in this world. The noble Finrod was gracious and his aide was greater. If not for his efforts, Finari may not have given us the herb that will save Legolas. It was a special moment for Aegir to meet Finari and it brightened my heart to see him become smitten with her. He deserves happiness even in these trying times. He has endured much in his life.

With the elven cloaks, lembas bread and herbs, I am hopeful that we can save Legolas and rescue Legelaven’s kin. Our fellowship is strong and we must succeed.

Song of Gandalf
Sang by Elabrimborn at Angrenost

Gandalf Stormcrow
The wisest of the Maiar
Journeys on foot both near and far
With only his staff and spirit eager
Veiled in humility, aged and meager
He is kind to the young and simplistic kin
Wearing garments of ash, he holds a flame within

He is the keeper of Narya, the fiery Elven Ring
And on the Quest of Erebor he claimed Glamdring
He commands fire’s beauty for delight and mirth
Is the last of the Wizards to enter Middle Earth
Adviser versus the shadow in conditions dire
He is in service to Iluvatar and his Secret Fire

Nightmares of Orthanc
Thorrs Journal post 9

I lie awake haunted by the dreams from my youth. I still see images of dark orcs and flashes of images from the black tower. I can still hear the distant screams of my parents while racing out into the night. All I keep seeing again and again is the fear in the eyes of my siblings as we are huddled outside in the trees and brush. Those dancing light are hovering over me as well. Something has triggered all of this. I must somehow remember what happened that night. I must remember what brought my parents here to this tower. Or, am I just remembering some other tower an these are just the haunts from my childhood.

The journey here has taken its toll on me and our fellowship. At least we can regain our strength and make plans to return to Dragon Fest. We are all still bothered by those who are hunting us now. They will find that this prey they hunt as dangerous as a mother wolf protecting its cubs. We will not let them harm Legelaven or our people.

I was surprised to find our enemy laying in wait for us on the river. Their numbers are growing. We keep getting betrayed by someone and likely by someone at the Old Ford. We cannot let that happen again. We must take greater precautions to avoid this on our journey back to Erebor.

At least i am comforted by my thoughts of Maire. We will triumph over this evil and I will do my best to show the King of my worthiness. Although I am only the great grand nephew of Farin’s wife, I must inspire others to take up our cause as Thorin took up the quest to restore Erebor and slay Smaug. Let’s hope that we can bring together all of the good people and not let this evil tear us apart.

Aegir Dreamwalker IV
Dream Poem

A Poem describing some of Aegir’s feelings on travel when the going gets tough and he gets weary. The feeling of that sometimes everything one does can feel like being done in vain.

Still here I wake and I think of you
I see you far away
Answer my call
Can you hear my voice
I hear you

For we are gone and forever lost
Broken here I lie
Beneath the shadow sink
Where daylight dies
I wake for you

In better lands the sun may shine
And green leaves on trees spring
Their opening and blossoming
But here the raven sing

But still I stand and think of
Days when grass was green
And my heart was so young
They ‘ve never been Past
Forever lost

This poem a friend of mine found and i thought it fit nicely to Aegir’s personality.

Tower of Tuwurdrog
Thorr's Journal post 8

Our latest adventure was entertaining and quite challenging. Our journey began from Erebor as we petitioned King Dain for additional aide. He is growing fond of our fellowship and I feel as though he is growing more comfortable with me. He now knows my name and appears to be taking great interest in my activities. Another father who I hope will learn to enjoy my company. With Elabrimborn’s passionate pleas to search for the answers to the great evil before us, we were granted escorts for our journey north. Fulbor, Dolphur and Tieg and our trusty steeds were very much appreciated.

Peggy Sue reminded me of an old flame that I knew in my youth. Her beard was quite short and proper. Although her timing with song was quite annoying, she was pleasant to ride. Those days traveling my countryside were refreshing and enjoyable. Although I am quite found of our mountain home, I do enjoy traveling through the lands and seeing all the wonders of our world. Unfortunately, this part of our journey was the last of the pleasantness for quite some time.

As we entered the mountains, I was amazed by Elabrimborn’s talents. He was able to hear the slumber of the Dragon of Mirkwood. With the bad weather, mud slides and treacherous mountain passes, our hearts were made heavy for many a day. Having almost lost Elabrimborn in a mudslide, we were close to despair. Even our song could not combat the cold and rain. I thought our fortunes may have turned when we came upon Tin, the hermit.
He was from Dale & Laketown and somehow managed to stay alive these past 40 years.

I couldn’t believe that he was in league with orcs. His home reminded me of the towers that my parents would often visit when looking for lost relics and tomes. My rage took over me when we saw the nest of those orcs. I shall be hard pressed to forget how my mallet tore apart Tin’s arms and then to hear his last words. I should not have been surprised by his need to help the orcs for he surely would have died many moons ago.

Our flight from Tin’s was fleet of foot. We had made our way along the narrow ledge of a mountain that hung well above the raging river below us. We could hear the shrieking howls of the orcs for the well placed strike by my mallet that caused a large section of the ledge to fall away from the mountain. We may one day return and take care of those treacherous orcs.

Our arrival at the Tower of Tuwurdrog came none to soon. I believe our fortune in avoiding that dragon was coming to an end. The smell coming from within was rank beyond measure. I found it difficult to control my rage as we knew what lay ahead of us. Elabrimborn stole into the tower and we were met by more orcs and their voracious Caragors. My hatred fed my trusty mallet and Elabrimbor’s arrows were quick to strike down those dreaded beasts.

I thought my life was in jeopardy when that ugly foul beast took hold of me with its jaws of steel. I am indebted to Elabrimborn for taking down the other beast as I lay trapped under the weight and clasped jowls of the felled Caragor. Eleabrimborn’s idea to pile the dead up and in front of our passage forward was brilliant. The other beasts fed on the corpses while we made our way deeper into the tower. We quickly found the only scroll remaining in the tower.

I had hoped we could capture an orc for interrogation but Loreth’s arrival altered that thought. Her arrow did strike true to slay the last remaining orc just as we had exited the tower. She knew instantly that the scroll we carried was important and related to this growing evil. We decided to travel to Isengard and consult the wizards. I will say that Loreth knows this countryside as we made our way to the Anduin River and safely back down to the Old Ford.

It was good to see the home of Legelaven and to speak to her family. Although Elabrimborn’s words did not bring them the comfort that they desired, we hope that they will one day have Legelaven return to them safely. Our journey begins anew as we travel onward to Isengard, We hope that our Fellowship can regroup soon to learn more of this great evil.

Elven Riding Song
Sang by Elabrimborn in the company of four dwarves riding upon goats

My people rode from the Eastern lands
Masses of legs, chaos, in Elven hands
Past eagles’ aeries upon cliff top
Tireless, Always forward, ner to stop

Through open plains as the winds bellowed
In days of Autumn, as the grasses yellowed
Rushing forth a hundred score strong
Filled with passion of Elven song

Riding forth for Thandruil, our King
Good hearted warriors who love to sing
Bit and bridle to guide our course
The elegance of riding upon a horse.

Rhyme of Lore of the Caragor
Inspired by Elabrimborn after the battle of Tuwurdrog tower in the Grey Mountains

Vicious, swift, dwarfing the Worg
Aggressive, relentless, more lion than dog
Insationable hunger, always seeking a meal
Teeth that cut through ten fold steel
In darkness and evil, The Corupter began their naming
A spiked horror for Morgoth’s childrens’ taming
Hunting all prey, to pounce and knock it
Rending limbs from joint and socket
If you survive in conditions dire
Shield your departure with tongues of fire

Charge of Woodland people in the Battle of the Five Armies
Composed and Sang by Elabrimborn

From the North blew a cold winter wind
The fastest wolf riders caused the battle to begin
The sky turned black , choked with dark flight
As Blog, son of Azog, led the goblins through false night

First to charge, The Children of Iluvatar
They’re hatered of orcs, the greatest by far
Spears and swords shown like the stars of Elbereth
For Elven smiths had armed them to wield certain death

The Firstborn blew North as a Spring Southern breeze
As black and red goblin banners fell like Autum leaves
Deadly wrath dealt in King Thanudil’s name
With warrior’s precision guised as gleaming blue flame

The host was lured dense into the valley
As fair folk bowmen let forth the first volley
A warm rain of arrows each dealing sharp fire
Slaying the enemy, their condition now dire

From the Southern Spur leapt down ten score spears
Charging forth with one voice , deafing to one’s ears
Wolves, Worgs and orcs , no chance to attack
Spilling their blood to stain the valley black

As the last Alliance of Gil-Galad and Elendil
Men of the Lake, joined in for the kill
And Dwarves of the Iron Hills drove forth from the East
As Gunderbad orcs poured in without cease

The Folk of the Wood charged again to renew hope
With King Thanduil’s leadership on Ravenhill’s Slope
Many Quendi perished for the battle to be won
Who could have lived merrily for ages to come

Elves fighting against their twisted immortal kin
Orcs no longer aware of their corrupted origin
Many ages to ponder our losses in meditation
The despoiling of nature and Iluvatar’s creation

Rhyme of lore of the stone troll
Recalled by Elabrimborn in the tunnels below Erebor

The stone troll has no special appeal
So run away or become his meal
His blood and heart are pitch black
Amoung his teeth your bones will crack
Stupid, ugly and kills for pleasure
In dark caves, he hoards his treasure
Strong and tall as an Ent
But from the earth, Morgoth sent
So when exposed to light of sun
Return to stone from which he come


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