The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

To Deal with a Dragon
Thorr's Journal Entry 33

With the Battle of Celduin now behind us, we returned to Laketown. Everyone gathered for a great feast to celebrate our victory. The merriment was at a fevered pitch when the new song called “The Bridge Fell Out Beneath Their Feet” was played. Our fellowship danced and sang throughout the evening. I was taken away by the new rousing song and felt the urge to start a new style of dance called “Breaking the Bridge”. I shall not forget their cheers for sometime.

Unfortunately, our evening was interrupted by one of my mates from Erebor. Ori had been sent by King Dain to summon us to my home for an urgent matter. It seems a traitor has made off with secrets from the Lonely Mountain. We made haste to my home and immediately were summoned to the secret archives called the Chamber of Marzrabul.

We greeted the King with great respect. The King put his arm around my shoulder and told of us the traitor Lockman. He had brought to Erebor the lost Shield of Throrr, the grand father of Thorin Oakenshield. In exchange for it, he had been granted access to the Chamber. Unbeknownst to all, he had managed to escape with pages from one of the great books. Moon was the records keeper and he described the watch tower in the great north. This tower provided warnings to others when a dragon would venture forth from the mountains. The tower may have been destroyed by Smaug.

Lockman must be up to more treachery and possibly try to bend another worm to do evil against the people of Middle Earth. The Battle of Celduin may have been a diversion to by him time to bring this evil down upon us. The King mentioned to us a story from King Bard of a great chain that was carried by the minions of the Gibbet King. Grave warning signs were upon us. He also mentioned to us that Gandalf wanted Smaug defeated so that the shadow could not use him to their advantage.

The King asked for our service for 5 TP each to travel north and find the watch tower. To learn more of this treachery that is in the works. He gave us the great book to help us learn more about the tower. Elabrimborn presented himself to the King and requested aide to the town of Celduin. The King was graceful and granted the request. He also granted the request for me to visit with his daughter. I can’t believe my good fortune as my efforts have finally granted me my wish to spend time with Maire and have the King’s grace. Calling me son was a proud moment.

It was wonderful to see my Maire again. Maybe after this adventure, I may be granted the chance to court my beloved. Loreth and Elabrimborn learned much while I spent time with Maire. They learned that we should travel to the southeastern arm of the Grey Mountains. We also learned that we should not bring gold into the mountains as the worms will sense it. We are leaving our gold with my family as we travel.

We also learned that the communications at the top of the watch tower looks down on the Chamber of Winds. A spiral staircase can reach this area. We also learned that there is a secret vault near the last bed chamber on the left and the entrance is hidden in the floor.
We also ventured to the pubs and learned of snow trolls being in the mountains and a tower in the sides of the mountain that is haunted. A cold drake slumbers in there now.

A great feast was held in our honor before we left for the north. My Mair sat next to me and lifted my spirits. We ventured forth the next day and on our travels we read more from the book and found the secret entrance to the cellars of the watch tower can be reached by tapping a polished ax thrice to the secret door to the cellar. We also learned that the Great Hall in the tower is protected by a mighty stone lowered by chain to block the front the door or crush monsters beneath it. We also know that the Chamber of Winds upper level is a where 8 tunnels meet. Each door opens and musical notes play. Mountain winds produce tremendous sounds. In case of dire emergencies don’t open north, south and northeast simultaneously when wind blows from the north as a blast will kill everyone.

As we journeyed we came upon WitherFinger near a brown stagnant pool of water. She was an extremely old, mad woman, possibly an entwife. She ran her withered fingers over Elabrimborn’s face. She mentioned many orcs had come upon her and carried a great heavy chain with dark magic. They traveled north and that they headed toward the snow trolls. She mentioned that snow trolls sleep in different caves and we should stay downwind and tread softly. Look out over the withered heath and carry no gold or make fire.

We carried on into the mountains and traveled deep into troll territory. We traversed through the snow troll canyon and past their caves of stench. We sought the Peak of Zurenkinbar. We saw the city in the sides of the mountain with smoke coming out of the windows. We come across the shade of a northmen, the old master of Laketown. He is a visage of sadness and distress. I hailed the old master and he spoke of his cursed gold. He spoke of the worm that would come down upon his old home. He shouts “Here he comes!, Here he comes!” and disappears. We try to hide as a dragon is upon us.

A monstrous grey worm slithered quickly forward on his slime covered belly before we could react. His stench was upon us. He hailed us as cowards and announced that he was Rhennar. He asked why we are on the road that he travels. Elabrimborn began to speak and flatter him but this just threw him into a rage and he began to attack. I tried to interject but this made it even worse. He smashed a massive rock in two and then rose up to cast fear upon us. We withstood his test and Loreth threw herself before him and shouted “Great One, we have news and one does not choose who we travel with”. This stopped him momentarily and she explained that their are minions of the Gibbet King here to capture you and bind your will to them. Loreth noticed that the dark cold worm had an iron collar bound to him and that he must have been enslaved in the past.

She was able to strike a bargain for us to steal the chain so that it could never be used upon him. Rhennar accepted the deal but only If we go first and save whoever is in charge for Rhennar. And so after changing our undergarments, we set off towards the watch tower. After many hours we found the secret entrance. Fortunately, someone had packed an ax. We tapped three times on the secret door and entered the secret tunnel.

I led us down the dark tunnel without light. We made our way through the lower level and found a set of stairs leading up. We made our way to a great room and found ourselves in a pickle. Goblins were skittering about above the Great Hall ceiling and primed to shoot arrows down upon us. Elabrimborn shot at the goblins and we waited in an ante-chamber as a large troll came out and ran towards the throne in the middle of the room. Loreth rushed out and attacked the troll before he could pick up the throne to throw at us. I ran out and leaped up onto the throne and then jumped towards the troll, smashing my mattock into him. His thick hide blunted my blow and I fell to the floor. Unbelievably, he threw the throne at Elabrimborn and it struck home.

Orcs entered the battle and all looks lost. We must bring this troll down. Loreth slices through the troll and his hate is centered on Loreth. I raise up my mattock again and strike down on his foot. He is wounded. Elabrimborn casts a light spell to attract the enemy away from us. The troll is oblivious to the light and he bites at me and tears out my flesh. I am undaunted and swing back my mattock back up through his groin and he drops. As he falls he spits out my flesh back at me as he drops to his death.

Elabrimborn’s light spell goes off in a blinding flash and they are startled. They turn their attention to Loreth and myself. We dodge their wearied attacks and the others rush upon us. Loreth is hit with another slashing blade as well as myself. More orcs rush out into battle and again our fellowship is at risk of ending.

A Dwarven "guest" of the Elven King
Kili shared this controversial song with Elabrimborn

In the prison of the Elven King
Delusional with sorrow I do sing
The promises of, an elven maid
Confess my crimes, to be saved
Her elven kiss, charms me to sleep
No longer hungry, nor I weep

My prison forever, these forest walls
Never again to see Dwarven Halls
To hear ring of hammer on stone
Her elven prison my final tomb

The elven path where danger be
Starved and poisoned, my kin and me
Became easy prey for elven bow
No wizard or burgler now do show

The path, the elves believe Iluvatar sent
For dwarves it leaves us bruised and bent
I’ll remain for years, as beard grows long
Delusional with sorrow singing this song

Thou Shalt Not Pass Part Deux
Thorr's Journal Entry 32

The Battle of Celduin was upon us. Our defenses held firm during the first wave of the assault of worgs and orcs. My mortal enemy fell upon us as Loreth and Hunter were out Scouting. Hunter’s bravery saved Loreth and the luck of the Hobbits were with us.

Our reinforcements of the portcullis and fire pits worked well during the assault. We thrust back the enemy’s initial push. The fire pits sent many of the wargs and orcs scurring to their deaths over the bridge. I fashioned a set of ropes to swing down from the tower and onto the bridge. I smashed my mattock into the orcs as they approached. The arrows of Elabrimborn and Hunter reigned down on the bloody bastards. Loreth slew several of the orcs as they tired to climb over the portcullis. We made quick work of them.

As we regrouped and set more traps into motion, the second wave came upon us. We were not prepared for the bellowing sound of what was to come. The massive troll set forth at a rapid pace and ran full force towards the portcullis. Elabrimborn raised his mighty bow and I lit his arrow with fire. As the troll ran past our fire pit, Elabrimborn’s arrow let loose and everything burst into flame. The troll, however, pushed through the fire and came barreling down the bridge. Just as the troll came up to the bridge, I swung down and laid my mattock into him. I landed and danced around behind him and took the beast down.

The remaining orcs made great strides towards the battlements but we were able to take them down. Some managed to break through and get to the controls of the portcullis but I was able to make it back to the tower and stop them. Unfortunately, we lost Hunter. His loss was not taken well by Loreth and I saw that I had judged him wrongly. He will be missed.

The rest of the evening was a blur as we fought the next wave of orcs and worgs attacked. We fought bravely and took many down and yet they kept coming. I had to make it out onto the river with the small boat that we had repaired. With cover from my friends, I was able to make it to the bridge and set the explosions in motion. The bridge fell and we thought again that this would delay them long enough to allow the King;s troops to arrive.

At that moment, the Gibbet King appeared. He came forth with horses and his wagon and they set adrift onto the river. With his host of orcs and wargs they attacked with fervor. We held our ground and I again went out onto the water. I made my way to his wagon and slew one of the horses to slow him down. The Gibbet King cast his evil spells on us.

He kept coming across the river and then Elabrimborn cut loose the other horse and the dead one. As the wagon started to set adrift, I hacked into the wagon and then set it afire. With great effort I was able to bring my mattock down onto the Gibbet King’s foot. He shrieked in pain and tried his spells again. We dodged his spells and I was able to bring him down with my favored weapon.

As the Gibbet King burnt to his death and sunk to the bottom of the river, we cheered and then somehow we knew that the Gibbet King had not perished but merely spirited away. Just in time, the King’s troops arrived and hunted down the remaining orcs and wargs. As we recovered, I healed many of the remaining people who had been poisoned. We also repaired many of the buildings and built a barge to carry people from across the river.

Although the elder councilman was not happy with our taking down the bridge, we were able to give them back some of their livelihood. We also took time to give a beautiful eulogy to Hunter and those that we lost.

From the Ramparts of the Bridge of the Celduin River
Elabrimborn shouts as the Worg & goblin riders advance

The Worgs of the Shadow are driven by Cowardess
The great eye calls to them from hidden darkness

If not for His deceitful voice, no burden would they bear
For they fear the eagles and flying teeth of men in the air

They fear the flower of flame for flesh it sear
Wargs are cowards driven by hunger and fear

Rally cry before the Battle on the bridge of the Celduin
Sung by Elabrimborn to the townsfolk

Goblin blood shall spill
And make the Celduin black
Victory will be ours as our Vanguard attack
The Shadow shall share the light of our joy
All sword and bow on bridge we will employ

A Battle on the Horizon
Thorr's Journal Entry 31

What evil has come before us? My Mair was almost taken from me. Fortunately, my healing knowledge acquired from the elves has helped save my love. She has now been whisked away by her father’s guard and taken back to Erebor.

Many of our party were poisoned by the foul beer and wine that was served as the party. We sipped from the cordial that the elves had given to us and we recovered more quickly from the poison. We were summoned to meet with King Bard. Before we departed, we sang and praised our fallen friends. We took a small moment and paid tribute to Gerald, who was kin to Beorn and someone who we fought in the games.

We gathered the people and inspired them to prepare for battle and to look to our alliances for a great evil cometh this way. We must pull together and defeat our foes. We ask the people to not forget of the bravery of the dwarves, elves, men of Dale and Laketown. We hearken to the old days of the Battle of the Five Armies and why we celebrate at this time.

We approached the halls of King Bard. As we approached, we could see the weight of this situation on the shoulders of the King. He was grim faced and only a few were attending him with council. Sigurd introduced our party and he appeared gladdened by our presence as those that attended cheered our greeting.

We were given two options to consider from the King. The first was to stop the enemy and the second was to prepare Dale to defend itself. We chose to go out and meet the enemy and delay their advance. This should give time for the warriors of the town to recover from the poison. We located a tiny tower near the old kingdom of Dale that we could use to delay the advancing enemy as they come from the South. The enemy must come through Mirkwood, the marshes or through Seldguin 100 miles east of the marshes.

The enemy would not choose to enter through Mirkwood or the Marshes and so we agreed that they would likely hastened towards the tiny tower. Princess Una, the Dorwinion, told us of a bridge that could be used to delay the enemy and may be defensible. We also sent messages to Mirkwood and to the Eagles. King Dain should be sending aide as well and he should be bringing more of the healing herbs that can cure those with the poison.

In private, I spoke with King Dain and asked that he take his people to Erebor if we fail. The King stated to me that if we are successful that we would always be a part of his permanent council. My hope is that we are successful as I would not want this battle to be waged at my home.

As we took to depart, Elabrimborn attempted to rally the crowd once again but instead I was startled by his words and I fell from the horse that I had mounted. We rode out with my holding on with all my might to not fall again. We picked up some tools to help bring down the bridge.

We learned that people from the village and the areas rule their own towns and are less likely to support the Kingdom of Dale. We heard that their are murder holes in the gate to help strike down the enemy and that the river is quite strong. We borrowed tools from the local masonry to help destroy the bridge. We also found some fire crackers that we hope will scare the wolves and we planned to search for pine cones.

Our journey proceeded over land and we moved at a fast pace. We ran across some farmers (Telvin and Tynock) and we were able to enlist them to our aid. We will need men to assist us. We also ran across some old ruins and almost stumbled into rusted nails and metal strewn about the area. We took a wide berth from this area.

We heard a great thundering sound as herds of long horn cattle travelled across the land. As we turned to look, we were startled by a hunter. A middle aged man with dark hair and green eyes who stands looking with us. He has grey hawks with him and he introduced himself as Hunter Loore.

Hunter Loore introduced himself and I was not comfortable with his arrival. He seemed out of place and likely a servant of the shadow. He shoots his bow and hits a rabbit per Elabrimborn’s making. Elabrimborn also didn’t take to this man and he shot his bow to hit the rabbit. Before we leave we learn that Hunter Lore is killing the orcs that come this way. Loreth asked him to help spread the news

As we were departing, Hunter Loore states that King of the Gibbets is on his way. Elabrimborn and Loreth recall that while Gandalf was recovering, he felt a presence watching him. They recall that the jailer of Dol Goldur was the Gibbet King. I asked him about the traitor Lockmand. Hunter Loore knows of the evil merchant. He stated that he encountered him about 6 hours ago while trying to get his pony out of the mud and it was weighed down by large metal chest.

He looked like he was headed toward a rendezvous with the King of Gibbets. Elabrimborn could see that he was telling the truth and yet I still did not trust him. We departed with haste.

We arrived at the small village and introduced ourselves to the elder councilman of the town. He did not want to leave the town with his people and we had to convince him to leave for a week so that we can defend it against the orcs. Elabrimborn tried to eloquently deliver a message of courage to the councilman to stay and fight with us. Twelve more joined our party.

We made plans to defend the village. I prepared the bridge to bring it down if things turn badly for us. We built several pyres on the bridge to delay their approach. We gathered the remaining boats to our side of the bridge. A Dorwinian woman came to the town via boat. She was selling wine and Elabrimborn offered the “weed” in exchange for it. Heavy set woman with dark eyes and master of the sea vessel Folk Dancer. Thranduil seeks out her wine. She will stay in town and likes what she hears from Elabrimborn.

Elabrimborn tries to re-enforce the portcullis. Arrow slits in the room to raise and lower the portcullis has the best vantage point. The portcullis is well maintained but the iron gates are rusted open.

Throrr prepares the bridge at the weakest column to set it to come down. Firecrackers are placed into several holes along the bridge and portcullis. Throrr repairs the iron gate so that it can close. He also prepared the bridge to be brought down. The deck of the bridge is greased by Sigmund after he finds out where the hunted animals are skinned. Sigmund also trained the new recruits.

Elabrimborn and Loreth scout out the area looking for signs of the encroaching army. Loreth encounters a scout party of orcs. Hunter Lore and his hawks attack the orcs with Loreth and they both barely escape with their lives back to the portcullis.

The orcs and wargs arrive to do battle. My pyres of firewood causes many of the orcs to die and our arrows fly home to kill many more. The invasion has begun and the battle will continue next time.

Poisoned at Dragontide
Thorr's Journal Entry 30

The festivities of Dragontide were joyous. The fireworks at the great fountain and the words of King Dain will always remain with me. It was another amazing moment for our fellowship to again be a part of this wonderful and great festival. We found more fun as a local peddler held a rat race. Elabrimborn found himself embroiled in the rat race. Loreth was not too pleased with him. Elabrimborn can’t seem to get out of his own way with the ladies. He is such a great friend but the ladies are his greatest challenge. One day he will reach the mountain top and proclaim victory.

I was hoping that his meeting Galia would be such a fortuitous moment. She seemed to be playing the bird and Elabrimborn was in the chase. They dazzled on the dance floor once she offered to dance with him. I hadn’t noticed them as I was so enchanted by my Mair and I was so light on my feet. My Mair brings me so much joy and happiness. After hearing the speech of King Bard, I am more determined than ever to have Mair for my bride. The king called forth all those to take hold of what they desire most and make it their own. Just as he has with his beautiful Una.

Meeting Lochman at the banquet was unexpected. I had not heard of this man before this time. My Mair stated that he had returned the great dwarven shield of our King Thrain to Erebor. Looking back, you would have thought that this would have landed him in the good graces of the King and yet our King Dain was not taken with him. This reveals much about this scoundrel and even Loreth had been wary of this man. Her instincts do our fellowship well.

On the morning of the first day of the great events, we gathered at the archery contest. Elabrimborn, Loreth and Sigurd were all matched in the event against the greatest bowman in the lands. To see Galia with her bow was a sight to behold. Her beauty stole the heart of our Elabrimborn. Our Elabrimborn was so enamored with her that his first shot went wild and struck his own foot. I felt bad for Elabrimborn and yet this moment will live with me for a long time as couldn’t help but laugh at such a sight.

Our Sigurd, son of Sigmund, won the archery event after a long drawn out competition. His bow was mighty on this day. He battled past a great challenge from Loreth and he matched Galia arrow for arrow. He showed humbleness by raising her hand with Gallia’s to show how they both had been winners on this day.

Before moving on to the horsemanship contest, we noted Lochman was placing wagers on the events. As Loreth and Sigurd took to the saddle, they now faced the commander of the guard of Laketown. Sigurd made a valiant effort but fell short in his first round of horsemanship. Loreth exceeded all expectations of the crowd and her final run was met with an unusual happenstance. Her horse was taken down and she failed to complete the final round. Once again, Lochman appeared at an odd moment in time. It was as though he had someone interfered in the competition. We again noted that he appeared to be making bets and our suspicions grew.

The next event was the battle of strength. Again, I passed many a foe to finally face Gerald once again. He was again favored against me. I met his strength head on and we fought to a standstill. In the final round, I made a play to bring him down at the knees but missed and he was able to pick me up and carry me out of the ring. He has been my greatest test of strength and he won this day. I congratulated him and he committed to craft a beer stein as I had made for him. He truly bested me this day and I will always remember this moment.

Our final event brought forth the dwarves of Erebor, the men of Laketown and the Beornings into the greatest test of melee. Our fellowship was placed into doubt as Loreth considered joining the band of dwarves. I recalled Gerald’s words from the evening last and I could not believe that she would leave our side. She changed her mind and this helped to put my mind to ease.

We battled together through the rest of the day and through the glory of our god, we bested all and entered the final rounds. We banded together and took down Elston and the men of Laketown as well as Gerald. My great strike setup Elabrimborn to bring down the giant of a man. We won the day and our renown grew across the land. Once again, our fellowship was shown to be the strongest in Middle Earth.

We rested and then we all gathered at the great feast. We were honored by many and I was taken with Mair throughout the evening. The words of King Bard held close to my heart and I pursued Mair with great vigor. She seemed willing to take me in her arms this night. The beer and wine flowed through the halls. Yet, I was not taken with the beer as the taste of it was not right. Just as the festivities were warming up, Lochman arrived and started showering the champions with gold. At that moment, many were taken with illness and Lothman was stricken with fear as he reached into his treasure chest. Serpents of death arose from his grasp and many were struck with the venom of their fangs.

Gerald was struck in the throat and fell to the ground. In the panic, many fell to the ground as the poison in the beer and wine took hold. My Mair also was taken by the poison. We raced to the aid of many. I helped save Lochman and Mair. As it turned out, Lochman was merely the Jester who was made up to look like him. We were able to save a few as the herbs were identified that could save the fallen.

Unfortunately, there was not enough of the medicine to to save everyone. King Dain was summoned and he sent word too Erebor to bring more of the leaves of the mountain passes. Mair was doing better and I am certain that this appeased some of his concerns. As we waited for the medicine to arrive, word had come that we were being attacked. We must now gather our strength and I must leave my love’s side and prepare for battle.

Return to Dragontide
Thorr's Journal Entry 29

Our party arrived at Dragontide. I had hoped that I would have time to travel to Erebor before the events but alas, we dallied too long in our journey to Dale. Seeking out Bombur, I sent word to Mair that I hoped that we would see each other soon. That Bombur, is a little too crass and I must keep my distance from him when Mair arrives.

As we walked through the festivities, we were met by our old friends and made new friends by giving away some toys. The many merchants were out to sell their wares. It was as though we were in a foreign country where people’s lips move but nothing comes out. Our song was met with mixed reaction as we sung it through the town.

We met Petra and she was again entering the archery competition. We had the typical bar room encounter as Elabrimborn continues to have issues with the women. He keeps removing his shirt for some reason. Maybe he will have better luck in the archery contest.

We also tried to visit King Bard at the Palace and were fortunate to be accepted into the banquet as our renown as the Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear. Our hearts were lifted as we were reunited with Gandalf. We were overjoyed to see him in good health and enjoy a beer and old Toby. We spoke of our adventures and the finding of the dagger. Gandalf spoke of the wights in Sunstead and the home of Ceowyn. Our concerns grow greater. Gandalf spoke of the helm of the wights and we must learn more about it. We must seek out the wood men and learn more. We should consult King Dain as well.

We were not able to gain access to King Bard and Una. Our hopes of having our dolls signed were smashed. We continued enjoying the festivities and trinkets and arrows. We sang more songs and heard the song of the counting squirrel. I also sang the coloring squirrel song.

A note was then delivered to me to meet with my Mair near a book merchant. Before Mair arrived, i was able to tell our tales from Angmar and sell most of the dolls except for two books of lore. The Expedition to Angmar in the 2nd Age by Vidmar Helmsmith and Curse of the Wights by Berthoc Cindergrove.

Afterwards, Mair arrived and I was again overjoyed. She is so lovely and only she has my heart. We ventured back to the Drunken Tavern and enjoyed games of riddle for the evening.

To Catch a Traitor
Thorr's Journal Entry 28

As we continued our journey to Thranduil’s Halls, we stopped at the Easterly Inn and were greeted by our hobbit friends. Our first successful trade produced many smiles from our fellowship. Getting 10 TP for the goods from Rhosgobel was nice. Getting 100 TP worth of Old Toby, was priceless. We’ll make some good profit at Erebor.

We also met some dwarves and again we heard stories of goblins. My concern for Mair grows with each passing day. It was good to see my fellow dwarves and they brought joy with my comrades as their riddles were entertaining. Elabrimborn’s Love Bird Chicken recipe was a stroke of genius with the hobbits. The hobbits will put this to good use to remind people of King Bard and his new bride.

We started off the next day towards the elven trail with our new dwarf friends as they have wagons to take towards home. Again, we encountered bandits as we entered the Forest of Mirkwood. They sent hounds upon us. Again, we dispatched these hoodlums. The remainder of our journey to the Halls of Thranduil were uneventful.

As we entered Thranduil’s kingdom, we were met by the King and Legolas. Elabrimborn was summoned before them and they discussed what we had found in Dol Guldur and the knowledge of the traitor. They believe the traitor is an elf-friend and will work on a list of names for us to pursue. They don’t believe the traitor is within the kingdom. They may even believe that one of our party could be the traitor. It is sad but understandable. At least they gave me an elf-friend dagger as I had not been gifted with one during my previous visits.

We were no closer in our mission to find the traitor. Thranduil is again fearful of the Lakemen and Woodmen. We must not let the shadow grow greater. We must find this traitor and bring his foul plot to an end. Fortunately, they listened enough to us to change their defenses in case someone within had compromised their security.

We didn’t stay long as we wanted to head to my home in Erebor and to Dragon Tide. Before we left, we did get one name, Fridwald the Runner. We asked around about him and he may have a relationship with the Wayward Elves. He also was friend to a Bard who was a warrior of the first age and who is feeling the call to the seas. He may have given information unwittingly.

We decided to stop first at Laketown and meet with Bombur. We also wanted to speak with King Bard and if he has his elf-friend dagger and to keep it safe. We made it to Laketown without issues. Bombur met us and showed us his dagger. He didn’t think there would be any elf-friend dwarves that would be of note. We asked him to look for locals that may be of interest. In exchange, we gave him some good food and some of our Old Toby. Bombur also told us of Una and his distrust for her. She smiles too much and doesn’t eat enough.

We did decide to pursue develop prototype Una dolls and action figures and hope to sell them to the children and collectors of such items in Laketown. I’m working diligently to create a few before we meet.

We will need to investigate the King’s bride to be. She has Darwinian blood. We will stay for the night and then meet with King Bard. Bombur will obtain an appointment for us. We also must think of some wedding gifts. My heart now yearns for Mair. I must not dally here too long…

Riddle of Betrayal
Elabrimborn discusses the traitor with Thranduil & Legolas

Grim was the world with traitors in our midst
The darkness and light of the sun and moon eclipse
Like a Brandybuck, we must remove the offensive weed
And sing of the free peoples’ victories and deeds

In the warmth and shelter of the Greenwood we are safe
From storms of winter or the touch of a wraith
But those who betray our people instead
Shall be discovered and join the fallen dead.


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