The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

The Dancing Whiskey Drinking Bear
facts may have been changed to protect those involved

Chorus: Now let me sing to you a tale
Of a bear that would drink no ale

The charlatan would make the bear dance
And cheat the common folk of the Ford in games of chance
Thorr and Balac declared “Let that bear free”
And the charlatan said “only if you gamble with me.”
It was Togo who discovered his false tricks
Of cheating Lady Luck and beating the bear with sticks
Then by chance a lit firework began to fly
The Whiskey Bear swatted it away from his eye
Then into the toymaker’s wain it did lie
Starting him on fire as he began to cry
“Save my wain, my life, my toys”
“For there will be naught to give to the girls and boys”
The ruffians of the charlatan threw whiskey on the fire
To assure the toymaker’s funeral pyre
Otbert & Balac, quenched the blaze
As Ashe, Thorr and Togo gave the villains chase
The bear did his part by drinking the fuel
Drinking the whiskey from a master so cruel
Then the bear danced with delight
As he joined, drunk, into the fight
He hugged his master and tore him asunder
No longer would the evil master plunder
And the bear departed free, full of “spirit”
As he left he said, I can still hear it
“Leave me a draught of whiskey at your door”
“Gratefully I’ll drink it, and protect you evermore.”
Now let this be a lesson
to those who corrupt nature’s blessin’
For if the Bear hears of your evil ways
He may dance and shorten your days

Thorr's Journal post 1
Our Fellowship Begins

Yea though I travel through the valleys, forests and rivers of Middle Earth, my journey destined to the gates of the Shadow. Adventure begins anew at the Old Ford. A fellowship I now join. Two elves, two men, a dwarf and a hobbit all touched by hope, triumph, treasure, fear and death. Lives unknowingly linked through past events begin to take shape. From Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, and the Battle of the Five Armies to the forests of Mirkwood and on to the distant hobbit holes of the Shire in the West, our group has gathered.

Protecting a dancing bear is a fitting beginning for this misfit group of adventurers. Elves that can barely sing, Beornings with emotional outbursts and a wee hobbit. Oh great uncle, what have I gotten myself into. At least we have some that wonderful tobaccee from the Shire. Let’s see what tomorrow holds.
Thorr Flamestrike

Ashes Journal post 1
Whiskey Drinking Bear

We all met at the Old Ford. Our first challenge was difficult. Oh, how I long for the music of home. Content Not Found: elabrimborn must need his instrument tuned or he was weary from the travel. Maybe I should sing next time. We were lucky that the old lady liked the songs. We then heard a great roar outside. We rushed to find a dancing bear. Thorr and Baldic were outraged at the treatment of the dancing bear. They tried to get the bear owner to stop using the bear but the man didn’t care. Elabrimborn also spoke to the bear and found out he was angry at the man. We then tried to win the bear at a shell game but the man cheated.

Togo figured out that the man was cheating and he found the ball on the man’s foot. Baldic was outraged and then a fight started. Two others came out and then Thorr smashed one of the guys in the balls and knocked him out. Baldic then turned and killed another thug. Elabrimborn tried to free the bear and did. Some other guy with a giraffe got in the way and caught on fire. When Thorr and Baldic tried to find water to put the fire out, they actually threw liquor on him and made it worse. We then found water in a barrel and then doused the guy to put out the fire. While this happened, the bear drank liquor and then ripped the owner apart.

So our adventure began.

The First log of Baldac

The first part of my travels with the company of the whiskey drinking bear were days I would never forget. As a Beorning I felt it was only proper to free a poor bear from his terrible fate as a dancing bear. I bravely single-handedly fought off the evil merchant and his goons through intimidation.

Rhyme of Lore of the Dapple Gray Mare
As sang by Elabrimborn to calm horses in the Anduin River

The Horse Lords all Dare
To view the Dapple Gray Mare
Her flanks are a sight
That mimic the dark of night
The stars on her thighs
Are brilliant to the eyes
All stallions pledge their love
To the horse mother above
For if you ever met her
You would not forget her

Gardening Song of the Brandybucks
As sang by Elabrimborn to Dodinas and Dinodas

Oh the ale we brew is bold
No wonder its color is gold
For the barley of our field
Each year grants us great yield
For we tend each kernel of grain
With the gentle touch of rain
Every hoe, clears a path
For each weed, fears our wrath
And allows the hops to climb
Throwing cones off every vine
To produce an ale so fine
That the Free Folk stand in line
At the Golden Perch Inn
Where celebration ain’t no sin
And you’ll never want to leave
For our ale flows all eve

The Legend of Ungoliant
As her spawn crept West along the Old Forest Road

Then the Unlight of Ungoliant rose up even to the roots of the trees,
and Melkor sprang upon the mound;
and with his black spear he smote each Tree to its core,
wounded them deep, and their sap poured forth as it were their blood,
and was spilled upon the ground.
But Ungoliant sucked it up, and going then from Tree to Tree she set her black beak to their wounds, till they were drained;
and the poison of Death that was in her went into their tissues and withered them, root, branch, and leaf; and they died.
And still she thirsted, and going to the Wells of Varda she drank them dry;
but Ungoliant belched forth black vapours as she drank,
and swelled to a shape so vast and hideous that Melkor was afraid
Shared by Elabrimborn to his kin

Thorrs Journal post 2
To catch a thief

I must have overdone it that first night as I overslept and missed a part of our adventure. I was awoken by Elabrimborn and our journey led on the hunt for that scoundrel trader, Tindyn. Our suspicions were right. He had somehow poisoned our dear host, Legelaven the Ankle Biter and made off before dawn.

We gave a hastened chase from the Old Ford through Beorning lands. My traveling skills were at their best. These feet were swift and nimble through the forests. Not too bad for a dwarf of the Lonely Mountain. It reminded of the days when I would travel with my parents and siblings. We were always traveling to visit different cities and ruins.

I recall those forests south of those ancient ruins in the Ettenmoors. We traveled swiftly through those forests as there were a band orcs after us. We lost a few good people on that journey. Those bleedin orcs captured a wagon and made off with two of our best ponies before we could escape them. I remember my father going off after them with a vengeance. He caught up to them and made them pay with their lives.

Anyway, back to our adventure. We came upon that scoundrel’s trail near the home of Petra Dribble Cup. She was such a fiery woman. Oh, and she was so smitten with our Baldac. Lucky lad. I can’t believe that Tindyn would slay a bear in these parts. What a numskull he was. I’ll be surprised if Beorn doesn’t flay him alive for that one.

It was fortunate that thatEnnalda the Spear Maiden captured him. I’m not sure that he’d be alive if we got to him first. After killing that bear, Baldac would have taken his head before trying to find out about Anklebiter. At least Anklebiter is alive and I hope we can rescue her before something truly dark happens. The Spear Maiden is a strong woman. If she were a dwarf, I think I’d be smitten with her.

We’ve made our way through Mirkwood to intercept Anklebiter before she can do harm to anyone. The stench of that forest is unbelievable. How can any sane people live there. Elves, they are such a strange lot. Although it is good that we had Elabrimborn with us. I doubt we would have came unscathed through that wood.

I’m still a bit unnerved about that chicken thief creature that was being tracked by that headstrong Tarma. The sounds of that creature makes my skin crawl more than any elf. I’m a bit miffed that we couldn’t wreck those orcs. My mattock is always ready and willing to split the heads of orcs. Those elven bowmen sure do know how to let loose those arrows.

Can’t wait to catch up to to Anklebiter and whoever is behind all of this darkness.

Elabrimborn in the audience of King Thranduil

“My Lord
I bring bad tidings, which you may be well aware of, orcs and wargs have come down from the Misty Mountains again, and invaded the Greenwood, the spiders have left their webs and two riders were seen coming up from the South. My company had direct contact with a man corrupted by men of Angmar to poison a mortal elder.

And what disturbs me the most is my own kin have been transformed into Wayward elves, favoring isolation over the aiding of other races.

What lessons did we learn from the Battle of Fives Armies that we soon forget and devolve into our old ways, of isolation, selfishness, and self preservation?

Are not we foolish to not join forces with the other races against the Shadow?
Yes, mortals they are, and easily corrupted. But history tells us they can accomplish great deeds. For was it not a man who slayed Smaug the Terrible, Elendil and Isildur who slayed Sauron in the War of the Last Alliance. And who was by their side to guide them? Our kin, Lord Elrond and King Gil-galad.

Should you not also be be by the side of these mortals to aid them My Great Lord King?
Lord Elrond advised Isildur to destroy Sauron’s ring, but left to his own ways, Isildur became corrupted by the Shadow and it destroyed him.

Was not Thorin Oakenshield “our guest”, and soon after became corrupted by the Shadow? And only through your aid and wisdom, My Lord, did the mortal King Under the Mountain, escape the Shadow before his death.

Mark my words, if we do not assist the other races, small folk and their leaders will become corrupted by the Shadow, leading to the deaths of many mortals and the corruption of nature itself.

Has not our own Greenwood changed its name to Mirkwood in the Third Age after falling under the Necromancer’s control? And our own people have fallen to the Shadow under Morgoth’s corruption, and became the very orcs that threaten now our Western border?

I beseech you My Lord, to aid the alien races, unite our kin in this endeavor, and allow me to be just one of your agents to the free folk, and spread your wisdom."

Rhyme of Lore of the Marsh Dwellers
Recalled by Elabrimborn at the Stairs of Girion

The Marsh Dwellers, Hobbit mothers say
Are thought to be myths to keep children at bay
They take small children who wander a stray
To their swamp treasure caves by night or day
They are clumsy and slow with clammy flesh
And plump Hobbit children are their favorite dish
Be it Wil-o-wisp or their eyes of fell light
Wise children run home at first sight
For they shamble so slow, they will never beat you
But if they do, with sharp claws, will eat you


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