Tale of Years


1 Astron 2946

The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear meets at the Old Ford.

Death of Caradog

Burning of Lodin the Toymaker’s Wagon

2 Astron 2946

Rescuing of the Brandybucks from the Anduin

3 Astron 2946

Disappearance of Legelaven

Journey north along Anduin to Farmstead of Petra Dribble Cup

Midnight run to outside Beorn’s House- Encounter with Ennalda the Spear Maiden

Stay at Beorn’s House

4 Astron- 6 Astron 2946

Travel to Elf Path

7 Astron- 14 Astron

Travel through Northwestern Mirkwood
15 Astron

Encounter Tarma- Resented company and left them behind

16 Astron- 21 Astron
Travel Through Northern Mirkwood- Lack of Spiders

22 Astron

Orcs ambushed far behind party by elves, Encounter with Anon

23 Astron- 26 Astron
Travel to Thranduil’s Halls

27 Astron
Arrival at Thranduil’s Halls

Theft of Naur Fuin

Paired with Ruithel

27 Astron to 30 Astron

Journey along Enchanted Stream

30 Astron

Find Hobbit at ruins with Naur Fuin- actually a tower under effect of Tylquin’s illusions

Elebrimborn and Togo trapped inside tower

Encounter with Tyulqun; Togo finds sinking Naur Fuin and awes the elder spider into fleeing

30 Astron to 2 Thrimidge

Return to Thranduil’s Halls

2 Thrimidge

Feast in Company’s honor at Thranduil’s Hall

Elabrimborn talks with Thranduil

3 Thrimidge

Leave Woodland Realm on rafts

3 Thrimidge to 5 Thrimidge

Boat journey into Marshes

5 Thrimidge

Arrival Stairs of Girion

Battle with hobgoblin, great orc; Marsh dwellers take Legelaven.

7 Thimridge

Arrival Dale, Olvard the Healer joins party; night stayed with Giesele and Jambert

8 Thimridge

Arrival Erebor, fight orcs in mines, discover librarian killed, chase thru mines

9 Thimridge

Battle with Troll, find lead to Bowyers and Fletchers, return to Erebor, Princess Mair’s birthday celebration

10 Thimridge

Return to Erebor and Princess Mair’s celebrationsl Otbert dances with Mair; Dain sends Ai, Durin and Loni to Laketown with Company

11 Thimridge

Tense confrontation with Watch Captain Magni; entered shop to encounter Master of Lake Town- he was hiding information- invited Aegir to be Burgess, but turned down

12 Thimridge to 1 Afterlithe Fellowship Phase

Throrr woos Mair, Aegir trains with Kingsmen and researches the cursed artifact and sacrifices self, tricking Ankle biter to stab him; Otbert falls in love with engineer of Dale, Wendreda

2 Afterlithe

Petition King Dain to return to Marsh Dwellers lair and claim treasure; Dain agrees to send his sister, an accountant to assess the value of the loot before sending soldiers.

3 Afterlithe-4 Afterlithe

Travel to MArsh Dwellers lair

4 Afterlithe

Return to the Marsh Dwellers Lair and rescue of Gloin

5-6 Afterlithe Journey to Woodland Kingdom and ill tidings

7 Afterlithe Battle with Wood Wight Tauriel and meeting with Loreth

8-10 Afterlithe Rest at Woodland Kingdom- Prepare to Journey Iron Hills

11-14 Afterlithe Journey to Erebor

15-16 Erebor Resupply in Erebor

17-25 Afterlithe Riding with Dwarven Goat Riders to edge of Grey Mountains

26 Afterlithe-2 Wedmath Travel through Grey Mountains

3 Wedmath

Lured by Tin to orcish tower

4-9 Wedmath Travel through Grey Mountains

10 Wedmath Tower of Tuwurdrog; found scroll from Dol Guldur; reunite with Loreth

11-14 Wedmath Journey through Grey Mountains

15-20 Wedmath Sail down Anduin to Old Ford

21-22 Wedmath Visit Old Ford’ Gelmira goes to Dragontide with Donidas Brandybuck

23 Wedmath-1 Halimath Journey Anduin down river, skirting Lorien

2-5 Halimath Skirting Lothlorien, Thorr stays up all night watching lights

6 Halimath Battle at the Orc’s River Fort by Viglunding’s mercenaries

7-15 Halimath Travel by foot southward toward Fangorn

16-21 Halimath Travel by Silverlode River along Fangborn’s banks to Isengard

22 Halimath Arrive at Isengard and meet with Gandalf, invited to stay

23 Halimath- 8 Winterfilth Fellowship at Isengard

8-15 Winterfilth Travel to Lothlorien

15 Winterfilth Storming the Siege of Lorien

15-16 Winterfilth Travel to the Garden and Meeting with Fincurin

17 Winterfilth Breaking Siege of Lothlorien- Agents of Vidugalum

18-22 Winterfilth Travel from Lothlorien

22 Winterfilth Learn of Attack on Easterly Inn

23-27 Winterfilth Journey to Easterly Inn

28 Winterfilth Arrival at the Easterly Inn, Battle With Sarquin

29 Winterfilth – 2 Blotmath Recovery at Inn

2 Blotmath-4 Blotmath Travel Mountains Mirkwood; hear Werewolf

4 Blothmath Meet up with Ruithel and trip to Thranduil’s Halls

5-7 Blothmath Rest in Thranduil’s Halls and recovery of Legolas

8 Blothmath Thranduil sets out for Laketown-Dragontide

9 Blothmath Arrival in Laketown and meeting with Gandalf and Master of Lake Town

10 Blothmath First day of Dragontide; Trouble at Eel Tarn

11 Blothmath-12 2nd to 3rd day of Dragontide. Aegir & Throrr wins the melee