8 Astron- 10 Astron Travel to Cabin where Aegir’s father was prisoner

Finding Aegir

11 Astron- 18 Astron Travel to Forest Gate— Meet Betony Brandybuck

From the frying pan into the fire

18 Astron to 23 Astron Travel to Easterly Inn-

24 Astron to 3 Thimridge Travel to Rhosgobel

6 Thimridge Meet with Radagast

8 Thimridge Loreth and Betony Brandybuck join first hunt and encounter orcs

9 Thimridge to 24 Thimridge Journey to Thranduil’s Castle with Radagast’s Message

25 Thimridge to 15 Forelithe Return with elves to Rhosgobel

27 Forelithe Defense of Rhosgobel from Orcs

30 Forelithe to 13 Afterlithe Journey to Fenbridge Castle

13 Afterlithe Battle at Fenbridge Castle and finding Morgred

13 Afterlithe to 23 Afterlithe Journey to Tyrant’s Hill
23 Afterlithe Fenbridge Witnessing horrors of Tyrant’s Hill

24 Afterlithe to 30 Afterlithe Return to Rhosgobel and finding Beran

30 Afterlithe Fight with Dagmar and Tyrant’s Hill’s men

Brave Blood of the Brandybucks

1-2 Wedmath Return to Rhosgobel

3 Wedmath to 14 Wedmath Fellowship Phase
<br. />
Radagast Reveals All

15 Wedmath asked to deliver message to Ceawin in Sunstead

15 Wedmath to 23 Wedmath Travel toward Sunstead

23 Wedmath extorted by and fought Tyrant’s Hill party

23 Wedmath to 2 Halmath cross south of forest

3 Halmath Attack by Woodwight; Betony goes catatonic

4 Halmath Arrive at Olwin & Avina’s farmstead; investigate Beran the thief and the wight corrupting him
5-7 Halmath Help at Olwin and Avina’s farm

8 Halmath- 8 Winterfilth Return to Rhoshobel

9-21 Winterfilth Fellowship Phase

22 Winterfilth Sent north to ally with hillmen

22-28 Winterfilth Journey to Easterly Inn

29 Winterfilth Journey to Beorn’s

30 Winterfilth- 5 Blotmath Ride horses to foothills

6 Blotmath-10 Blotmath Ascend Grey Mountains

10 Blotmath Contact with the Wild men

30 Winterfilth Parlay with Beorn

Metamorphosis of Strangers or the Calming of Beorn

1-10 Blotmath Journey into Grey Mountains

11-12 Blotmath Travel to Hwalda

13-24 Blotmath Travel Grey Mountains

24 Blotmath- 16 Foreyule Travel through Angmar

17 Foreyule Arrival at Carn Dum

18-30 Foreyule Journey to Rivendell

Deliverance from Angmar