h6. Yule-11 Solmath Journey to Rivendell

The Rescue of Innocence

The Beauty of Rivendell

3-5 Astron Trip to East Bridge

6 Astron Battle at Troll/Bandit Camp

7-9 Astron Return to Rivendell

Search for Trolls

Astron 10-17 Journey through Trollshaws

18-27 Astron Travel through Coldfells

28 Astron-2 Thrimidge Journey to Broadcleave

3 Thrimidge Day in the Broadcleave and Death of Mormoh

Mormog Undone
4-7 Thrimidge Chase to Rivendell

8 Thrimidge—24 Forelithe Fellowship in Rivendell

25 Forelithe – 5 Afterlithe Journey to Old Ford

5 Afterlithe Conversation at Old Ford

6 Afterlithe- 20 Afterlithe Journey to Thranduil’s Kingdom

20 Afterlithe Feast at Thranduil’s Kingdom

New fellowship of companions

To Bend the Bow

21 Afterlithe to 24 Afterlithe Hunt for the White Stag

24 Afterlithe Capture of Ruithel by Dwarves

25-27 Afterlithe Return to Thranduil’s Halls

28 Afterlithe to 3 Halimath Journey to Rivendell

4 Halimath to 14 Halimath Journey to Bree

14 Halimath to 16 Halimath Hunt for Thief of Bree

16 Halimath Fight with Barrow Wight

16 Halimath to 18 Halimath Return to Bree

19 Halimath to 30 Halimath Journey to Grey Havens

Winterfilth Sailing to the West

30 Winterfilth Battle with Dragon and visit with Sedna

Blotmath Sailing back to Arda

1 Foreyule to 7 Foreyule Waiting for message from Eagles

8 Foreyule Meeting with Eagles

8 Foreyule to 13 Foreyule Eagle Flight to Isengard

Kissed by a Whale

Fly like an eagle