h6. Yule-11 Solmath Journey to Rivendell

The Rescue of Innocence

The Beauty of Rivendell

3-5 Astron Trip to East Bridge

6 Astron Battle at Troll/Bandit Camp

7-9 Astron Return to Rivendell

Search for Trolls

Astron 10-17 Journey through Trollshaws

18-27 Astron Travel through Coldfells

28 Astron-2 Thrimidge Journey to Broadcleave

3 Thrimidge Day in the Broadcleave and Death of Mormoh

Mormog Undone
4-7 Thrimidge Chase to Rivendell

8 Thrimidge—24 Forelithe Fellowship in Rivendell

25 Forelithe – 5 Afterlithe Journey to Old Ford

5 Afterlithe Conversation at Old Ford

6 Afterlithe- 20 Afterlithe Journey to Thranduil’s Kingdom

20 Afterlithe Feast at Thranduil’s Kingdom