30 Thimbridge Meet with Radagast at Woodman Town

1 Forelithe Arrive at Black Tarn, consult with River Maiden

2-4 Forelithe Journey through Southern Mirkwood

4 Forelithe Sneak around Tyrant’s Hill

5-14 Forelithe Tyrant’s Hill to Fenbridge

14 Forelithe Fenbridge Castle to Dol Guldur

Dol Guldur Beckons

The Threat of Dol Guldur

To Catch a Traitor

Return to Dragontide

Poisoned at Dragontide

10 Blotmath Dragontide Celebration

11 Blotmath War Council with King Bard & Heading For Celduin

12-17 Blotmath Trip to Celduin

18-19 Blotmath Preparing Celduin for War and scouting enemy

A Battle on the Horizon

Thou Shalt Not Pass Part Deux

To Deal with a Dragon

A Chain Undone

A Ball and Chain