Old Ford

The Anduin can be quite unpassable in the spring when the snow melts and the waters swell. One traditional place where the Anduin can be crossed is the Old Ford. There used to be an ancient bridge, built my the kings of old, enhanced by the dwarves. Whole armies crossed this wonder of the world.

All that remains are large stones and the remains of a great statue’s head, one eye sticking out of the water.

Bandits held the area and charged tolls for crossing… if they didn’t flat-out rob the travelers. Beornings now hold the land and charge a hefty toll.

The site is a center for business in the area. Caravans of wains pass through and set up shop for weeks at a time. Gelivra’s House of the Crossing is the inn, which has been expanded at least six times in the past five years, built by all different races who didn’t enjoy discovering there was no room inside for them.

In this hall, Gelvira the Pot-Stirrer ceaselessly attends to her cauldron of stew. Her husband, Hagmund. brews beer and mead, from local hops and honey. Their daughters, Brunihild and Ava, are excellent bakers… when they aren’t outside playing in their own seeking field. The daughters were trained by their grandmother, Legelaven the Ankle Biter (a nickname from her childhood that never went away), who makes the most wonderful muffins and scones of anyone this side of Bree.