Song of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Chorus: Now let me sing to you a tale
Of a bear that would drink no ale

The charlatan would make the bear dance
And cheat the common folk of the Ford in games of chance
Thorr and Balac declared “Let that bear free”
And the charlatan said “only if you gamble with me.”
It was Togo who discovered his false tricks
Of cheating Lady Luck and beating the bear with sticks
Then by chance a lit firework began to fly
The Whiskey Bear swatted it away from his eye
Then into the toymaker’s wain it did lie
Starting him on fire as he began to cry
“Save my wain, my life, my toys”
“For there will be naught to give to the girls and boys”
The ruffians of the charlatan threw whiskey on the fire
To assure the toymaker’s funeral pyre
Otbert & Balac, quenched the blaze
As Ashe, Thorr and Togo gave the villains chase
The bear did his part by drinking the fuel
Drinking the whiskey from a master so cruel
Then the bear danced with delight
As he joined, drunk, into the fight
He hugged his master and tore him asunder
No longer would the evil master plunder
And the bear departed free, full of “spirit”
As he left he said, I can still hear it
“Leave me a draught of whiskey at your door”
“Gratefully I’ll drink it, and protect you evermore.”
Now let this be a lesson
to those who corrupt nature’s blessin’
For if the Bear hears of your evil ways
He may dance and shorten your days

The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

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