The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Charge of Woodland people in the Battle of the Five Armies

Composed and Sang by Elabrimborn

From the North blew a cold winter wind
The fastest wolf riders caused the battle to begin
The sky turned black , choked with dark flight
As Blog, son of Azog, led the goblins through false night

First to charge, The Children of Iluvatar
They’re hatered of orcs, the greatest by far
Spears and swords shown like the stars of Elbereth
For Elven smiths had armed them to wield certain death

The Firstborn blew North as a Spring Southern breeze
As black and red goblin banners fell like Autum leaves
Deadly wrath dealt in King Thanudil’s name
With warrior’s precision guised as gleaming blue flame

The host was lured dense into the valley
As fair folk bowmen let forth the first volley
A warm rain of arrows each dealing sharp fire
Slaying the enemy, their condition now dire

From the Southern Spur leapt down ten score spears
Charging forth with one voice , deafing to one’s ears
Wolves, Worgs and orcs , no chance to attack
Spilling their blood to stain the valley black

As the last Alliance of Gil-Galad and Elendil
Men of the Lake, joined in for the kill
And Dwarves of the Iron Hills drove forth from the East
As Gunderbad orcs poured in without cease

The Folk of the Wood charged again to renew hope
With King Thanduil’s leadership on Ravenhill’s Slope
Many Quendi perished for the battle to be won
Who could have lived merrily for ages to come

Elves fighting against their twisted immortal kin
Orcs no longer aware of their corrupted origin
Many ages to ponder our losses in meditation
The despoiling of nature and Iluvatar’s creation


Inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien’s Hobbit

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