The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Elabrimborn in the audience of King Thranduil

“My Lord
I bring bad tidings, which you may be well aware of, orcs and wargs have come down from the Misty Mountains again, and invaded the Greenwood, the spiders have left their webs and two riders were seen coming up from the South. My company had direct contact with a man corrupted by men of Angmar to poison a mortal elder.

And what disturbs me the most is my own kin have been transformed into Wayward elves, favoring isolation over the aiding of other races.

What lessons did we learn from the Battle of Fives Armies that we soon forget and devolve into our old ways, of isolation, selfishness, and self preservation?

Are not we foolish to not join forces with the other races against the Shadow?
Yes, mortals they are, and easily corrupted. But history tells us they can accomplish great deeds. For was it not a man who slayed Smaug the Terrible, Elendil and Isildur who slayed Sauron in the War of the Last Alliance. And who was by their side to guide them? Our kin, Lord Elrond and King Gil-galad.

Should you not also be be by the side of these mortals to aid them My Great Lord King?
Lord Elrond advised Isildur to destroy Sauron’s ring, but left to his own ways, Isildur became corrupted by the Shadow and it destroyed him.

Was not Thorin Oakenshield “our guest”, and soon after became corrupted by the Shadow? And only through your aid and wisdom, My Lord, did the mortal King Under the Mountain, escape the Shadow before his death.

Mark my words, if we do not assist the other races, small folk and their leaders will become corrupted by the Shadow, leading to the deaths of many mortals and the corruption of nature itself.

Has not our own Greenwood changed its name to Mirkwood in the Third Age after falling under the Necromancer’s control? And our own people have fallen to the Shadow under Morgoth’s corruption, and became the very orcs that threaten now our Western border?

I beseech you My Lord, to aid the alien races, unite our kin in this endeavor, and allow me to be just one of your agents to the free folk, and spread your wisdom."


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