The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Poisoned at Dragontide

Thorr's Journal Entry 30

The festivities of Dragontide were joyous. The fireworks at the great fountain and the words of King Dain will always remain with me. It was another amazing moment for our fellowship to again be a part of this wonderful and great festival. We found more fun as a local peddler held a rat race. Elabrimborn found himself embroiled in the rat race. Loreth was not too pleased with him. Elabrimborn can’t seem to get out of his own way with the ladies. He is such a great friend but the ladies are his greatest challenge. One day he will reach the mountain top and proclaim victory.

I was hoping that his meeting Galia would be such a fortuitous moment. She seemed to be playing the bird and Elabrimborn was in the chase. They dazzled on the dance floor once she offered to dance with him. I hadn’t noticed them as I was so enchanted by my Mair and I was so light on my feet. My Mair brings me so much joy and happiness. After hearing the speech of King Bard, I am more determined than ever to have Mair for my bride. The king called forth all those to take hold of what they desire most and make it their own. Just as he has with his beautiful Una.

Meeting Lochman at the banquet was unexpected. I had not heard of this man before this time. My Mair stated that he had returned the great dwarven shield of our King Thrain to Erebor. Looking back, you would have thought that this would have landed him in the good graces of the King and yet our King Dain was not taken with him. This reveals much about this scoundrel and even Loreth had been wary of this man. Her instincts do our fellowship well.

On the morning of the first day of the great events, we gathered at the archery contest. Elabrimborn, Loreth and Sigurd were all matched in the event against the greatest bowman in the lands. To see Galia with her bow was a sight to behold. Her beauty stole the heart of our Elabrimborn. Our Elabrimborn was so enamored with her that his first shot went wild and struck his own foot. I felt bad for Elabrimborn and yet this moment will live with me for a long time as couldn’t help but laugh at such a sight.

Our Sigurd, son of Sigmund, won the archery event after a long drawn out competition. His bow was mighty on this day. He battled past a great challenge from Loreth and he matched Galia arrow for arrow. He showed humbleness by raising her hand with Gallia’s to show how they both had been winners on this day.

Before moving on to the horsemanship contest, we noted Lochman was placing wagers on the events. As Loreth and Sigurd took to the saddle, they now faced the commander of the guard of Laketown. Sigurd made a valiant effort but fell short in his first round of horsemanship. Loreth exceeded all expectations of the crowd and her final run was met with an unusual happenstance. Her horse was taken down and she failed to complete the final round. Once again, Lochman appeared at an odd moment in time. It was as though he had someone interfered in the competition. We again noted that he appeared to be making bets and our suspicions grew.

The next event was the battle of strength. Again, I passed many a foe to finally face Gerald once again. He was again favored against me. I met his strength head on and we fought to a standstill. In the final round, I made a play to bring him down at the knees but missed and he was able to pick me up and carry me out of the ring. He has been my greatest test of strength and he won this day. I congratulated him and he committed to craft a beer stein as I had made for him. He truly bested me this day and I will always remember this moment.

Our final event brought forth the dwarves of Erebor, the men of Laketown and the Beornings into the greatest test of melee. Our fellowship was placed into doubt as Loreth considered joining the band of dwarves. I recalled Gerald’s words from the evening last and I could not believe that she would leave our side. She changed her mind and this helped to put my mind to ease.

We battled together through the rest of the day and through the glory of our god, we bested all and entered the final rounds. We banded together and took down Elston and the men of Laketown as well as Gerald. My great strike setup Elabrimborn to bring down the giant of a man. We won the day and our renown grew across the land. Once again, our fellowship was shown to be the strongest in Middle Earth.

We rested and then we all gathered at the great feast. We were honored by many and I was taken with Mair throughout the evening. The words of King Bard held close to my heart and I pursued Mair with great vigor. She seemed willing to take me in her arms this night. The beer and wine flowed through the halls. Yet, I was not taken with the beer as the taste of it was not right. Just as the festivities were warming up, Lochman arrived and started showering the champions with gold. At that moment, many were taken with illness and Lothman was stricken with fear as he reached into his treasure chest. Serpents of death arose from his grasp and many were struck with the venom of their fangs.

Gerald was struck in the throat and fell to the ground. In the panic, many fell to the ground as the poison in the beer and wine took hold. My Mair also was taken by the poison. We raced to the aid of many. I helped save Lochman and Mair. As it turned out, Lochman was merely the Jester who was made up to look like him. We were able to save a few as the herbs were identified that could save the fallen.

Unfortunately, there was not enough of the medicine to to save everyone. King Dain was summoned and he sent word too Erebor to bring more of the leaves of the mountain passes. Mair was doing better and I am certain that this appeased some of his concerns. As we waited for the medicine to arrive, word had come that we were being attacked. We must now gather our strength and I must leave my love’s side and prepare for battle.


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