The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

The Beauty of Rivendell

Thorr's Journal Entry 20

This was not something that I would have ever imagined myself doing. Walking into the House of Elrond and the beauty that is Rivendell. This dwarf has never seen such a wonderful land. Elrond is as great a leader as legend tells. His offer for us to rest in Rivendell was much appreciated. With my time in Rivendell, I learned more of their healing ways.

I journeyed back to Erebor in the dead of winter and I was fortunate to have met up with Frar the Beardless. He was helpful in safely traversing the Old Forest Road. I was able to return to my Maiir and renew our courtship. I took the time to craft her artwork made of pewter in the shape of a great moon. It now hangs in her home and I hope that it will remind her of our bond when the nights are lonely.

On my journey back to Rivendell, I continued to ponder the story of Frar the Beardless about the Elf that shaved Frar’s beard and Frar’s cursing of the elf that held that bow. I must learn more of this bow that is in Thranduil’s kingdom. I must also somehow give my aide to Frar and petition those to help take back the Grey Delves.

On my return trip to Rivendell, there was much flooding along the roads and the journey was again treacherous. I was received by Elrond and he petitioned us to help Gondrel, the engineer, to investigate a bridge on the East Road that was under heavy flooding. We gladly accepted Elrond’s request. The bridge looks untouched from the flooding but there was large debris under the bridge.

We found pieces of a dwarven wagon lodged under the bridge as Loreth waded into the water to work them loose. The wagon was riddled with arrows and chopped up and thrown into the river. Loreth’s and Elabrimborn’s skills were invaluable in finding the wagon’s tracks. We were able to find tracks of the survivors and a troll.

We pursued and found the trolls and the bandits that were in league with them. Bringing the troll down was our priority and down he came. We took down the rest of the bandits and rescued the remaining dwarfs. It was good to put my new knowledge to use and help heal the injured. Anar, Vidar and Ginar bowed low to us as they were happy for their rescue.

The dwarfs told us of the other bandits that had left the day before we arrived. Their leader was a big and fast Ogre. He carried a wicked notched sword and is called Captain, like an Ogre from the old tales. He has the black speech. We did find some gems and gold in the troll cave. We found 50 treasure but much of it was from our new friends.

We did find that a number of clay pots were missing and obviously taken by the Captain. I wanted to pursue them with much haste but our party felt we needed to get the dwarfs back to safety. What was disturbing that their is cunning and conniving in the works. The intelligence of these trolls and ogres was unsettling. Gondrel hears the calling of the West.

Elrond received us in the morning. He did not want to listen to us about the Cold-Fells. We had to persuade him to hear our words. We did learn from Elrond and he told us about the spell that was used on Gandalf. The tome speaks of a spirit being released and cursed him.

Elrond told us of his dream of the elf maiden, Sedna, and her father who were caught in a blizzard storm while saving. Her father was in fear of the storm and cast his daughter into the water. She fell from the boat and clung to another boat where her fingers froze and held strong. Her father beat her and finally she was released into the seas. She is said to be the one who concocted the beasts of the seas such as the fish, eels and seals. I have had visions of her calling us west.

We are now to go to the seas out west and we are to travel with sailors for us to go out out to the sea. We will go later in the summer. For now we head to find the Captain. We should catch up quickly as the stone trolls cannot travel at day. Stone trolls hate dwarfs. Elrond gave us miravel (cordial that restores endurance).


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