The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

The Naming of Baldac

Sang by Elabrimborn

Elvish boat met Dwarven stair
Now in Shadow, Orcish lair
So battle did begin
Upon construct of Dwarven kin
Thorr’s maddock rang like thunder
Hobgoblin shield torn asunder
Elabrimborn with bow bent
Bladed trio Elven sent
Feathered bird finds its mate
Flying through cribiform plate
Crezbif falls as a rock
Now at peace upon the dock
Goblin spear all were beat
By the dance of wooly feet
Togo’s blade painted red
Forest goblin now is dead
Top of skull freed of head
Now upon our wooden stage
From a hovel violent rage
Sacred timber of the earth
Gave forth to violent birth
No time for idle contemplation
Origin of Morgoth’s abomination
Stench of buck, tusk of boar
Simian chest belches forth a roar
Veined eyes about to burst
Mortal blood quenches its thirst
Freakish limbs cast of lead
Jagged axe above his head
Aucbodh the Great Orc captain
Slayer of a hundred raftsmen
Baldac spied his Orcish quarry
Thirsty axe and seeking glory
Thus began furious charge
Leaping off Elven barge
Baldac in his open stance
Naked steel begins its dance
Striking blows of fables told
Ever valiant, always bold
With Orcish wound upon his chest
Spilling lifeblood from his breast
Weary on the Dwarven stair
Renews with power of the Bear
Fatal blows with every stroke
Melkor’s child, bent and broke
Final insult never said
Aucbodh’s body relieved of head


d20threatdetected PadmesLover

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