The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Thorr's Journal post 1

Our Fellowship Begins

Yea though I travel through the valleys, forests and rivers of Middle Earth, my journey destined to the gates of the Shadow. Adventure begins anew at the Old Ford. A fellowship I now join. Two elves, two men, a dwarf and a hobbit all touched by hope, triumph, treasure, fear and death. Lives unknowingly linked through past events begin to take shape. From Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, and the Battle of the Five Armies to the forests of Mirkwood and on to the distant hobbit holes of the Shire in the West, our group has gathered.

Protecting a dancing bear is a fitting beginning for this misfit group of adventurers. Elves that can barely sing, Beornings with emotional outbursts and a wee hobbit. Oh great uncle, what have I gotten myself into. At least we have some that wonderful tobaccee from the Shire. Let’s see what tomorrow holds.
Thorr Flamestrike


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