The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Thorrs Journal post 2

To catch a thief

I must have overdone it that first night as I overslept and missed a part of our adventure. I was awoken by Elabrimborn and our journey led on the hunt for that scoundrel trader, Tindyn. Our suspicions were right. He had somehow poisoned our dear host, Legelaven the Ankle Biter and made off before dawn.

We gave a hastened chase from the Old Ford through Beorning lands. My traveling skills were at their best. These feet were swift and nimble through the forests. Not too bad for a dwarf of the Lonely Mountain. It reminded of the days when I would travel with my parents and siblings. We were always traveling to visit different cities and ruins.

I recall those forests south of those ancient ruins in the Ettenmoors. We traveled swiftly through those forests as there were a band orcs after us. We lost a few good people on that journey. Those bleedin orcs captured a wagon and made off with two of our best ponies before we could escape them. I remember my father going off after them with a vengeance. He caught up to them and made them pay with their lives.

Anyway, back to our adventure. We came upon that scoundrel’s trail near the home of Petra Dribble Cup. She was such a fiery woman. Oh, and she was so smitten with our Baldac. Lucky lad. I can’t believe that Tindyn would slay a bear in these parts. What a numskull he was. I’ll be surprised if Beorn doesn’t flay him alive for that one.

It was fortunate that thatEnnalda the Spear Maiden captured him. I’m not sure that he’d be alive if we got to him first. After killing that bear, Baldac would have taken his head before trying to find out about Anklebiter. At least Anklebiter is alive and I hope we can rescue her before something truly dark happens. The Spear Maiden is a strong woman. If she were a dwarf, I think I’d be smitten with her.

We’ve made our way through Mirkwood to intercept Anklebiter before she can do harm to anyone. The stench of that forest is unbelievable. How can any sane people live there. Elves, they are such a strange lot. Although it is good that we had Elabrimborn with us. I doubt we would have came unscathed through that wood.

I’m still a bit unnerved about that chicken thief creature that was being tracked by that headstrong Tarma. The sounds of that creature makes my skin crawl more than any elf. I’m a bit miffed that we couldn’t wreck those orcs. My mattock is always ready and willing to split the heads of orcs. Those elven bowmen sure do know how to let loose those arrows.

Can’t wait to catch up to to Anklebiter and whoever is behind all of this darkness.


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