The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Thou Shalt Not Pass Part Deux

Thorr's Journal Entry 32

The Battle of Celduin was upon us. Our defenses held firm during the first wave of the assault of worgs and orcs. My mortal enemy fell upon us as Loreth and Hunter were out Scouting. Hunter’s bravery saved Loreth and the luck of the Hobbits were with us.

Our reinforcements of the portcullis and fire pits worked well during the assault. We thrust back the enemy’s initial push. The fire pits sent many of the wargs and orcs scurring to their deaths over the bridge. I fashioned a set of ropes to swing down from the tower and onto the bridge. I smashed my mattock into the orcs as they approached. The arrows of Elabrimborn and Hunter reigned down on the bloody bastards. Loreth slew several of the orcs as they tired to climb over the portcullis. We made quick work of them.

As we regrouped and set more traps into motion, the second wave came upon us. We were not prepared for the bellowing sound of what was to come. The massive troll set forth at a rapid pace and ran full force towards the portcullis. Elabrimborn raised his mighty bow and I lit his arrow with fire. As the troll ran past our fire pit, Elabrimborn’s arrow let loose and everything burst into flame. The troll, however, pushed through the fire and came barreling down the bridge. Just as the troll came up to the bridge, I swung down and laid my mattock into him. I landed and danced around behind him and took the beast down.

The remaining orcs made great strides towards the battlements but we were able to take them down. Some managed to break through and get to the controls of the portcullis but I was able to make it back to the tower and stop them. Unfortunately, we lost Hunter. His loss was not taken well by Loreth and I saw that I had judged him wrongly. He will be missed.

The rest of the evening was a blur as we fought the next wave of orcs and worgs attacked. We fought bravely and took many down and yet they kept coming. I had to make it out onto the river with the small boat that we had repaired. With cover from my friends, I was able to make it to the bridge and set the explosions in motion. The bridge fell and we thought again that this would delay them long enough to allow the King;s troops to arrive.

At that moment, the Gibbet King appeared. He came forth with horses and his wagon and they set adrift onto the river. With his host of orcs and wargs they attacked with fervor. We held our ground and I again went out onto the water. I made my way to his wagon and slew one of the horses to slow him down. The Gibbet King cast his evil spells on us.

He kept coming across the river and then Elabrimborn cut loose the other horse and the dead one. As the wagon started to set adrift, I hacked into the wagon and then set it afire. With great effort I was able to bring my mattock down onto the Gibbet King’s foot. He shrieked in pain and tried his spells again. We dodged his spells and I was able to bring him down with my favored weapon.

As the Gibbet King burnt to his death and sunk to the bottom of the river, we cheered and then somehow we knew that the Gibbet King had not perished but merely spirited away. Just in time, the King’s troops arrived and hunted down the remaining orcs and wargs. As we recovered, I healed many of the remaining people who had been poisoned. We also repaired many of the buildings and built a barge to carry people from across the river.

Although the elder councilman was not happy with our taking down the bridge, we were able to give them back some of their livelihood. We also took time to give a beautiful eulogy to Hunter and those that we lost.


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