Betony Brandybuck

Hobbit Wanderer




Betony Brandybuck; the 4th child of Marmadoc Brandybuck & Adaldrida Bolger.
Age: 41

Taken by wanderlust as a child but never grew out of it like her peers, her mother tried her best to turn her into a proper lady but quickly lost patience. Betony’s father was more supportive if not deluded; believing Betony would grow out of it in her own time.

Betony has always first and foremost been a curious soul; she enjoys wandering through the wilderness and finding forgotten glens with new flora. Not one for interaction with people; she clams up around strangers, and although she tries to be civil she often speaks out of turn.

A casual scholar at heart, she just wants to see new sights and maybe a calm adventure or two.

First encounter with an outsider:

The occasional trader would visit the Shire and would fuel her curiosity for the wider world, and Gandalf always was welcome as far as Betony was concerned, his stories were vague but inspiring and his fireworks were the highlight of her year.

First memory of something dark:
The fell winter of 1311(shire reckoning) brought with it wolves, orcs and their wargs. Her older sister Melilot was one of the many lost in that year. Betony did not forget the winter as quickly as her people; the memories stayed in her mind and secured a belief of “nowhere is safe” and a seasonal paranoia in the winter months that haunt her even now.

Call to adventure:
The last thing keeping her in the shire was her mother; widowed in 1310, Adaldrida had been very vocal in wanting her children married before joining her husband. Betony, as youngest, was the last to be married so her focus was solely on finding her daughter a respectable suitor to distract her from wandering feet. Sadly Adaldrida did not live long enough to see Betony reach maturity, passing in 1336(just shy by 3 years). Betony stayed for a while after her mother’s passing, but eventually gave in to her wanderlust.

In SR 1345(TA 2945) Betony left the shire to follow the many roads of the world, unaware of the dangers they carry. She’s been travelling for 2 years now, having stumbled into some troubling knowledge she is keen to lose.

First encounters with others in the fellowship:
Meets them in Thranduil’s halls in the hope of recruiting their aide, since then has chosen to travel alongside them to repay the favour.

Character thoughts
A person you hate and for what reason:
The bravado that often accompanies warriors and heroic types irk her, arrogance and posturing is a sure way to get on her bad side.

A person you want to protect, it could be love, and it could be duty:
In the grand scheme she doesn’t want any misfortune or pain to befall the Shire again in her lifetime if she can prevent it. Anyone she gains a fondness for she will value above her own life.

How does your family look?
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A short-sighted goal your character wants to achieve:
Avoid family and stay anonymous.

Betony Brandybuck

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