Beorning tale teller


First memory of something dark: Orc attack on the small settlement near the Misty Mountains in which my family lived.

Family’s first encounter with someone from another culture: Meeting some dwarves once they moved down to the Old Ford after joining the Beornings. The dwarves were very brusque and business-like. Otbert was fascinated by them.

How found out about the Battle of Five Armies and feelings about it: My family heard about it after Beorn returned and sent out a call for settlers. I was excited to see other people as I had never left my family’s settlement before then.

Call to adventure: Had been listening to the elders’ stories and songs of the past and was fascinated with stories of other peoples. When some merchants from Dale came through the Old Ford and were very condescending towards the Beornings, I resolved to go out among the other peoples, learn their stories, and tell stories about the Beornings, to show we are not a new people but have a long history.

Met August’s character when his family moved to the Old Ford, showed him the ropes, and pumped him for stories from Lake-town.

Met Togo as he passed through Old Ford.