The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Riddles at DragonTide

Competition between Bilbo, Bombur, & Elabrimborn

(Solutions below in comments)

As cold winds blow over the Lonely Mountain,
I fly to the safety of Mirkwood dressed in black,
I remove my white hat and cloak upon arrival.
Who am I?

I’ve heard of a boneless thing,
Rising from its earthen home,
Swelling and growing,
Emerging from its cloak in the shadows,
Only Legalaven can tame the beast with her fire
What am I?

In marble walls the color of milk,
Lined with the skin as soft as silk,
Within is a fountain crystal clear,
And in it a jewel appears,
No doors to this stronghold,
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold
What am I?

A free folk was born in the Iron Hills
Raised in the Halls of the Mountain King
And died in the Battle of the Five Armies
What is he?

I slip through your fingers untouched
When you kill me, I do not die,
I am taken and often wasted,
And sometimes I will fly for you
What am I?

I have towns, but no houses
Forests, but no trees
Rivers, but no water
What am I?

What happens when a dwarf falls into the river in Mirkwood?

I’m only one color, but not one size
I’m stuck on the bottom, but easily flies
I’ll greet the sun, but not the rain
I’ll do no harm and feel no pain
Who am I?

With a gentle touch I can do,
What a cave troll with force & strength cannot get through,
If I were not a friend in hand,
Many in the woods would they stand?
Who am I?

Imagine you are in the Mines of Moria surrounded by orcs,
Then a cave troll shows up
How do you escape?

Bilbo walked out of BagEnd one afternoon following his nose,
He found a wizard’s pipe, a dwarven scarf, and three black sling stones at his wooly toes,
They were not on the soil of the Shire the day before
How did they get there, upon Middle Earth’s floor?

You can feel me, but can’t see me,
I’m not breakable, but I can be broken
What am I?

What room has no windows, no floor, no walls, and no door?

Your trapped in a stone walled prison in Mordor,
With no doors or windows,
Solid walls, floor, and ceiling,
And only have one of Beorn’s honey cakes,
How do you escape?

What goes up must come down,
But what goes up and never comes down?


Raven in a snow storm

Bread dough




A Map

He gets wet

A Shadow

A Key

Stop Imagining

The snowman melted in the warm afternoon sun

Your heart

A Mushroom

Break the honey cake in half, then put it back together to make a hole

Your age

Riddles at DragonTide
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