The Company of the Whiskey Drinking Bear

Search for Trolls

Thorr's Journal Entry 21

Our journey to find the Captain began with a long march through the woods. We pursued as fast as we could. Our fears of a great troll gathering crept into our thoughts. We traveled through the Trollshaws and the Cold Fells. This was definitely not the land of man, elf and dwarf. Knowing that trolls would love to put this old dwarf into a big pot for stewing, I knew our scent would be too enticing. Finding some good ole troll dung and putting it all over our bodies was foremost on our minds. Poor Loreth was not too pleased with my idea. It reminded us of our time with the mountain folk.

After many days, we came upon an old keep. We could tell that someone was occupying it. They were overconfident as they did not care that others would come upon them. The troll tracks led off from the keep, these must be the bandits. We must take them in the day in case the trolls were with them. Our plan to sneak up to the keep with a lone horse worked well. My holding back allowed Loreth and Elabrimborn to stealth up and enter the keep. We fell upon the keep and the bandits were no match for us.

We were fortunate to spot the troll cave from the tower of the keep. Again, Loreth’s skills of stealth were amazing. She slipped right past the sleeping trolls at the entrance and surveyed the caves. She found the treasury and my hopes of getting jewels for Mair were foremost on my mind.

We used barrels of ale to get the trolls to tell us their plans. The caves would lead the trolls straight under the river and into the elf lands. We acted boldly in attacking the trolls and almost paid for it with our lives. Elabrimborn’s bow was wicked this day. He quickly wounded the first troll and allowed us to bring him down.

The second troll was much more difficult to bring down. His blow struck me and I was close to going down. We fell back from the caves and positioned ourselves outside. I was close to weariness and had to drop my helm to continue the fight. We battled hard and brought another one down. This left one and Elabrimborn rushed into the cave after him. Today was for Elabrimborn as he brought 2 down.

Using the remaining ale, I prepared them to blow into the caverns and collapse them. My friends collected the treasure and we then rolled the barrels down the caverns and caused a massive explosion under two layers of the tunnel. We fled from the scene and also took with us some of the bandits as captives.

We learned from the captive that Sauron had bent many creatures to his will. The captain has uncovered one of these creatures and we must get back to tell Elrond. The captain is heading into the Ettendales. He speaks the black speech with a ghost creature.

Our first night on the way back, we slept and while Elabrimborn was on watch, the ghost figure appeared. She woke us from our slumber. She stated that she has been waiting for us for a thousand years. Her name is Faeradrun and she was once a spy of Sauron. She is the Hunter of the East and she was seeking our help to be free of the captain. She has a collar on her neck. Her current master is Mormog. She knows where he is headed and of his plans.

We have agreed to help her and head to the borders of the Cold Fells and the Broad Cleave valley. He is gathering the trolls. We are putting our trust in Faeradrun. She will keep us hidden and give us a chance to get to Mormog. A place of lore West of the Mountains may be a place to free her. We must slay Mormog and then take her to be set free. She placed a spell upon us so that our feet would not break leaves and that we will find the shadows to help hide us (-4 to stealth). Now we go forth!


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